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  1. MayDayMaybe

    How to edit scope view?

    You all know there is a scope view that is appeared when you push "V" botton. And Now, I'm wondering how to edit scope view. Is this can be done in Oxygen or config.cpp? If you know the way, please teach me how to do...please..
  2. MayDayMaybe

    Texturing problems

    YEAH!!! I solved!!! Well you had better read the install instruction! http://www.flashpoint1985.com/breathe/ins.html you can learn how to solve bottom of the page! Have a nice texturing"
  3. MayDayMaybe

    Texturing problems

    me too... WTH!
  4. MayDayMaybe

    Background texture...

    I still can't... texture doesn't appear though there's no error message...hmmm
  5. MayDayMaybe

    Background texture...

    please help me... I could load the texture but it doesn't appear! texture size is 256x256 and paa file I aslo tired with GIF and tga but it doesn't work too
  6. MayDayMaybe

    Background texture...

    I can load the texture but there is no change! what's wrong? my texture is 512x512 and paa file
  7. MayDayMaybe

    Little problem whit external viewer

    I have another problem. There is a error message like "Cannot open object data3d/str borvice horska.p3d" When I open viewer from Oxygen and a screen is always night and I can't look the detail of object! Help me! Please turn my viewer night to day!
  8. I also have that problem but I aslo havn't unlock the oxygen yet so I have no idea....
  9. I also have that problem but I aslo havn't unlock the oxygen yet so I have no idea....
  10. MayDayMaybe

    The first oxygen topic

    hmm.....I still can't DL Oxygen....Why? What's wrong?....
  11. MayDayMaybe

    The first oxygen topic

    well,Has the Oxygen webpage opened?