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    turning into bird?

    When you start the game using the same shortcut as your Dayz (launch game with Beta.exe or whatever it's called) you may have trouble connecting to regular servers. You should use the Arma2OA.exe (once again that may not be the exact name) one that is in your main Arma2 directory for standard games. You can make a shortcut of it to add additional parameters like -nosplash -maxmem or mods using the -mod= command. Sometimes the modified version message is ok. The server may be running a mod that is not being used at that time, if they decide to use it you will lose connection. But as long as they play vanilla you should be ok.
  2. Limiting the file size works best if you are going to allow them. Remember that when someone connects for the game all the extra files they have (custom face and sounds) must be loaded to the other players. Extra large files slows loading time and if JIP enabled it may cause lag.
  3. Heya Allie...Say hi to Deanos and Shadowz for me. Just try this "D:\Program files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\arma2oa.exe" -noSplash -noFilePatching -showScriptErrors Thats the way I start mine and have no problems. Pop in and say hi sometime. We are running lots of Vanilla. Servers info in the signature. Cheers
  4. You can also go in the editor and place units and run around and shoot them. You can add friendly squads and give them waypoints to make a realistic looking battle then just interact with it without having to command at all. Or you can join a server and follow real players around.
  5. If you are only used to playing DayZ then you may be starting the game with the wrong .exe. DayZ requires the "launch game with Beta.exe". To start a regular game you need to launch with "Arma2OA.exe". The exact .exe files may be different then what I posted, I'm at work and replying by memory. Best to create a shortcut on your desktop for each one, you can edit the target line (right click-> properties) in each shortcut as needed when you are ready to add mods.
  6. When you start the game using the same shortcut as your Dayz (launch game with Beta.exe or whatever it's called) you may have trouble connecting to regular servers. You should use the Arma2OA.exe (once again that may not be the exact name) one that is in your main Arma2 directory for standard games. You can make a shortcut of it to add addition parameters like -nosplash -maxmem or mods using the -mod= command. I would say try to connect to some server that may be red or yellow if you are having a hard time finding one that is listed as vanilla. You will find a list of mods used on that server in the lower pane of your screen when you click on a server. When you connect to a server be sure to watch the message of the day as the game server loads, most servers list their TS addresses so you can connect and talk to someone about connecting. We host a server that usually runs a lot of vanilla missions. But we do have a lot of mods also and they are supported on the Six Updater. Our server will usually show up red or yellow for most people because of the mods we have loaded (and there are a lot). We are a friendly group that does not take the game really serious so mistakes are allowed. If you don't have mods we will usually play vanilla missions (we have plenty) and give you a chance to get used to the game and us. If you like playing with us then you can get the mods (which is worth it, we have bunches of Coop missions of all different types). If you want to give us a try our server is [LOL] New Majors. On our server you can tell which type of missions we are playing by the @ sign in the mission title. If it has the @ sign, mods are used in the mission. Without the @ sign, it is a vanilla mission. Not sure if other servers follow this method.
  7. Muerte65

    co30 The Fightback.Zargabad MP

    If you want to play it as is, you can open it in multiplayer, click new, edit your server and select it there. You should be able to restart it as many times as needed there. If you don't want others to join you create a password.
  8. Probably a little late on this, but for future reference...Did you name the End#2 trigger End2 like it is in the debrief? <h2><a name="Debriefing:End2">Bastam is lost to the Takis</a></h2>
  9. Muerte65

    Not in formation

    This works much better than the DisableAI "MOVE" which seems to make them act unrealistically when in combat situations as in they dont react and fire like you think they should. I added DoStop this to the units initialization line and they react much better. Thanks for the tip. ;)
  10. Squad/clan name - LOL ("L" of laughs, you decide) Timezone - Based in Austria but worldwide Game mode - Non Rigid COOP Email - none official...try lolmissions@gmail.com Website - www.nakedsquid.com LOL - The Clan of Clowns
  11. I want to add a document to a soldier ( as in he is carrying one that i need to recover) but could not find the name for it. Is there one? thanks
  12. Muerte65

    Adding document

    thanks ill just fake it with a trigger
  13. made a mission, weapons show in ammo crate, i take mine, satchel charge when i go to place them they are not there in my list. removeallweapons this; this addmagazinecargo ["Mortar",15]; this addweaponcargo ["AALauncher",1]; this addmagazinecargo ["AALauncher",6]; this addweaponcargo ["Binocular",5]; this addweaponcargo ["M60",5]; this addmagazinecargo ["M60",30]; this addweaponcargo ["Pipebomb",10]; this addweaponcargo ["Mine",15]; this addweaponcargo ["MM1",3]; this addmagazinecargo ["MM1",10] all in empty ammo crate west using regular west infantry group I have made other missions with this type of load and haven't had this problem any ideas thanks
  14. Muerte65

