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  1. MLF

    Nogova 2004

    tank turret pointing up would finish that off.
  2. MLF

    International Politics Thread

    I voted labour on the advice of denoir in that if the UKIP guys were elected there decisions in the EU would probally do more harm than good, but i still feel a Euro is bad because different countries need different rates, to me its not a mere currency but the creation of the United States of Europe which tbh i dont want.
  3. MLF

    The Iraq thread 3

    bleh when did france do anything for NATO anyway, IIRC they left NATO, or was it that they said they would not commit troops, so they then went off on there own Nuclear agenda, but later came back into the fold.
  4. MLF

    Wwiiec us pack 1.0

    but what u said was a dd was actually a BARV right?
  5. MLF

    New bas thread

    Wow. Those Pavehawk textures look great. You can really see the detail in the panel lines with those lighter shades of tan. This kind of reminded me of something that I've been wondering for months and haven't seen addressed. Does BAS have any plans to add a UH-60L with a more traditional Army paint scheme to a future update of the MH-60 pack? Something like: mg]http://www.modely.cz/airshow/soubory2/aigen_05.jpg[/img] Apparently this belongs to the 158th "War Eagles," but I've seen the same paint scheme on several other birds. What? You can't have the 160th ferrying every grunt into battle in their black choppers. yes indeed i would love to see that. also any indication on how the site is going?
  6. MLF

    D day remembrance

    no its pretty much about D-Day and the following liberation of france.
  7. MLF

    Wwiiec us pack 1.0

    i thought that tank was the BARV tank? i always remember DD tanks as these.
  8. MLF

    Wwiiec us pack 1.0

    you mean right?
  9. MLF

    International Politics Thread

    ill probally vote UKIP purely for irony.
  10. MLF

    D day remembrance

    could you explain me in what makes this rememberance day reserved to the allied soldiers ? because it comemorated the Allied landings on D-Day of allied soldiers, i just feel it's something for the allied forces, i don't know why we have to encompase everyone, i feel and many veterans feel that it should just be for the allied soldiers, yea it maybe selfish but thats the way i feel, i in no way am trying to take anything away from the german soldiers i just feel that it should be just for the allies.
  11. MLF

    D day remembrance

    yes i know germans died on the beaches but the rememberence day is for the allied soldiers and the chancellor imho has no place there, he can say all he wants from germany.
  12. MLF

    Picked up full spectrum warrior today

    i was impressed with the game but i think ill hold out for the PC version also in that i want to play the game with extended playability (MODS) so i can control Rangers or maybe even different nations other than guest appearences.
  13. MLF

    D day remembrance

    i still feel and probally always feel that the 6th of june D-Day rememberence should be for the allied soldiers and them alone, not aboutpresent politics ie inviting the german chancellor just because the french and the germans are best buds now.
  14. MLF

    Dkm ukpack beta 0.9

    error msg when starting up the mi28n gunpods
  15. MLF

    D day remembrance

    so albert you feel that it should just be allied (former) heads of state at an event dedicated to the allied soldiers who liberated France and europe?