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  1. maatz

    A newbie and some idea

    Hej, feel free to explore the roadmap which is available at https://reforger.armaplatform.com/news/roadmap I think the last milestone release should contain some new steerable vehicles!
  2. maatz

    [Poll] ArmA Reforger / Arm4

    Of course I bougth Arma Reforger. I fully support what BI do and this is my way of contributing. Besides that I like to beta test stuff and give feedback. Been onboard since the launch day of Operation Flashpoint though.
  3. maatz

    Localized versions

    Hi, did you get my PM? cheers, maatz
  4. maatz

    Localized versions

    Howdy, german translator here. Would love to help out. DevHeaven account ist the same as here.
  5. maatz

    Arma 2 sli flicker

    I do have two GT 750M and do also have this flickering issue. It didn't happen the first few times I was playing but one day it just started to flicker. Try turning SLI off in the Nvidia Settings for Arma2. Helps for me
  6. I remember brsseb made some tutorials for Oxygen and OFP back in 2002. Here is his his site, maybe you can still use them: http://ofp.gamepark.cz/_hosted/brsseb/tutorials.htm
  7. Thanks a lot Sneakson! Changing Textures and HDR to Very High/High gets me 60FPS. But when ever I try to slide Obejct and Terrain to High it drops down to 30 immediately. Same goes out for HDR and the High-setting, so i turned that one still off. I am ust still wondering, why only one of my two GT750s is working :/ I will have to fiddle around a little more with this here :
  8. Hi Khabbi, finally had a chance to try out the Beta on the Y510p (GT750 SLI and 16GB Ram) and it looked really good to me. You have to know I come back to pc gaming from like 6 pr 7 years of gaming on consoles, so everything looks good to me :D I may have to play with the settings a little but my framerate didn't drop below 30fps, which I am totally Ok with. My settings so far: 1920x1080 (16:9) Sampling: 100% Texture and Objects: High Terrain: High Shadow: Low Particles: Standard Clouds: Disabled (I'm not into flying, so...) Pip: Disabled (else consumes a lot of frames, e.g. when driving) HDR: Low Dynamic Lights: Low Visibility: Overall: 1600, Obejct: 1300, Shadow: 100 (never touched those yet tbh) Radial Blur, Rotation Blur, Depth of Field, SSAO and Caustics: Off Antialising, AToC: Disabled Anisotropic Filtering: Very High I will have to play around a little in the coming weeks. Somehow only one of my two GT750M is used till now. The other one is not doing anything :D Is there already SLI support for the beta?
  9. maatz

    Is this a good laptop for arma 3?

    I also got the y510p but with 16GB Ram and GT750M SLI. Pretty nice machine. EDIT: There used to be an own thread for these kind of questions. It just somehow seems to have disappeared...
  10. Also just ordered the Y510p but with 16Gig Ram and GT750 SLI :) It should arrive tomorrow, so let's wait and see how it is then.
  11. Howdy, long time no speaky. Ordered the more expensive one now. Got a very nice deal and let's see how it will run on that machine :) Thanks for your help dude!
  12. Doesn't have my supporter medal either yet, but I bought it a while back. Maybe because I have not yet installed it? Installed whether the Alpha nor the Beta. Don't have machine to run it yet...
  13. I bought the Supporter Edition because I am huge BI fan since day one release of Operation Flashpoint back in 2001. But my hardware is too old actually to play the Alpha or Beta. I will have to buy a new laptop soon so maybe i'll get the chance to enjoy it.
  14. Hi everyone. Thanks to you again Sneakson for your input! Though I am coming from the console player side I am not into fancy ultra HD graphics and/or 60 fps. I just want to play my beloved Arma series again I thought, and as I need a new laptop till end of july anyway I thought of getting a rig that can handle Arma3. Now I found out the Y500 gets a successor, the Y510 with following spec: CPU: Intel® Core™ i7 4700MQ at 4x 2,40 GHz GPU: Dual NVIDIA GeForce GT750M SLI with 2x 2048 MB RAM: 16 GB This machine is available at my country for about 1099€. The older Y500 thingy now of course gets cheaper. So would you recommend to go with the newer model or take one of the older models? kind regards and thanks in advance
  15. Hi Sneakson, thank you for your answer. The problem is, I do not have that much space to set up a desktop machine at my place. I planned on buying a new laptop for work anyway and therefore I am looking for a machine which could handle Arma3, Take on Mars etc. I played on consoles the last years so I do not worry too much about good looking graphics. Just want to play Arma3 again My budget about max. 1300€. What about such machine, Lenovo Y500 it was I think: Intel Core i7-3630QM @ 2.4 GHz NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M SLI - 2x 2048 MB, 790 MHz, 1000 MHz 16 GB RAM Any more ideas?