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  1. Muscular Beaver

    Warfare BE

    Could someone explain to me the different playable classes, please? Like what their special abilities are and explain those abilities too if they are not self explanatory. Thanks!
  2. Sad, sad thread. Shows me that I will probably not be playing ArmA 3 and instead stick to ArmA 2. Not even a developer chimes in. But no answer is an answer anyway... And as proof that it is possible someone posts a video of someone aiming that quickly in about a 15 degrees range. Yeah, totally the same thing as 180 degrees, huh? Really, really sad what has become of ArmA. My projects have been put on hold until this turning speed issue is cleared. Hell, I even wanted to buy a new PC for ArmA 3, I have just canceled that thought too... Thank god I got my supporter edition refunded. I would be even more furious about it otherwise.
  3. Muscular Beaver

    Turning Speed

    I dont think they will fix it. It will stay CoD-like. One of the main reasons why I dislike ArmA 3, but the twitch-shooter guys are the majority. They like it.
  4. Muscular Beaver

    Better animations?

    Huh? Moving much faster (velocity and reaction) with lots of gear (ArmA 3) vs moving much slower with lots of gear (ArmA 2) is more realistic? Ohhhhkay. Whatever. Now I only feel bad for spending money on the supporters edition... As a last comment: I read that you guys did the motion capture yourself? I can only suggest paying actors next time. They are there for a reason.
  5. Muscular Beaver

    Better animations?

    Or maybe it was because I am concerned that it will stay this way, if I dont voice my opinion. What do you expect? That I keep silent until its to late? Seriously... As someone else pointed out, the OA animations were very well made. Duck run, run, walk, duck walk, very authentic, just the feel of the controls were clunky and laggy, and some animations were simply too slow, like changing weapons, or letting the AT launcher drop, or going prone while having an AT launcher in hand, raising your weapon up after stopping, not to mention going over fences. But as it stands right now, the controls feel fine, with a few little exceptions, but the animations dont fit at all. They look very stiff and thus unrealistic and some are far too fast. As I said, look at your char from 3rd person view and then look at him in ArmA 2. In ArmA 2 everything moves that needs to move, it looks very real. While in ArmA 3, the body barely moves, as if hes some kind of Adonis running with no gear at all and only has a body weight of 30 kg. Even the backpacks dont move a lot! Ther is NO WAY that this is authentic. Seriously, Im going nuts pondering why people dont see it. And YES, I will say it again, I am quite embarrassed by the animations right now, when I want to tell someone that ArmA 3 is supposedly better than ArmA 2. But as I also said, its not only the animations. The trees, the textures, it looks worse than ArmA 2. That isnt only limited to land movement, btw. I am only being honest here, and its kinda sad to see that some people take it personally, because that means that my opinion isnt worth anything to them and that it will most likely stay that way.
  6. Muscular Beaver

    Better animations?

    Kinda ironic how all animations are much faster now, but when you have to go prone quickly, that animation is much slower than in ArmA 2 and just cost me my life.
  7. Very disappointed here. Controls are generic ones now, just with added stance options, far too fast now, which makes it unrealistic. Animations are unrealistic and stiff, graphics arent that great (actually worse than ArmA 2 in some cases), the annoying dirt/blood overlay seems to be stolen from generic shooters too. When you customize controls a lot, the whole game seems to break, the switch from map to game still has a long delay and I just entered a multiplayer game that was stuttering horribly. Not like slow graphics, but like massive loading stutters, even though my game is on an SSD.
  8. Muscular Beaver

    Better animations?

    Yeah, I agree with Max Power, that with duck-walk close quarters were no issue before. It was kinda too slow, though, but this now is far too fast. Its sad to see that all the whiners from other games got their will... "Wah wah, its so clunky, and I cant play it because I am only used to CS-like controls". I played a bit more, and its even more evident now that the animations look very stiff and unnatural, again, too fast. I mean turn on your 3rd person and watch your char go. Its silly. I feel kinda ashamed showing people this "new improved ArmA", while ArmA 2 looks so superior. The whole game now feels pretty cheap because of that, like a generic shooter. Also graphics arent that great. Textures, even on ultra, are very blurry on distance (like hill textures - making the whole scenery look very artificial) and most trees look like green blobs on medium to high distance. So far I am pretty disappointed and almost regret paying for the supporter edition, but again, I strongly hope this is only due to alpha status.
  9. Muscular Beaver

    Warfare missions at release

    Indeed. Go Benny!
  10. Muscular Beaver

    Better animations?

    Someone here posted a video about footsteps not being in sync. You can see a very good example in that video of how unnatural it looks. The model slides, moving faster than the animations are. So much for "my definition thereof".
  11. Muscular Beaver

    Better animations?

    Some people say ArmA 3 has better animations now. I agree somewhat, but then again, I dont. Yes, a lot of animations are more fluid now, but they also look more unnatural. For example walking or running. While ArmA 2 was pretty much perfect at those, aside from running with a side arm in hand. In ArmA 3 models seem to slide a lot and the animations often dont fit the movement speed. Turning animations also dont look as smooth and natural as in ArmA 2. I hope this is still due to alpha phase, but I really dont know how people can call it generally better animations.
  12. Muscular Beaver

    Not a fan of the HUD's aesthetic

    Yes, lets just put words in my mouth.
  13. Muscular Beaver

    How good is the AI...?

    Engage from higher distances? That was a problem in ArmA 2 already, because they landed very accurate shots even with unscoped weapons from long distances. One huge question is, if they are still able to see through bushes, leaves and fallen over trees.
  14. Muscular Beaver

    Not a fan of the HUD's aesthetic

    Actually after playing ArmA 3, I agree with OP's statement. The crosshair is overdone now and because of it, the game feels like a generic shooter.
  15. Muscular Beaver

    Not a fan of the HUD's aesthetic

    Yeah, if you have a reference point like dirt on the screen. :P Its different from weapon to weapon. You cant count on the barrel.