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  1. M9ACE

    Olympus Mons

    I have not been following the forums as much as I used to, but I randomly decided to check the BIS forums and I found the announcement of Take On Mars interesting. I would like to know if there is any chance of Olympus Mons being included? Edit: Never mind, I just noticed that there are only three locations to be included.
  2. M9ACE

    What do you guys play ?

    The Armacalypse server does not exist anymore.
  3. M9ACE

    VOTE - "Most Anticipated Game 2012"

    I voted for ArmA3 of course. :lurk:
  4. M9ACE

    Arma2 DVD scratched

    If you live in the USA, there are some places that provide DVD repair (accomplished via polishing). However, as Beagle mentioned, the cost to purchase a new copy is not too high. http://www.venmill.com/
  5. The C5 server is primarily a player verses player server, unfortunately it has not been updated to the 1.10 patch for ArmA2 yet.
  6. M9ACE

    3D Scanning

  7. M9ACE

    ArmA 3 like Battlefield play 4 free.

    Nevertheless, they exist and the numbers are not always that low.
  8. M9ACE

    ArmA 3 like Battlefield play 4 free.

    There never was a time when there was not a pvp server running in ArmA2. However, there always seems to be a lack of people putting in a sufficient effort to find these servers.
  9. M9ACE

    Player Leveling

    If it is not broke, do not "fix" it.
  10. M9ACE

    Military Humor

    Here is a new book that is coming out: Actually, this image is several years old.
  11. You might want to take a look at a tutorial written by Messiah from the PUKF mod team. Unfortunately, the images associated with the tutorial are not working at this time, but it might still be worth reviewing anyway. http://www.pukf.net/forum/index.php?page=8
  12. Thanks for updating Doolittle. Perhaps this thread should be moved to the "ADDONS & MODS: COMPLETE" forum area?
  13. M9ACE

    Stargate Universe [SG:U]

    I have watched the Star Gate Universe series since it started, and I am disappointed with it being canceled. I enjoyed the latest episode, and I look forward to the remaining episodes.
  14. My hatred of Steam is greater than my love for BIS.
  15. M9ACE

    CAnnot join many MP games

    By any chance, do you have Operation Arrowhead lz17, or just ArmA2?
  16. M9ACE

    8gb Of RAM problem

    Do you have a 64-bit operating system or a 32-bit operating system? In one of the patches, the game was made Large Address Aware (LAA). I currently do not have a system with a large amount of memory, so I cannot comment on how well this is working. Perhaps someone else can share their first hand experience with us regarding this issue.
  17. M9ACE

    128+ slots?

    ShadowHatesYou, where is your server located and what type of line is it on?
  18. M9ACE

    Hacking is getting worse

    Actually sometimes they do if they think there is an anti-cheat running of some sort on a given server. They test to see if their cheats can circumvent any countermeasure that may be in place.
  19. M9ACE

    Major Multiplayer Bug

    Please use common sense in the future and send the developers a private message when it comes to things of this nature.
  20. M9ACE


    Yes. It is also of interest that the most advanced version of the M1 series that participated in the 1991 Gulf war were 16 USMC M1A1HCs.
  21. Kurbz, the C5 server is running in Combined Operations mode, so you would need to purchase Operation Arrowhead in order to play there.
  22. Kurbz, the server was running when I checked on Friday, but before posting here today (Saturday) I checked again and found it shut down. I went ahead a started it up a short while ago. Typically you will find things getting started on that server around 10 PM EST / 9 CST / 8 MST / 7 PST, but it is not unusual to find people on there sooner. The C5 server is also based in Chicago. Here is how I have my filter set up: And as a result: I hope that helps.
  23. Set your in-game filter to "c5" and you will find a North American server.
  24. M9ACE

    BMP-1(2),BMD-1(2) Pack by AALEX

    The picture that you have there Chops is of an Iraqi BMP-1 captured in 1991. All of Iraq's BMPs were delivered green, and then over painted by the Iraqis. Often the inside faces of the road wheels were left green, as well as the insides of the hatches.