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  1. MadAussie

    MIA Iraz

    Gday again all... I hope you enjoy it.. Someone i forgot to thank earlier.. Marksman.. for his excellent work on the scripting and config.. (config tool author) Also.. some advice.. if you can obtain muddy water anims to use on isle.. it really fits with the Iraqi theme Ive just reloaded OFP onto my machine and looking at isle myself .. I wont and make any promises MadAussie out...
  2. MadAussie

    MIA Iraz

    Gday all... Its been a long time since ive even read forums relating to OFP.. but its great to see the game lives on. I am still involved in MIA but I have branched off into Americas Army or AA as its commonly known.. MIA is  now quite a large international clan in AA. Unfortunately as Hooahman previously said MIA clan in OFP has disbanded apparently.. The likelihood of me doing an update for this island will largely depend upon feedback received now. My major hook ups in completing this island were *a lack of models/objects..  I needed about 6 more objects made.. a few foilage and a few large city buildings.. if anyone feels they can help me please contact Hooahman. * And Time in general.. Family responsability.. work duties etc left me with less time for Modding and only Playtime.. Hence AA Hopefully the scripts will work great.. these have a number of effects.. ranging from duststorms to lights on industrial buildings that flash. Many thanks must goto CatShitone from NOMAD for his original stuff  (also his Afghan isle that may be included.. not sure) Many thanks must goto AGS and the 3wx or the 3rd World Explosion Mod.. (do they still exist?) Many Thanks must goto Operation Gulf War Crisis and specifically Leone for all his ongoing help... And finally all MIA members past and present who put their time and effort into helping me with this masive task.. Especially Hooahman.. one of my longest serving MIA members..A good person.. a great webmaster..  for hounding consistently to finish.. and if he had been successful.. it would be better than it is.. remember feedback guys! It is a 25km isle with basically new objects and a feeling of 'REAL' to almost every area... PLEASE ENJOY Current MIA clan website is : http://madmanindustries.com MadAussie out...
  3. MadAussie

    Mia iraz isle

    Ive noticed... Host has been down a bit as of late.. Ill wait a bit.. if problem isnt fixed soon ill rehost files elsewhere (or delete) I expect to release a public beta very soon. Its only 50% done... as it has alot of work to go on coastlines and northern area... but i consider very enjoyable. Releasing fairly RAW to get some attention and suggestions etc WATCH THIS SPACE MadAussie out...
  4. MadAussie

    3wx third party objects pack

    Gday all... Ive just come across BB streetpack... (anyone know of author??) Some good models there.. a fire hydrant .. fuel bowsers and another lamp .. Also DML traffic cones... (thats Demilton isnt it?) Maybe we could add these too.. Ill need permissions of course ;) MadAussie out...
  5. MadAussie


    Just Keeping post alive... Now more keen than ever to see british air support. We have armour.. some troops If this is desert operations friendly (textures) then we are interested to include in our UK campaign. Any News..??? MadAussie out...
  6. MadAussie

    3wx third party objects pack

    Ok guys.. Im using wrpedit.. so all lights work fine placed with that. There is another extra in next update.. another light for editor or wrptool i believe.. (as well as yellow lights for highway) Error with soccerfield and rocks.. Ive encountered this too We'll have to look into this... The only error im yet to encounter is the fence error.. (but i dont actually play much) Can you supply exact model name please? Many extra's for you guys ive noticed in internal beta.. 2 phoneboxes.. english and arabic Jean Christophs crops.. CD's barriers and cement walls with tower also included. And more.. MadAussie out...
  7. Gday all... Im very much enjoying this debate.. good points on both sides of arguement. I dont want to get drawn into debate.. but would like to add a few things. *Afghan Everon.. Made by Remo (author of taliban units pack too).. Ive been privileged enough to test this isle out...this isle has also been edited to the point where it is no longer everon.. ocean is desert.. a river added and other things.. A great map still.. 4 1/2 stars *Desert Everon 3... from screenies ive seen of objects to be added.. this is definately one to look out for!! Ill stop before i go off topic.. I believe STT malden.. Zwa everon and Kegeties isles revolutionised the way we look at OFP.. After the idea of isle editing was brought to reality.. OFP modding really kicked in. Thanks to the veterans MadAussie out...
  8. MadAussie

