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    Warfare V1 ADV AI 32 Players

    RELEASE CANDIDATE 1 WARFARE V1 ADV AI 32 PLAYERS ********************************** New features include: *Advanced tactical AI **RACS AI will stalk and kill you inside of a town, trying to eliminate the invaders and restore peace to their country. This results in a far more challenging experience in taking a town, as RACS won't stand around on a hill until fifty minutes after you've captured the town to come back in and try to take the flag. *New AI pointsharing script **Each point gained by your AI for killing enemy soldiers and vehicles is added to your score on the leaderboard. This results in a higher emphasis on teamplay and using your AI to increase the combat effectiveness of your squad. This will also reduce the number of "lone wolves" on your servers, and may help to increase teamwork between unaffiliated individuals. *Improved Unit Cleanup **Floating bodies getting you down? Warfare V1 ADV AI includes a sophisticated cleanup script for the removal of crew bodies and destroyed vehicles. This should greatly reduce the amount of lag experienced on servers by removing vehicles which really have nothing to do with combat operations anymore using serverside scripts. I highly recommend this mission as a new standard for Warfare. As a CTI player since it came out, and as an ArmA player since about two months after it came out, I can say that this mission delivers an experience which is sorely lacking in contemporary versions of Warfare. The mission is based off of Warfare 1.1, and should be compatible with all servers and mods. Give 'er a shot!
  2. MSpencer

    (EVO)CTI Release  Full Release of EVO CTI

    The manual's not finished, so credit's aren't included yet (simple oversight). Also, hosting's free, so popups are kind of a fact of life. It's not a complete ripoff either. The AI is completely brand new, all elements of evolution have been implemented on both sides, a new menu has been produced with completely different options unseen in other missions (to my knowledge). In my opinion, you're trolling link: http://arma.isgreat.org/ direct: http://arma.isgreat.org/EVO30CTI4.0SM.Sara.zip Good idea, this might be implemented at a later time. Can you be more specific? Does the mission completely disappear from your options, etc., or does the waypoint just disappear? Do units properly spawn, or is it completely non-functional? Error message? Thanks!Constructive criticism, questions, and feedback are always welcome. Remember, the more all of you can tell us about the way the mission behaves, your individual experiences, and bugs you encounter, the better future versions will be. Of particular interest is the performance of the AI. During tests we found that one AI occasionally loses momentum and begins to be pushed back by the other side. This was originally unintended but adds a new level of depth. However, if you see that one AI seems completely vacant or really... really loses very quickly, please try to provide as much information as possible so it can be checked out. Thanks!
  3. MSpencer

