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  1. Definitely an improvement over latest builds wit exthreads=3 ! I don't "feel" stuttering anymore and can play with healthy 25-30 fps on Chernarus island. On Utes, fps can get up to 40-50 depending on location. From 1.05, I won a couple fps, which is good, but the game became clearly more stable and I have a lot less LOD/texture loading issues. Thanks Suma ! Malick
  2. Thanks Gnat for this nice addon... It's good to have at least one East transport aircraft. Maybe you plan other versions ? Civilians etc.. Regarding the Resistance version, would it be possible to make the default version something else than Iranian ? Seems strange in my opinion... and I have to put a different roundel when I want to use it in missions. Currently it's too light to fly. Practical, but not very realistic. A bit more heaviness will be nice. Thanks ! Malick
  3. malick


    Thanks for the conversion ! I really enjoyed that mission, even if it's quite difficult. However, the AI is just good now (as of beta 70100). They move from cover to cover, they flank, throw grenades etc.. My squad got mauled by the BTR and no one could reach the AT... Damn, that was tense. Do you plan on completing the translation and adding voice over ? I don't remember from the good old OFP days if the voices were in. Thanks anyway ! Malick
  4. malick

    New Beta build 70100 is up!

    My bad, I accidently deleted the -mod=beta when removing all mods to test the patch ^^ Yeah, silly me ! I don't see much improvement otherwise, compared to 69782. Same stutter. Some visual artifacts here and there (white ground textures). Haven't had time to test much further. At least, no crash or computer burning. Good start :) Thanks anyway.
  5. malick

    New Beta build 70100 is up!

    Mmmh, does NOT start for me : "Error compiling pixel shader PSSpecularAlpha:0" Any idea ? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the update ! However I notice much more stutter when moving, even though the FPS counter seems to be higher than previous beta. It's a bit strange for me. nVidia 9800GT with 1Go DDR3 AMD4600X2 @2.7GHz Everything to High except AA disabled VD 2500m Post Processing disabled FPS on Chernarus for previous beta build 63826 was around 25, but no stutter With 69645, fps shows 28-30, but heavy stutter when moving on foot... Malick
  7. Gents, I can't find any references on this one : how do you select what type of units are spawned by the SecOpsManager ? If I want to play OPFOR, will it still spawn OPFOR troops ? Can I select which faction, for example ? Any help appreciated, as the comref is really light on Modules... Malick
  8. malick

    Monsters, zombies and so on

    Good job :) Would be even better without the silly radio messages and the awful beeps ;) Malick
  9. malick


    Hello Charonos ! Thank you for porting this tool to ArmA2. it was already quite useful for A1, I'm sure I'll appreciate it for A2... Malick
  10. malick

    build 59857 error

    lol I didn't pay attention to this ! OK thanks, it works now With build 59875 though ;) Malick
  11. malick

    build 59857 error

    I have the same issue and cannot use beta build 1.04.59857 Specs : WinXP SP3 AMD 4800X2 2Go DDR2 GF8600GT 256Mo DDR3 nVidia drivers 191.07 Any idea ? Maybe I'll try some new drivers. Malick EDIT : and shortcut does point to beta directory...
  12. Hello kju ! Thank you for these very nice addons : they now allow me to find some pleasure in playing Arma 2 ! Without them, it's slideshow party. Regarding the "drawing distance fix", which is quite nice also, how do I need to alter the files if I want to increase/decrease the distance at which objects are shown ? Thanks ! Malick
  13. Hello guys... Is there any mod that removes the radio beeps at the end of every message ? This is awfully annoying for me and I still haven't find a way to remove them. Any help ? Cheers
  14. malick


    Hello zGuba and thanks for your mission. I've been fiddling with Warfare for quite some time and also used your version as a base. However, as some others here, it seems there's a bug with the ACE version, 32 players. I can't capture camps or towns ! So the main goal of the mission is quite useless... Does this version solve the problem ? Thanks ! Malick
  15. malick

    End Point

    Very nice news ! I loved The Cause and your voice acting is highly professional. I would recommend you for a BIS position as mission/campaign maker + voice overs I would love seeing some addons, for SLA and RACS for this campaign. Having some BTR and MiG15 for SLA, M60 and MirageIII for RACS would be nice for a change. Can't watch the trailer right now, will do as soon as I get home Can't wait ! Malick