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  1. You're right its a massive exaggeration and its not a rarity at all to see the the standard in regular usage back in Aus, particularly in the support Regiments. I know the Carbine variant especially still gets a good thrashing. The detail on the model looks amazing either way, good work.
  2. Makivelli

    FFUR 2006 2.0 Total conversion pack

    Just downloaded it and gave it a whirl, no problems for me at this end, I've gotta say this is simply awesomeness I don't know how else to put it. Thank you FFUR team.
  3. Makivelli

    Football World Cup 2006 in Germany

    90minutes for that, FIFA owes me 90minutes of my god damn life.
  4. Happy anniversary, BIS and Operation Flashpoint.
  5. Makivelli

    Football World Cup 2006 in Germany

    I am more relieved for the Australian keeper more than anything, if Australia didn't level bahaha I can't imagine how he would have felt.
  6. Makivelli

    Football World Cup 2006 in Germany

    Wow talk about sore loser and the problem is you didn't even lose. Â There were plenty of calls that went your way that should have gone ours, it was the performance before this match that made the difference, get over it.
  7. Makivelli

    OFPL Desert GROM 1.5 released

    Excellent work, they look fantastic.
  8. Makivelli

    The Iraq thread 4

    A political discussion on this scale is beyond me, but I would recommend all of you watch this because it might change few peoples views on the whole situation. It certainly changed mine.
  9. Makivelli

    Football World Cup 2006 in Germany

    I'm by no means a soccer fan, but I am bouncing off the walls right now. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE! OI OI OI!
  10. Have been playing around with these for much of the night, especially the weapons. Superb stuff.
  11. Hooray, now I just need to kick my nets ass in to gear so it downloads at more than this woeful 10kbps I am getting.
  12. Makivelli

    LHT-8 "Katar" Light Hovertank

    Ahhh did you ever stop to consider that it was supposed to look like it does terror? or does humour not fit into your thought process? I would have thought for a normal person the fact that it is a hover tank would sort of be a dead give away that the addon was supposed to be pure fun rather than super duper eye candy... Franze mate, any chance of getting some sort of weapons on the ejector seat so I can jump back in it and continue killing? I think I might go test it's cannon against the M1A2 SEP now...
  13. Makivelli

    Latest screenshots available

    http://www.bistudio.com/games/aa/ArmA_hires_04.png I wanna know what the yellow sign says.
  14. Makivelli

    Latest screenshots available

    I'd imagine small details like that would appear without question, however being small details they would be the lowest current priority in terms of visuals, do you want them to work on bush shadows or other things such as object and unit details?
  15. Makivelli

    Latest screenshots available

    Oh my lord, I was expecting some minor visual tweaks etc to keep us going till game 2 and I was totally happy with that, but that is just amazing it looks like a totally new game.