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  1. I actually had this situation playing around in the A3A editor.. flew a littlebird a few times over a load of enemy and after a while lost control of the helicopter due to damage. Hit the ground and survived then had a load of them hunting me down!
  2. Thanks for the update - love the mod
  3. Murmur2k


    Looks to me like Arma3 might have ragdoll physics for the character models - check out this dead body collapsed on its knees and back.. http://www.arma3.com/screenshots/scr03.jpg
  4. Loving the mod - played Omaha last night, technically died 21 times but great immersion!
  5. Loving the mod, Brit commando's rock!! One thing I have noticed though is the sound of the fighter planes - the engine sounds are quiet and sound a bit like flies buzzing past. Anyway that these can be beefed up for future releases?
  6. Thank you thank you thank you!!! Awesome release guys - have been checking forums for months waiting for this!
  7. Murmur2k

    iPad 2 Announcement.

    I had the original 64gb iPad and sold it as didn't feel it worth it for my needs - felt too constrained as well. iPad 2 updates aren't exactly surprising, incremental updates that I feel won't stack up so well against competing and upcoming products. I'll be getting a Xoom hopefully. That's not to say that the iPad 2 won't sell well, it will but that doesn't mean to say its the best :)
  8. Murmur2k

    ARMA2 and Kinect

    Also it might be more flexible: - Voice commands, recalibrate without keyboard commands - Motorised head tracking, could perhaps allow you a bit more freedom to move around without throwing the in-game tracking off. i.e. automatic recalibration. - hand gestures to command troops
  9. It was a jibe at the BIS voice acting not you :D
  10. Murmur2k

    Some doubts about multiplayer

    Unless you are playing right next to each other then Teamspeak and a mod called ACRE to improve communication
  11. Murmur2k

    Helicopter Issue

    Sounds like you have just noticed the helicopter yaw setup for the ArmA flight model.. above a certain speed you are no longer able to use tailrotor to yaw and you must bank instead. Otherwise you may have your bindings mixed up in the control settings?
  12. Murmur2k

    Jackal Mission

    Yep - just so I could safely get to the petrol station. Was great to see the whole place explode with Blastcore mod running!
  13. Yeah and if you are recording your voice for the dialogue.. make sure that its really slow, monotonous and obviously read from a script!
  14. Murmur2k

    Jackal Mission

    I managed to take down a guy in the tower without the alarm going off but I'd expect a grenade to get their attention!
  15. Murmur2k

    BAF - Rob the Thieves?

    Same here - just advanced from the ridge next to it and shot them to pieces with the Jackal
  16. Looks really useful - thanks!
  17. Murmur2k

    ARMA2 and Kinect

    Same technology now officially coming to PC courtesy of ASUS http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Motion-Sensing-Kinect-PrimeSense-WAVI-Xtion-Xbox-360,11874.html#xtor=RSS-181
  18. Murmur2k

    ARMA2 and Kinect

    Somebody has summarised in this link: http://forums.electronicarts.co.uk/battlefield-bad-company-2-ng/1168180-only-real-kinect-fps-application.html
  19. Murmur2k

    ARMA2 and Kinect

    I think that it could work well in ArmA if responsive enough - the head tracking allows you to get a good 3D effect: http://www.kinectaku.com/news/2010/12/kinect_head_tracking_could_do_3d_gaming_without_3dtvs
  20. Murmur2k

    Got my new PC yesterday...

    Mine arrives today!!! Haven't played a BIS game since OFPR!
  21. Murmur2k

    DLC - US Navy ideas

    Include Top Gun music too please
  22. From what I can tell on this forum I think Intel i7 is best for Arma2
  23. Totally in awe with what you guys can do with this - looks fantastic!
  24. Murmur2k


    I agree - hope an ARMA2 6DOF solution comes. To be honest it doesn't just apply to flying but also ground forces - can imagine having to move your head closer to the sights in order to see cross hair and targets.
  25. All - I was wondering if it would be possible to make a mod to help helicopter/aircraft pilots practice hitting targets. I think it would be nice to have a system where upon inflicting damage on an enemy unit the screen would show a cinematic view of the impact (perhaps in slow motion?). Its quite hard to otherwise know that you have hit the target. I guess the players aircraft would have to be auto-piloted or paused during the cutscene. Would this be easy to achieve or is anyone willing to develop something like this? Thanks Murmur2k p.s. sorry suppose this isn't really a mod, more of a script - admin pls move over to scripting - thanks