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    Omaha Beach

    Great stuff! Congratulations on the first public beta! EDIT: The first thing I noticed was that there's a strange clogging sound where ever you run. I think it's the sound of walking on wood or on some asphalt road but now you hear it even on the grass..
  2. so you are actually making such guns? (here's hoping..)
  3. are you guys planning to add any casemates or naval/105mm guns to the map or as separate objects?
  4. Those images look great! Can't wait to start working on some airborne missions. Damn, I wish you'd have a release coming shortly.. Have you thought about implementing the flooded fields behind Utah somehow? I'm sure they could be done in one way or another. Even if you can't actually drown anyone there it would be nice to have some kind of watery areas.
  5. MK1

    Island Daraisolas by L-J-F

    Agreed. I'd definitely like to see those houses changed into barns and other central european buildings.
  6. MK1

    Pre-Visitor woes

    Wow, that sounds great! I'll PM you the details.
  7. The reason for asking, in fact, is that I'm working on Pacific maps/islands myself and right now the islands feel rather empty without any units..
  8. [sarcazm] Of course, they also fought in Normandy ...[/sarcazm] As much as poles or russians.. Â Yeah yeah, I know. It was aimed more towards the updated Vilas units I guess.
  9. Can I make a wish? Marines and Japanese troops!
  10. MK1

    Pre-Visitor woes

    Well, PM sent, but I'd still like to continue discussing these topics here as they might prove useful for others too..
  11. MK1

    Pre-Visitor woes

    Aside from one which was released only as a beta I didn't finish them because of the OFP engine limitations. The beta was East Cotentin peninsula/Normandy, containing only a very detailed town at that time. The rest were different islands and atolls from the Pacific war.
  12. Hi, I've recently started converting my old OFP maps to Arma along with some new ones I've planned to make. However, I'm stuck with a bunch of questions even after going through the tutorials and looking at the BI sample stuff. Creating maps for Arma seems to require a lot more knowledge than working with OFP even before the actual work begins so I'd appreciate some tips and answers. Firstly, I've downloaded all my map data as DEMs (GeoTIFFs). The first problem is with Wilbur. I can get a map with a lot of detail loaded from 3DEM without problems but a medium sized map with a bunch of small islands simply appears empty. Why? However, if I select an even smaller portion, ie one single island around 256x256 pixels it imports perfectly. The second problem is with the satellite textures. I know people suggest one to use Google Earth, but how can I get a 2048x2048 texture out from it when you can only save an area the area size of your screen? Another thing I'd like to know is how does one determine the correct height of the sat texture? I mean, you could always take a texture from higher but then it gets all blurred if you scale it to 2048 pixels. Would it be possible to skip this process and simply apply the textures by hand? My final question is how does one measure the size of a map in comparison with the Arma cell sizes? I've got a 6000x6000 area of San Francisco of which I'm using a portion. How do I know which map size does it correspond to so that the proportions are maintained? I know that's a lot of questions but I really haven't found a proper answer for these issues from other topics. From my experience with OFP I know that creating the rest of the island isn't much of a task other than of patience, but not being able to even get started is really frustrating. Any help would be highly appreciated!
  13. I don't know so much about the damange values or models, but I just noticed that to destroy a Panther tank you needed more than 9 bazooka rockets after the tank had driven over two mines. I can't say I'd know what it requires in real life, but isn't that a bit too much?
  14. MK1

    WW2 US infantry

    looking great! any chance for pacific/usmc troops as well?