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  1. Mellis

    Idea Games NOT publishing Armed Assault/

    So who is the publisher then .. hmhmm, none still?
  2. Mellis

    Alpha Specs - Hardware

    There shouldn't be any problem with those specifications that Suma wrotes.  As I already live up on them.. hmhmm.. Thought the game industry had even better then them  Probebly they will make even low spec. users to run the game fine..
  3. The sound effects from water, birds, winds, vehicles passing by, fireing sounds, helicopter passing by with a large sound.. Or what ever sound there is. The sound is one important factor, something that Bohemia Interactive really have made one miss, both in Operation Flashpoint, and VBS1. Seams like you really don't have any proffesional sound engineer crew, just saw the Armed Assault video, and heard those old and terrible sounds again. And then really wanted to make a statement, That you should not pick any sound from different old sound archives that I persum you still are. Instead you really should put some energy into it. Also regarding the soundengine that are currently used by the old engine, is one of a kind terrible, but its more the 5 years old so I could understand the limitation, but you might have comed a bit on it probebly I belive? Oh well, please take care of the sound, and ofcourse the music, don't make any miss on it by useing bad engineer crew, and old archive please.
  4. Mellis

    release over steam

    Its wrong to use pirated games to, just as cheating, both for losers, right Kode? If you like the game - Then buy a licens for it.. Its seams like there is to many young people with no sense for anything anymore. The best thing to do to set a stop that people to do so, the best thing is probebly to add a user must enter Full name, adress, social sequrity numbers etc. So the company know who the users are, so they can verifie the users.. OR?
  5. Mellis

    release over steam

    "..Valve takes such activities seriously and reserves the right to disable Steam accounts engaging in piracy, cheating, illegal activities, or any other activity in violation of the Steam Subscriber Agreement." Then again, if you have a accont with a couple of games that you a bought in steam, and you download a pirated game to add to your steam list, then Valve with shut down your account, with no But's, then you wont be able to play with your games that you bought.. just throw it to the trash... Good luck with the cracking and hacking.. soon you will have a couple of guys knocking at your door !
  6. Mellis

    release over steam

    There are many ++ with Steam I can tell.. Also mod tools are interigated to it, makes it very good, with pre-configurated settings for easy useing. Other things such as compability with older games, now works with newer systems, support new hardware etc. A "News" from last year...
  7. Mellis

    release over steam

    What it sounds like, people doesn't really are into the steam application software. There for have bad arguments about it, If you could take a deeper look into it you will probebly find it a little bit better then you thought about. (Maybe you used it in the early stages of it, and there for might felt buggy) What if Bohemia Interactive decided to release their upcoming titles thru the Steam network, I would not belive you guys that "We wont buy it", As Bohemia Interactive's games are a class of it own, I would probebly belive that it will catch even more players thru the Steam network. And Yes their upcoming titles will work as good as offline and as online. And ofcourse you will be able to get it Boxed, with CD/DVD and some kind of manual. >>> http://www.steampowered.com/
  8. Mellis

    release over steam

    Steam is a nice concept, Autoupdate on start very good, you could also use steam in offline mode to if you want to play singelplayer.. Maybe bohemia could make its own steam concept program.. About to get them on cd, well when buy the game over steam, you will also get them delivered home after you purchase it, just that you will be getting the game download immedelty after you order it is a very big + so you dont have to wait days and even week until you get it..
  9. Mellis

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Looks very nice indeed. Still looking for a publisher ? One publisher that could be interested to contact is Atari, or are you already speaking with different publishers already?
  10. Bohemia Interactive Australian have developed the new Virtual Battlespace 2, featuring new generation technology. Read the full press release and for more screenshots.
  11. Mellis

    When (what date) did you all first play ofp?

    Bought it 21 June 2001, even 1 day before world release.. from the first time I saw in in a small preview, its looked very nice, then the demo, yay and I were sold to this game for life he he.. Remember that the game, were a little bit out of shape, many patches in the beginning.. Also had 56k that time, but multiplayer game work pretty good anyway. But now, im really looking forward to the next release, Armed Assault, As I hope will come out before Christmas
  12. Mellis

    BIS broken with CODEMASTERS?

    Would actully see Bohemia do publish the upcoming titles them self, So they will be easier to release patch/server files or other kind of stuff related to the games, so thay don't need to wait for authoraztion.
  13. Mellis

    OFP2 Shots on ofp.info!

    At the Ofp2 screens you see some of the Ofp1 objects, and it looks like some from Vbs1 so it is OFP2