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  1. Will they FINALLY make on online mulitplayer that will compete with those titles? As of now their game is far above those two. However I don't understand the business decision to not even try and compete in the lucrative online PvP multiplayer? They leave it up to random individuals with low populated servers. PLEASE try. You have the game, just build it!!!
  2. This game is beautiful to look at and is a very good sim as well. So why isn't more popular? As it is now, I only play weekends because not many people are online during the week. Is it because... - poor marketing. - AI in many multi player games? - Lack of dedicated servers for online PvP games? What do you think they could do to improve the low population online?.. - Dedicate servers. - Develop a massive population server. - Increase squad membership by hooding squad stats on the Arma site? - Make it for realistic by adding true ballistics? What do you guys think?
  3. LockDOwn

    Ragdolls = In .... Realistic wounds ???

    The next big step in FPS shooters will be site specific injuries that effect you ability to walk/run or hold your weapon correctly etc.. And only a medic can heal you back up. That way no more shooting a guy a few times and seeing him run off as if nothing happened.
  4. So does BI have any feedback on this subject? Do we know where they stand on the issue?
  5. Thanks for the title change mods
  6. SO the question still stands.... does anyone know if this is something BIS can and is willing to do?
  7. Going to change title of this thread.
  8. Exactly again. I want to see ARMA support MP PvP out of the box for new players and "unskilled" players like myself that sit around and HOPE someone makes a good one and hosts it. On top of that, you hope many have not given up by that time and then even know how and where to look for it so the server is not underpopulated. ARMA uniqueness could offer MP PvP in a in a true simulation game. Something not offered anywhere else. Me not having the technological know how prevents me on how that would actually be done but having some made out of the box and letting players then make their own maps on the same game premises would only grow this game for the better in my opinion. And it would still let original AMRA players still make their own games too.
  9. Who knows but I think trying is better than not. Who knows, it could benefit this game in more ways any of us could even imagine? ---------- Post added at 23:16 ---------- Previous post was at 23:12 ---------- Well said. I don't want a copy of BF3 or COD. I want BIS to develop their version of PvP multiplayer with an ARMA only twist!
  10. Easily, I just did. For some reason many continue to think I am for removing the realism. I am not. AGAIN.... I am for keeping the game AS IS!! I suggest that if you want to get rid of the empty server issue and appeal to millions of more gamers and thus more revenue, ADD ON online MP PvP elements like those offered in COD and BF3 with an ARMA twist!! It is win win for everyone!
  11. That is because it is not marketed as such. And if you went this route the scripting would have to be made 'in house' to be successful. The game you are making means a richer and more dynamic PvP than has EVER been made and I see being highly unique and thus successful in my opinion. I don't know how many people have tried this game and then left because it is dependent on the community to make it successful to what they want. Where as if you made similar and some innovative MP PvP games, I don't see how anyone could touch what you offer.
  12. You could run n gun here if bohemia spent some time developing a game mode for it. No one is telling you ARMA has to lose its simulation play. I am just purposing the online portion be expanded to draw in the attention and massive amount of players this game deserves. ---------- Post added at 00:27 ---------- Previous post was at 00:26 ---------- You mean Bohemia would earns tons more cash and build upon this game even more!
  13. Sure Arma would. You just have to develop some maps (or use parts of what we already have) and then tweak them to play certain other game styles. You will always have the servers to allow for mods to do their thing, I am just saying you need to have a section that appeals to mass gamers to grow this game. Personally I only stop playing ARMA1 and 2 because after a month the pvp servers are non existent because there is no support or attention given to them. This game has the potential to really take off if done right.
  14. LockDOwn

    Why is this game not more popular?

    PvP is not marketed or pushed. So most see the Coop severs, like I did, try it and leave. I too was gonna quit until I accidentally found the one true PvP server. The proof is in all the FPS's out there.
  15. LockDOwn

    Why is this game not more popular?

    Exactly. Having to play AI online in order to have a populated server has turned many people away. Most people do NOT want to play AI online as this game has proven.
  16. LockDOwn

    Why is this game not more popular?

    Most play boring co-op. If you want to play pure PvP and a good AAS game... good luck. ---------- Post added at 09:44 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:42 PM ---------- agreed
  17. Let me ask it this way... With steam, is it automatically downloaded and installed like other updates or do we have to do it manually?
  18. As a steam member, is it automatically downloaded or do I have to do it manually from the ARMA front page?
  19. I live in the central US time zone and can not find one full server. I only play HOLD (the ultimate ARMA 2 experience) and even on the weekends, you will only find one server 3/4 full. But on the weekdays, forget about it. No one is on! And that goes for almost every server. What is going on?
  20. LockDOwn

    VopSound 2.1

    I am a steam user and build my own PCs but have no idea how to install this given those instructions. Especially when talking about installing the .pbo and .bisign files.
  21. LockDOwn

    Does anyone still play ARMA2?

    True. I wish the server list had a built in chat room at the bottom for people to organize.
  22. LockDOwn

    Does anyone still play ARMA2?

    Server was almost full!.... Till it crashed :(
  23. LockDOwn

    Dragon Rising has been released

    the review finished with... lol