    (EVO)CTI Release  Full Release of EVO CTI

    That means there's probably another version coming out. Chris (the mission maker) and I have been testing and have fixed a few bugs, so it's quite possible that he just took down the link for a bit until he can get a corrected version up, probably so server admins don't upload it and them have an issue. I've been testing this mission since the preliminary phases, and can tell you that without a doubt, this is one of the best missions for ArmA that I've ever played. If you own a server, this mission certainly deserves a place in mpmissions. It incorporates the most popular elements of evolution with a very dynamic, smart AI, producing almost unique outcomes each time the mission is started. The PvP element rivals even the best C&Hs, as players cannot immediately access the best of the best, and instead must push on like ordinary soldiers to employ their troops as effectively as possible. From experience, I can certify that a good commander with a Stryker and a squad of light infantry can certainly make quite a difference in the field. This mission creates a dynamic frontline which really... never gives up. You can expect fastroping Especas, isolated infantry squads, mechanized patrols, and even full enemy offensives to hit you at every corner. This mission not only demands your best marksmanship and infantry tactics, but also your best teamwork and squad management. The Best of Both Worlds is not enough to describe this mission. Instead, I consider it to be possibly the best, most persistent ArmA mission ever. If you've played this game multiplayer, and have missed this, I think you've missed something vital to the ArmA experience. For those of you who don't take my word seriously, you should know I've got quite a bit of experience in both games, and rarely give endorsement to anything. However, after years of playing CTI, and a good while playing ArmA with a dedicated clan, I can tell you that this is one of the best counter-op/teamplay missions out there. Not only does it integrate the best elements of co-op, but it also creates a dynamic, unforgettable counter-op experience which can literally last days in a realistic brawl to bring down the opposing side. I wish you all good hunting.
  4. So, a friend of mine has reached a stage where his dynamic frontline mission is viable and works with very few known bugs. http://arma.isgreat.org/ So far, we've been testing it at all junctures on the KaoS server, and 88th has it hosted there as well, but the new version is not hosted anywhere so we're always looking for people to upload it. Essentially the concept of the mission is to have units constantly spawned on both the Coalition side (United States and RACS forces) and SLA side. These forces will fight across the island for control of strategic points. Players will spawn at the player base, and will fight each other with the ultimate goal of defeating the other side. The main version utilizes all of Sahrani and provides a dynamic battle front, while a smaller version utilizes light vehicles and infantry on Rahmadi. I can certify that no two games are ever the same, the AI acts sensibly, but there's no real... homogeneous gameplay like you get with most missions, where one tactic works, the enemy force disposition is usually the same, and the enemy just kinda hangs out waiting for you to kill them. In this mission, it's not surprising to see an SLA Mi-17 drop 10 paratroopers before lighting up your HMMWV with PKT fire, just on a normal run to capture a point. The mission is also designed with lag in mind. It should work with the weakest of servers as well as the power servers. We've tested this aspect of it from the start, and so far, most of the lag creating aspects have been eliminated. If you're looking for a good dynamic combined arms combat scenario, one which can be played coop or counter op, please check out Frontline Commander at http://arma.isgreat.org/. I'm truly impressed by the system that was created for keeping the combat going persistently, the AI scripting, and the excellent moddability of the current system, and I consider this to be one of the finest missions out there. So please, try it out, we've found it's incredibly fun with large amounts of people or with a few people against the inevitable horde of AI. It's not Berzerk or Evolution, it's something different, and I'm hesitant to say it's in the middle of the two. It offers both a persistent and realistic island environment, such as Evolution, and excellent PVP opportunities like Berzerk, but it is decidedly different, and it actually feels like you're fighting in a conflict against an opposing force. For a list of the features and a general primer on gameplay, check out the website (The URL is listed below). Additionally, the mission is constantly being updated, so you can check here or on the website for news about new versions. You can report any bugs here, and they will be addressed in short order. In short: It's awesome, download it, put it on your servers. http://arma.isgreat.org/
  5. The trailer looks positively fantastic. I will certainly download this as soon as it is confirmed 1.08 compatible. Truly excellent work.
  6. I had a similar issue with a BSOD after starting the install of the Int'l edition patch using a Czech copy of ArmA 1.02. I started it with, admittedly, less disk space than I required, but it BSODed me halfway through the patch from 1.02 to 1.04, citing a DLL failure or something. I restarted only to find that everything up to roads.pbo had already been updated, so I ignored the error messages and I think it's running fine. If I have issues though, I'll need copies of the PBOs of the 1.05 version, and I'm thinking that would be the only way to fix all the incompatibility issues; by distributing the new files to people with issues. If I have to, I'll gladly provide my sprocket purchase information if it means being able to play ArmA again. Of course, this is all if it doesn't work... My suggestion? Try it with the International Version. Just ignore the error messages and see what happens.
  7. MSpencer

    Yer search engin is a bit shit

    I see a quick resolution to this conflict with a fast speedy ban coming.
  8. MSpencer

    VME Release !

    Well it got the job done, didn't it? The MG42 influenced machine guns for years. The Germans did a damn good job with equipment and weapons in my opinion.
  9. MSpencer

    Battle Tank/APC Preference

    I'm in love with the WGL BMP3 and BMD3, and the MFCTI M1A1, and the WGL one. Great memories blasting away clanmates in Abrams in my BMP3 and slaughtering infantry in the BMD. Something I'll never forget is using the MFCTI version of the M1A1 and destroying two armored tank columns led by the same person in a game of CTI, imagine his surprise when I started taking out his escorts and then his T80, then his two T72s and his two T80s the second time, and finally a BMP2, a T72, and a T80 the third time! It was absolutely amazing (Note, south Everon, north of Vernon, on the west side of the valley there's an amazing little nook with a bunch of trees. Park your tank there and you can shoot down on half of the valley with some fairly good concealment against humans).
  10. MSpencer

    Some neat idea

    It really wouldn't work as well as one would think. Beside the lag issue, mundane tasks quickly get boring and give way to lacking gameplay in other sections.
  11. MSpencer


    Hate to begin the beating of the dead horse, but what are Soviet winter troops doing in the desert?
  12. MSpencer

    The role of artillery on the modern battlefield

    Also they always travel with support vehicles for ammo and the like.
  13. MSpencer

    3D real time satallite map

    Some people on the Keyhole forums were trying to call old silos in Massachusetts active ICBM sites... There are about three silos, a couple buildings... no way.
  14. MSpencer

    Marines v1.1

    That fact was acknowledged in the 1998(?) wargames which featured primarily urban combat. Even in a gray environment, you can see Urban-T camo from a mile away simply because you can't disguise a human shape in an urban enviroment. It works with grasses, bushes, and all manner of vegetation and lack thereof, but not in an actual urban enviroment. Your best bet is shock and awe, lots of artillery Zhukov style with armored and air support and hunter-killer teams to clear or mark individual buildings for artillery or air strike.
  15. MSpencer

    Chieftain Battle Tank

    Some people might not like addon requests, so I suggest you download O2 and try your hand at it. I believe that ORCS has released a T80UM1. If not, RHS is working on a T80 pack which, if the trend carries over from their 90 trillion T55s, will have every manner of T80 that has ever been envisioned (That's shameless praise ).