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    Wont go past CREATE in multy menu

    To dissable Internet connection sharing in WINXP i went to RUN and typed in MSCONFIG, i found the tab that shows the service running and deselected the ICS one. Its probably not the proper way but it works fine, and you can allways reselect it when you need to.
  2. MadMatriX

    Imagine this.

    How much and how would your living habbits change if there was a OPF game with the granddaddy of maps running on a server that supported like 100+ players with little to no lag? That would be pretty fantastic, imagine the mayham and totally surrounding action that would take place. I wonder if id still have a girlfriend>? They Love gamers...haha
  3. MadMatriX

    The GeForce 4....soon, very soon

    I got a Geforce 3 when it just came out. i heard they were good overclockers which made it an even better selling point to me. i hit 220Mhz core 520Memory with the stock cooling, solid. 235 core was a little buggy. did i pay for a Ti500? NOPE I also got a p4 1.8Ghz upto 2.1Ghz with stock cooling also. my point?......MURDA INC. is very right about the GFTI200. if you pick the right goods at a lower price you can make them faster than if someone went out and bought it made at that speed. If i had a budget for a new card the GfTi200 looks good.
  4. MadMatriX

    1 gig video ram card

    "in actuallity todays cards that use DDR have are the same as a card with twice as much SDR ram.. like the GF2 ultra DDRRAM.. its like it had 128mb of SDRRAM." DDR does 2 memory functions in 1 clock pulse doubling the speed which doubles the bandwidth to the memory. The GPU would get data quicker from the ddr even know there was less memory. a better comparison would be 64MB SDRAM @ 400Mhz would be similar in bandwidth to 32MB DDR @ 200Mhz.
  5. MadMatriX

    Wont go past CREATE in multy menu

    FINALY!!!!!! I dissabled the Internet shareing and firewall service running and it will now create multyplayergames and function normaly. I spent soo much time trying to figure out this crap, now i will truly enjoy the game on a LAN. I might tinker around to see if maybe i can possibly specify the port in the firewall to get it to work with it or something like that. I dont know too much about it, so ill have to check it out. see you in OPF..
  6. MadMatriX

    Wont go past CREATE in multy menu

    Ok thanks, i will turn those 2 things off and try it.
  7. Im running Win XP and OPF ver 1.40 on both computers. PROBLEM: when i try to create a multyplayer game on either computer on my lan (I have 2 copies of OPF) it will not goto the map selection screen, it just clicks and blinks Creating server in the background for a millisecond but does not. Conditions it does work: on my girlfriends computer it is not assigned an IP address (ipconfig reads ) it will create a server and work fine, EXCEPT i will not be able to find it from my computer. BUT: on my computer it wont work NO MATTER WHAT i try. PLEASE HELP, I RELLY WANNA PLAY without the lag o the net. I hope this helps someone out, i spent alot of time trying all kinds of things just to play this damn game ThAnKs