    Disappearing weapons

    sorry to waste the space  i found my problem  i added as weapon instead of magazine didnt get your message bn thanks for the reply
  15. I have made some missions in resistance v1.90 on nogova island. When I look in the mission file it says addons and autoaddons and newhqnames is listed. I am able to play the missions but i do not have that addon anywhere and I have looked extensively. My brother who is running the same as I am cannot not play my missions because he does not have the addon and i cannot find it to send it to him. Does anyone know what mod it is located in or where I can find it, I really really need to find it. Also I am using just plain old characters no special addons (that I know of ) to create my mission hoping to avoid the addon, it didnt work so if anyone might know what unit is causing it also I will remove it at the very least. Thanks
  16. Muerte65

    Newhqnames addon

    Seems wierd he should have it then. maybe he missed it somehow.
  17. Muerte65

    Newhqnames addon

    i check some common items here are the results. Shilka open (east) puts newhqnames in addons and autoaddon lines and shilka (east again) puts it in only addons line. didn't know it was an addon and could not find it in addons folders any one have a guess on where it came from or what its title might be under addons?
  18. Muerte65

    Newhqnames addon

    thanks for the answer. I have tried that with the first mission i made but it would not load after i removed it. If anyone else has any ideas what might have caused it please let me know i will check the 2 missions that it has come up in and see what is comparable. thanks again
  19. Muerte65

    How-to question

    Hope this hasn't been beat to death already but I got Doolittles script to work although I'm not sure if respawned guys are reloading on their own yet. They do say ammo low but they do have their weapons and ammo and I think they might be reloading but the game is announcing ammo low before they do actually reload. I figure when they have to fire they will reload if they haven't already. ***weapons.sqs*** _obj = _this select 0 _type = _this select 1 goto _type #G _mag = ["M16", "M16", "M16", "M16", "GrenadeLauncher", "GrenadeLauncher", "GrenadeLauncher"] _weapon = ["M16GrenadeLauncher"] goto "exit" #LAW _mag = ["M16", "M16", "M16", "M16", "LAWLauncher", "LAWLauncher", "LAWLauncher"] _weapon = ["M16", "LAWLauncher"] goto "exit" #MG _mag = ["M60", "M60", "M60", "M60", "M60"] _weapon = ["M60"] goto "exit" #Officer _mag = ["M21", "M21", "M21", "M21", "LAWLauncher", "LAWLauncher", "LAWLauncher"] _weapon = ["M21", "LAWLauncher","Binocular"] #exit removeAllWeapons _obj "_obj addMagazine _x" forEach _mag "_obj addWeapon _x" forEach _weapon _obj selectMagazine (_Magazine select 0) _obj selectWeapon (_Weapon Select 0) exit ***serverloop.sqs*** #Beginning _i = 0 _count = count _type _type = ["Officer", "G", "LAW", "MG", "G", "MG", "LAW", "MG", "G"] _obj = [s1, s2, s3, s4, s5, s6, s7, s8, s9] _alive = [0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0] ~1 #Next ~0.01 _o = _obj select _i ? not alive _o : _alive set [_i, 0] ? _alive select _i == 0 and alive _o : [_o, _type select _i] exec "weapons.sqs"; _alive set [_i, 1] _i = _i + 1 ? _i == _count : goto "Beginning" goto "Next" And I did use Doolittle's Game Logic instruction. Doolittle, thank you very much for your time and information.
  20. have a mission where they are being shot at. The problem is the helicopter is to low for ejecting. tried Reds suggestion of unitname setpos [x,y,100] but get an error in game. any ideas thanks
  21. Thanks, great explanation.
  22. This is my second mission and in the first one it worked fine the only change is the delay time (5 in first). Player scripting in second is as follows---addweapon blah blah blah; Respawn = "2"; Respawndelay = 20; Â In my description.ext (used notepad and it is not txt) is as follows---(first line)Respawn = "2";(second line)Respawndelay = 20;---I tried all kinds of different variations even tried "INSTANT" in place of "2" in the description.ext. I don't know what else to try. Any Ideas? Thanks
  23. Muerte65

    Respawn not working

    It worked thanks alot for the help guys you want a copy?
  24. Muerte65

    Respawn not working

    Well I'll be damned I knew I came to the right place i'll give it a try thanks for your time and help. i'll let you know if it works.
  25. Muerte65

    Respawn not working

    Respawn = 2; Respawndelay = 20; Is this what you wanted   thats all thats in the ext the respawn should work in the preview or do i need to save as mp before it will work in preview?