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  1. LJF

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    I've had a similar experience with paintball. "Firefights" lasted considerably longer than in A2/ACE even at very short distances and the motivation to keep in cover was, as you said, considerably more powerful than in ACE. In paintball I didn't stop to consider the chances of being hit; there were impacts nearby and I didn't want to get shot, it was a reflex.
  2. LJF

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    Exactly. There are already so many concessions in order to make the game function at all (or any game) I really don't see a suppression effect as that bad considering it will provide more authentic combat.
  3. LJF

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    Question: what is more important, the realism of the effects (or lack of) on your screen, or the authenticity of the combat? Keeping in mind that you already have right mouse zoom making up for the low screen resolution, automatic pain noises and shaking aim to account for you not being able to feel pain, gamey mag/ammo counts a real soldier wouldn't see, unified maximum loads and icons popping up on the screen when you enter a vehicle or any number of other unrealistic gamey stuff designed as an interface between the player and the game.
  4. LJF

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    The important thing is to enable the use of suppression in A3, because it doesn't exist at the moment and even in A2 it was very lacking. It would increase the authenticity of the combat, which is far more important than the realism of some blur on the screen. Realistic systems alone (armour simulation, hunger, thrist, component damage, recoil, running speed etc) do not create a realistic simulation, it is almost impossible; there are simply too many things to take into account. To create a simulation you need to compromise and design for a desired effect or result (in this case, realistic combat). The thing is even if ArmA3 was perfectly realistic in every way suppression still wouldn't work anywhere near like it does in real life because the players are not really risking their lives; a suppression mechanic is designed to work around our very loose connection to our virtual characters/lives and produce more authentic behaviour.
  5. It's like in a movie where people are whispering some important plot info and you can't hear them and then someone kicks in a door and you go deaf.
  6. LJF

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    That could be useful at certain times but nowhere near enough to warrant not having a suppression system just for the rare occasion where you are able to fire a second shot.
  7. LJF

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    In Red Orchestra 2 the effect works incredibly well; it adds on to the fear of being shot and really makes you put your head down, but it never feels gamey.
  8. LJF

    Tank Questions & Hopes

    ACE worked really well, or at least it gave the impression it was working really well; which is almost as good :D
  9. LJF

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    It has nothing to do with random deviation at all. Recoil increase (regardless of how realistic it is) makes combat last longer and gives you the ability to take cover. If you have no recoil combat boils down to your reflexes and skill with a mouse rather than tactics or positioning. Well not exactly the same, but I think you could get people to react in a similar way to real life using a combination of fear of death (using immersion), penalties of that death (respawn time or being out for the rest of the mission) and suppression effects. It's not uber realism, it's tactical combat. It makes combat more than just who can aim the fastest and get the most uber headshots. They can fight back more easily if suppressed than if you shoot them from 500m away without them even knowing you are there, or if you dropped artillery on them while they were taking cover, or if they walked over a mine. It's the same thing. Isn't that what war is all about? Engineering an unfair advantage over your enemy? I can't think of many situations in ArmA where the fight is fair, and even if it was it would just be a boring competition of reflexes.
  10. LJF

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    That would be ideal. It would also be interesting to see that same test repeated under stress with minimal sleep and a lot of noise against a moving target in poor light.
  11. LJF

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    Fear can be induced in a game, see Amnesia TDD. It isn't logical because it's not real, but we're not robots; we get immersed in a game and feel fear. Some people don't but that isn't the point. That said I'm all for more authentic gameplay so bring on the suppression effects; the recoil increase over the pew pew laser rifles of Arrowhead and even OFP is a huge plus to that already and has led to far more realistic firefights.
  12. Will the jog sound bug be fixed? That's the most annoying thing on the planet right now lol
  13. Cheers KBourne, I'll give that a go :)