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  1. MrZig

    KaRRiLLioN's Bootcamp server now open.

    any TS server?
  2. MrZig

    SLX MOD public release

    I've noticed something weird. In MP on a non-dedi host, if you try and drag another player, it'll start dragging and then immedietley stop dragging. Now if you kill the person you were trying to drag, he will have a peremenent free-look activated. Even if he holds alt or presses *, his freelook will be on all the time and he will have to rejoin (or restart). Anyone seen this?
  3. MrZig

    KaRRiLLioN's Bootcamp server now open.

    Does Karr still play?
  4. MrZig

    KaRRiLLioN's Bootcamp server now open.

    Needs more Karr Klash/Karrio Karts.
  5. MrZig

    Audio Improvement

    I agree on the sound engine needing more work. I also believe more work should be spent on the movement and environmental sounds. In ArmA, you can barely even hear yourself walk, lay down, etc, nevermind your team-mates. If you've walked in a bush with 3 other guys in real life, even 50m apart, you know that unless you're walking a meter a minute, you're going to sound like a heard of elephants. ArmA fails in this respect. Another part is engine noises from vehicles. It's pathetic, and doesn't even sound like you're in a real vehicle. And when you hit objects there should definitely be a crash sound. You should also be hearing wind noise, the wheels, etc. ArmA2 could really use a sound engine overhaul, and I really hope they do it. Do to ArmA2's sound engine what ArmA's graphic engine did to OFP and I'll be a happy camper.
  6. Neg. Awesome work Dslyecxi!
  7. MrZig

    Armed Assault videos

    and if I do?
  8. MrZig

    Armed Assault videos

    If you do the setacctime 0.25 then 4x speed it in a video editor trick, how do you sync up the audio easily?
  9. MrZig

    Evolution V1.0 Large scale respawn coop

    Hey Exodus, sorry for dropping out, but I got a blue screen of death, and I had to head off for the night. Sorry bud.
  10. MrZig

    Armed Assault videos

    If you want to convert some BF2 players, why not make a trailer of ArmA that rivals the one for VBS2? Showing all of ArmA's features.. instead of just a "BF2 Sucks!" or what not in explosions on the ground. All that says to me is that you're a fanboy who has no respect for other games in what they might be. ArmA and BF2 and CS are in a league of their own. I play ArmA and OFP lots, I played BF1942, BF2, BF2142, and I also currently play CS. Does that make me a 13 year old punk that knows nothing about real combat? no. it makes me a 17 year old who just likes to have fun on his computer. I find it pretty depressing that some ArmA fans can spend their time on immature things like this.
  11. MrZig

    US Demo Released

    All it is, is a simple mission wizard. You can't even place units on the map and such like the real editor.
  12. MrZig

    US Demo Released

    The demo sucks. And I have the full version (1.05 + patch). Performance wise, sure its a little better, but they also took a step in the other direction with sluggishness. It feels a lot more sluggish than the full version. Also, some annoying bugs are still present (it takes forever to turn the fucking wheels, shouldnt we have power steering by now? shit.), the editor is blanked out, and while playing a CTF game, my game crashed. Welp, uninstalling. This is a nice demonstration to potential buyers... cough. Oh, no A10, and old NVG's.
  13. MrZig

    ArmA Public Beta Patch 1.05.5143

    That's ArmA's new anti-cheat/piracy measure effect that makes an illegal-user turn into a seagull with some sort of message. Much like the old FADE message.. Except FADE is Codemasters' trademark.
  14. MrZig

    Armed Assault videos

  15. MrZig

    Armed Assault videos

    Hey Super64, what music did you use? Thanks.