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  1. MidShip

    Animated briefings

    Btw. Will movie clips be supported in briefing files or is it intended anyway ? May have been asked before but didn't get a search result on it.... Think it would encourage for more developed briefing editing.
  2. MidShip

    Patch 1.05 impressions

    As with OFP, don't forget some fog.
  3. MidShip

    Google Earth maps to vistor

    From Worldwind 1.4 there are passages.
  4. MidShip

    WSS audio format

    AUDACITY is an advanced free audio editor which reads .wss by raw data import. Highly to recommend.
  5. MidShip

    China destroys satellite with ballistic missile

    Chinese strategic leaders seem to have a special sort of wisdom. If they decide to do so, they are sure about that it will work.
  6. MidShip

    Happy new year!

    Happy New Year - Setting sails for another 'five years ArmA' journey -
  7. MidShip

    Goodbye Placebo

    Good luck. Think you are from the wood of beeing once the boss of your own company. - Halt die Ohren steif -
  8. In accordance with math, SetVectorUp works about all axis. But, one should consider, if SetVectorUp is applied, physics may change the set orientation again. With version 1.01 the objects didn't wake up after SetVectorUp and could levitate above ground or stay in other strange positions, causing some confusion. With 1.02, physics now applies at once. If one tilts the center of gravity from a barrel too far about for instance the x axis, it falls to the side. If one choose a small angle about x, it tilts back into it's normal, stable position. Therefore the effect in positioning the object by SetVectorUp sometimes only could be visible at the initial moment. Also, there should be more faster transformation methods, then the standard one from polar to cartesian.
  9. The principle is, the terms x,z,y do represent three orthogonal vectors (axis) in 3D space. The ratio from the length of the x,z,y axis-vectors do yield another vector, determining azimut and elevation from an object. Here, x points to east, z points to north and y points upwards. For example, choose a barrel and apply: [1,0.001,0.001] the barrel points to east with no elevation [0.001,1,0.001] the barrel points to north with no elevation [0.001,0.001,1] the barrel points upwards [0.001,0.001,-1] the barrel points downwards [1,1,0.001] the barrel points to north-east (you see it's tangent behind it : ratio 1/1 is 45 deg) Do not use 0.0 but instead small values like 0.001 to prevent divide by zero errors. SetVectorUp is useful to let objects point in any spatial direction. For more stepping in, read chapter 3.3.4 of my wrp objects tutorial in the wrpedit wiki branch
  10. MidShip

    Central Addon database

    Also, now with the advent of ArmA one should think about a common addon names scheme like for instance the known and popular AN- Code.
  11. MidShip

    ARMA Airfields

    There is still only one ils and taxi-path system, so only one runway for automatic landings is usable.
  12. MidShip

    Delta3D Game Engine

    Those, interested in stepping in to 3D game engines may consider Delta3D 1.3.0 (400MB), released by the Naval Postgraduate School Monterey. Delta3D focusses on combat scenario simulations and is available for free as open source. The latest, separately downloadable addon pack from Oct. 06, 2006 with vehicles, environments and units has about additional 800 MB. As common with game engines, C is mandatory. Nevertheless, Delta 3D also has a stand alone STAGE editor for placing and setting game nodes. Another stand alone tool is the terrain viewer. Included with Delta3D is a huge API manual. A lot of straight forward tutorials and the download link one finds on http://www.delta3d.org ARPA
  13. Small drawback..., object ID's may change with world editing
  14. MidShip

    FlashNews 100th Edition!

    Is it in the mind of a wiki, to support a robot.txt on the server side, furnishing the possibilty on getting current wiki offline versions (excluding download links) ?
  15. MidShip

    BRL-CAD 3D Modeling Tool

    End of June, BRL-CAD 7.8.0 for Windows, a valued 3D modeling tool, conducted by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory was finished and released for free download to the public. Actually, BRL-CAD has a development history of many years, but now also published in a brand new version for Windows platforms. The program not only is intended for 3D modeling and shading but also for ballistic impact and rcs analysis. The GUI is based on the popular, scriptable Tcl/Tk. For BRL-CAD also the source code can be downloaded. The manual comes in four pdf volumes. BRL-CAD is furnished with routines for file format conversions. BRL-CAD seems to be useful to prepare OFP and may be perhaps later ArmA models in combination with O2 or related tools, in respect, modeling and shading with BRL-CAD is advanced but close to 3D foundations. At least it's an interesting tool for serious models engineering. BRL-CAD 7.8.0, the source code and the manuals can be downloaded from http://brlcad.com/downloads/downloads.html or http://brlcad.org ARPA