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  1. Maggo

    Real nogova...

    Ouuu ou ou... Men... Maybe you have the similar bridge in your land, but I'm sure you don't have Davle there... :-) This picture of bridge is from real Davle!!! That's the difference. You look only at pictures and don't read words! I tried to show you places with the same name as on Nogova!!! And I m also surprised that some parts are so much similar but I dont think that BIS went to that place and copied it. But I'm sure they know most of that real places and they made them on Nogova by thier knowledges and memories of reality. (Opatov and Petrovice are in Prague and BIS is from Prague :-), Trosky is very well known place, BIS only chose and made better ruin for MP, etc.) If you are insteresting in what I wrote to article, I'm ready to continue as soon as I find some pictures. Also a story has a real base! In August 21st, 1968, (do you remember that date?? :-) ) Soviet (Breznev) and other Eastern armies occupied Czechoslovakia because of our starting orientation to West and beginning democracy - they said that some communist leaders invited them. Unfortunately at that time we didn't resist too much (yes, it was not simple) and I think that BIS tried to acquit a debt to past (at least on PC screens).
  2. Maggo

    Campaign intro and new terrain

    Probably developers made it with terrainlevel=normal... I don't know how this option distort terrain, if it's random distortion or any pre-set... Try it with Normal level...
  3. Maggo

    Stop asking for more resistance pics!

    There are 7 new pictures from Resistance, in very good quality! Nice west.flashpoint.ru