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  1. Maraudeur

    Editor - Lost objects menu

    Y'ou're right, and I do feel that stupid now. Thank you very much
  2. Maraudeur

    Editor - Lost objects menu

    Sorry, I put it wrong. I mean I lost the menu " empty " under which one could find ammo crates etc.
  3. I realised today that I had no more the menu " objects " available in the editor. Can't say since when exactly... I uninstalled the game, every folder related to ARMA then used RegCleaner, did fresh install ( version 1.04 ) alll of this twice and... no more objects available anymore. Please help ?
  4. Maraudeur

    French police to get mark 23

    http://www.sauer-waffen.de/news/english/release.html This, plus the new uniform... I thought we could use money elsewhere but... Anyway, I would have prefered the HK P2000 instead of the SigPro. @Ran : I believe the PA MAS G1 was over any possible choice because of its frame way to big for most female officers, and even some male ! *heee, is the Gendarmerie going to wear the same uniform than PN ?!? First stage to get one police force according to EU directives, as in Belgium ? ? *
  5. Maraudeur

    Lock on: modern air combat

    I don’t agree. Both HL2 and Max Payne 2 are planed to be released this fall and if those games comes out in about the same time as the LO-MAC demo then who do you think will care about a flightsim demo? Probably only the same people who’s waiting for the demo right now. I don’t see that delaying the demo will do any good. I think it would be a better move to release the demo now when there is pretty quite on the game front. Maybe one of the reasons is that the demo will be single player without net code, and just contains two very small missions, one for each plane, with a very short flight time due to fuel limitation. It may become a very boring demo fastly ! So they release it soon before the complete game..But as I highly doubt the game will hit the shelves for the X-mas time...
  6. Maraudeur

    Lock on: modern air combat

    When you install the Flanker 2.5 patch its says lomac is comming out in late 2001... Yep. And at this time - as the screenshots revealed - the game was supposed to feature the SU-39 with its radar and FLIR pods, its full loadouts etc. By now : no more Su-39 ; no really improved avionnics for the russian fighters ; the developpers still do not want to modell the data link for the R27R/T/ER/ET missiles arguing this is not existing in reality - as even the USAF simulators feature this for their opponents under Pentagon's datas   -  ; 99% probability of non featured data link from awacs and ground stations for eastern side, no AI F15E while SU34 is modelled but not available in operationnals units - when dev team says they do not want to feature some things because they are not in regular use with the concerned air forces - ; dual targeting ability for the Mig29-13S not featured ; etc etc... The list could be long, as the game will reveal some lacks and unrealistics choices for some grounds units and electromagnetic environment and  weaponry... This is a free guess, but a complete survey of the thing since a long time let me to think that LOMAC will be a funny game, a perfect screenshoot maker and an marketed product to the bones. But surely not a realistic and achieved combat flight sim, as ultimate as claimed by the advertising. If I buy this game, it probably will be after the first or second patch release. And I will buy it from Russia to give max money to the real developpers - Eagle Dynamics / The fighter collection - as I did with FB directly from 1C: Maddox games to boycott UBI, the publisher for the rest of the world, wich sucks.
  7. Maraudeur

    Jungle boots and other stuff

    As I was searching a link for the boots you ask for but can't find back - german armee shoop, but do not recall the name - I found something awfull The first step is to wear this : http://www.usarmy-shop.de/images/big/underco3.jpg Then the next step is achieved there : http://www.armeeshop.ch/shopneu/images/Artikel/13-150.jpg   Damn, now you search for non reinforced seat trousers... What wil my search engine shows ?     *edit* Ah, you should find what's you're looking for here : http://www.e-conomy.de/1.7/35/index.php
  8. Maraudeur

    Anybody with krav maga experience ?

    Krav Maga ? Another way for close combat like, not that effective because what you learn to respond are situations that never happens, or when they do, you're not in the correct status to give feedback because of the human parameters and all possible Murphy's laws. Go for Penshak Silat, Indonesian boxing originaly thought to counter the Thai boxing. But its effectivness is way larger. It is interesting because it remains a boxing disciplin, when truelly to put an adversary down mostly happens by the hand fights, and harden and fasten you enough along particular protectives, natural and fast stances to respond to close combat likes, thai boxing, Karate and even Aikido. Have a try. Last but not least, maybe usefull also against contact fights like wrestlings situations, and it is not that long to become effective coumpared to many martial arts ( thinking of the Aikido ). But it hurts a lot to learn and practice  If you do not mind to be effective before years, Aikido would be my second choice, thinking that having a good boxing skill would always be necesssary along.
  9. Maraudeur

    Man has 40mm bofors on pleasure boat

    Could any US citizen confirm if it is stil possible, but when I visited the United States on the late 80's, in state of Florida, for people travelling deep in the mexican gulf with their boats they could obtain from the coast guards a clearance to own and keep on board heavy weapons as .308 machineguns for self defense against piratry and drug transporters stoling boats, according respect of international rules for the transport of it in international waters.
  10. Maraudeur

    Ofrp release

    Excellent !! Finally someone gave the rifle grenades a correct and usefull sighting system -- but why limit the carry by giving each grenade a two items size ? -- As for the non reloadable rocket launchers, good initiative. Excellent sounds, models, etc.. It's great ! Your mod is innovative and of a high quality Bravo messieurs, merci, donnez nous en d'autres comme ça  !! Juste un petit mot, le canon de 20 et les grenades ŕ fusil semblent manquer un peu de punch face aux M113, BMP de BIS.
  11. Maraudeur

    Ier pack released

    Businessmen ?
  12. Maraudeur

    Ier pack released

    Ah ok. Â Makes sense. Â I thought you were refering to the armor stopping the RPG from penetrating. Â At any rate, yeah the Hind's a great chopper. Â I have a friend who's flown in some Ukranian Hinds operating in the Congo and swears by them especially the South African modified Hinds that are up-gunned and up-armored. Â I believe they call it the "Pretorian" upgrade. Chris G. aka-Miles Teg<GD> You mean the helos rented by Executive Outcomes ??
  13. Maraudeur

    Ier pack released

    Yep, 1.91 What the hell... Thanks for reply Cheeky Monkey *edit* Well will reinstall OFP something's wrong BTW thanks for the RPK drum mag ;)
  14. Maraudeur

    Ier pack released

    Ahem sorry guys to disturb you but simply could someone tell me if I have something else to do than just put the unziped PBOs in the res/addons as usual or if there is something different with this one because whatever I try I can't acces them - and I tried near every addon/mod since the OFP demo so or my PC/OFP install is corrupted or what is the joke I made myself the victim please explain me if there's something I miss I would like to play that addon !
  15. Maraudeur

    Ier pack released

    I'm sure I'm missing something so simple I will soon feel plain stupid, but I can't use that add on. No new unit in the editor, every time I type a command in the init field to add a weapon or the corresponding mag I've got the message telling the addon is simply unknow. Addons PBOs moved in the addon directory after unzipping, not let in the the one created automatically. Help ?