    Nogova 2004

    Gday all... Looking really good.. (not the flag.. duh..) BTW AI on highway spoken of recently.. Ive obviously encountered this too.. Ive found that two parrallel roads on one cell and 'sometimes' the AI gets confused and tries to criss cross (even on long bridges..) Ive used 60 odd waypoints and if there isnt a limit this is the only work around for it.. (unless CD's next barrier update prevents it) But then its still an issue when 'AI decides' to go down highway when not waypoint configured. Hope we can solve this as im only having a sml highway till then. Keep up good work Ironsight. MadAussie out...
  9. MadAussie

    Upcoming lost brother addons

    Gday all... Some news you might be interested in... All work done by 'Chris Death' These might be included in the upcoming 3wx pack update with his cement barriers/divides. Original pics from Israel. (courtesy of CD) MadAussie out...
  10. MadAussie

    Middle eastern opfor pack

    Gday guys.. CT.. regarding the prayer rugs.. Have some in catintro.pbo  (working on an enterable mosque) Also spoke to Chris Death about adding Cement walls/barriers used in Israel.. as well as the regular highway barriers.. (our forums have pics  http://ofpcentral.com/mia/index.php  ) We have a number of other building projects too.. maybe work together and share resources RE Kids.. rather than new anims.. SAF has already done this.. all that is needed is a basic reskin (and scripts from SAFpack) Finally if most of this is specifically for LB mod.. what r the chances of us at MIA using your models to add to our pack? If i could find a talented modeller who has time and skill to remodel some more units then I would consider new models too.. But for now.. I will be happy with JAM compliant existing arabic units all in one pbo.  (pack can always be updated) MadAussie out...
  11. MadAussie

    Nogova 2004

    Gday guys.. This looks excellent Ironsight.. congrats and i hope this doest end up on the 'pile' again.. Its rare to see isles with care taken to details that add real 'Realism' This looks like one of those isles!! Â Â Keep up the good work mate.. (you've a big job ahead though 100km square..) so Good Luck MadAussie out..
  12. MadAussie

    Middle eastern opfor pack

    Calm Terror.. my email is MadMan_Industries@hotmail.com If you have MSN would be handy.. Id like to try and work together if thats to your liking.. (add the civilians to the pack) Are you doing kids? Also are you using IDF facepack? Also regarding the robed arabs.. Remo release an afghan pack a while ago.. some texture and lod errors but has what your speaking off.. MadAussie out... (not a specific area either ... just generic to allow different armours.. but the basic theme)
  13. MadAussie

    Concrete divider

    Gday all OK.. When shot at.. the puff of dust occurs on one side only (o axis = nth side) And the connected barriers can be run through at joins. (I this relates to the previous point that vehicles etc can cross with damage etc then Id suggest changing it.. allowing access through barriers only at large gaps etc..) *RE larger ones.. look at pics of Israels walls.. would be handy for other mods too Ill post some screenies of my highway with these soon.. But these are great.. the modelling detail is excellent to the the least. Well Done CD MadAussie out...
  14. Gday all... Ive noticed talk of this elsewhere and it was recently brought up on our forums. The idea of a midde eastern OPFOR pack incorporating many existing 3rd party addons.. and placing them into an easily accessable pack with JAM compliant weapon loadouts. As the MIA teams focus is and has been desert area's we are very much interested in this Idea and as such I am trying to get permissions organized and help to get this done. Im thinking of using an assortment of UCE middle east resistance and PFLP resistance units with these scarf's incorporated onto olive uniformed units also. A mix of civilians with weapons with arabic skintones for civilian style militia (use of IDF facepacks and others also an advantage) Others to consider.. CRS Islamic, Afghanpack units, BIB African militia (all with edits) Addition of generic police units (and maybe vehicles) Reskin some women models and ?SAF kid model for arabic civilians. (we are looking at some good anims to go with.. protesting maybe inc. gimballs tossers and mourning anims) Also whether to add vehicles.. eg Sigma's excellent Iraqi tanks Hilux w/ MG MAAC and MARFY's quality but aging BRDM's (or VIT's) And some relevant trucks Im not thinking of adding anything coalition based. Just for the civilians/resistance/east sides. Please add anything you think i may have missed. Anyone who thinks they can help would be appreciated and I can be contacted at MadMan_Industries@hotmail.com I havent gathered all permissions but am in the process of doing so. With the impending release of a few good desert isles i think this is now required for OFP. MadAussie out...
  15. MadAussie

    Mungari island

    Gday all f3wx_vo_seda.p3d is the name of the light in 3wx pack. I believe AGS is working on light radius adjustment too. I think isle is OK too.. I have recently been working on a 933mhz gf2 with 512 MB RAM so id say that explains the dropping out to desktop when viewing map.. MadAussie out...