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  1. Following Guy his wonderfull update on the K98 model, we've also been working on our Willys Jeep which (hopefully) be included in the upcoming update!
  2. I'm hoping to be in the 4 to 5 active members list, else damn you! :butbut:
  3. Thats Jojimbo's work there. He made all the soldier models from the beginning of the Inv44 Mod. And still is doing a damn fine job at it!
  4. You can install it on your desktop if you're afraid something will be overwritten. Might do the trick!
  5. If you mean just a rar file filled with just the needed pbo´s? No we heaven't dont that yet, best way is to just download those files posted in the first post of this topic, incl all the hotfixes.
  6. Again mate, great video! Had a blast online last night, and cool to see those action shots of me flying past in the P51! :P If you have more footage, please upload!
  7. Marss911

    (Unnoficial) Invasion 44 patch 2.8

    Looking good there JdB ;) And very nice of you sending Bielow that Higgens! After Jojimbo and JdB sending Bielow some older models we worked on, on the OFP days.. I couldnt be here and NOT send him anything! He just recieved a package of a few older OFP models I made during those days of OFP modding. He'll be busy for a few weeks I guess :P Hope you guys will enjoy our work once more guys!
  8. Shame I couldnt make it, but loved that video! :D That's how I44 should be played guys.
  9. We're currently aware of this issue, and are looking into changing it. But keep in mind you'll always have bigger recoil with those MG's. Mainly we don't want to overpower the MG's against other weapons, especially the chance this weapon would have been shot standing or in a prone position wasnt that likely. We are also looking into deployable weapons (with useage of tripod / bipod), which will do even more good looking at those MG's.
  10. I'm currently adding this to dev heaven as I already finished a British marked skin for those shermans! Thanks for letting us know guys :)
  11. John's as far as we know still alive ;) But not under the term Inv44 any longer. He decided to stop his work for our mod, sadly but try. But dont bother it too long, enjoy the mod! ---------- Post added at 05:42 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:40 PM ---------- It's an alpha layer error we simply didn't see, inside the Oxygen editor you need to get all the alpha layers on top of your model. If you place the model on top of the alpha layers.. it will look like this in the end ;)
  12. Yep, you're right there! I made a mistake while making this Sherman type version. I cant promise anything, but i'm hoping to pop something out of my sleeve within a upcoming patch.
  13. Marss911

    (Unnoficial) Invasion 44 patch 2.8

    Damn this brings back memories... Bielow you are doing a damn fine job on converting stuff we left behind months / years ago and putting in new life! You are really doing a wonderful job. I'm pleased to tell you all i'm wrapping up a nice little package with stuff you may or may not already own and give you the promising to use it in your latest update. What's in it, ill let you know.. need to find my old backup HD and we're ready to go! Give me about a week time :) Regards Marcel - Marss911
  14. We are called to be a 'total conversion' for ArmA2, so just reworking a BIS map and calling it the Ardennes.. isnt the way we work. So that is a yes to the question of we are going to make a brand new map for the ardennes.
  15. Mmm I'm not sure.. but looking at my 3ds studio max.. it clearly says something with HVSS in it :rolleyes:
  16. Marss911

    Valhalla Mod - WIP

    Well that looks like a very handy tool indeed! Only one problem would be the lose of LODs. Besides that.. great find! Hope to see some lovely snowy trees from you then ;)
  17. Marss911

    Valhalla Mod - WIP

    speeking about those MLOD models, SenChi are we sure they are going to release those vegetation models out for the public?
  18. If you look close they have added something called FSM Editor: * Oxygen 2 Personal Edition for Arma II - model editing and animation package * Visitor 3 Personal Edition for Arma II - terrain and map editing * TexView 2 - texture convertor and viewer * BinPBO Personal Edition - packer * Sound Tools - sound and lipsync utilities * FSM Editor - tool to edit and compile fsms used in Arma 2 * BinMake - conversion tool * Tools Drive - main working directory for tools with mandatory data files And the tools set for ArmA1 * Oxygen 2 Personal Edition - model editing and animation package * Visitor 3 Personal Edition - terrain and map editing * TexView 2 - texture convertor and viewer * BinPBO Personal Edition - packer * Sound Tools - sound and lipsync utilities * BinMake - conversion tool * Tools Drive - main working directory for tools with mandatory data files And they already mentioned.. Looks like they are releasing the exact same tools, just with new updates in it. Just so we can work with the new ArmA2 presets. Although its not a big difference between those 2 releases.. I do hope they release it soon. We really could use the new visitor3..
  19. Marss911

    3Dsmax ArmA2 modding toolset

    Again big thanks for putting those wishes on your 'to do' list. Again with this p3d export ability.. you are doing a wonderful job and well appreciated inside the ArmA community. Can't wait to see the upcoming release soul. Keep up the wonderful and great work!
  20. as we all love seeing some real footage and stated by John, a Sherman VC Firefly will be added in the upcoming patch. Although it originally got used by the British during WWII a few of those saw battle under the US stars. And as I really love the looks and the power of this tank, I'd loved modelling it and added it to the Allied motor pool. Enjoy the ingame screenshots:
  21. You're aiming on the support vehicles, right? Which I'm fully aware of, but we also know the mod does work really well with the MP Battlefield missions. Without those support vehicles its extreamly hard to play. So on a long term base I could see support vehicles for both sides. And for myself as a modeller is gives me some fresh new models to be working with. Besides all those standard tanks, trucks and jeeps.
  22. Best thing is to downgrade to Photoshop CS2. It does work for me with my 64bit Vista, Tried both CS3 and CS4 and for some reason CS4 and CS3 just dont work with the paa plugin.
  23. Plannend to make one, but not as detailed as the one showned above. In the future for ArmA 2 I will be doing a detailed version of the Opel Blitz with all the extra's. ;)
  24. As some people requested repair, ammo and fuel trucks. I've been busy working on some the last few days. We uploaded a quick render movie made in 3ds max to show whats been done and whats it looking like. Nothing fancy, but enough to see what it is. Check out the movie here: - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zToBCyHgLYg Renders or more information whats going on, check out our public forums on: - http://ofp.gamepark.cz/invasion1944/public/ Or use this link, to go directly to my little progress corner: - http://ofp.gamepark.cz/invasion1944/public/index.php?topic=140.15