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  1. LastNinja9

    TrackIR, DOF

    1. I have the "Center" TrackIR command mapped to one of my mouse buttons, and I use it all the time to center view. Works great for me at least. I haven't tried it, but maybe you can change the "disable" hotkey in the TrackIR options, with the key you use for "sights" in Arma. 2. IF you are talking about the Arma "DOF", you CAN turn it off in the gfx options. Set "post processing" to LOW. I'm not sure if that's what you are referring to.
  2. LastNinja9

    6DOF TrackIR in planes/heli

    I hope they make the aircrafts hud with the same kind of "parallax effect (?)" seen in that video. More important, all dot scopes (aimpoint, eotech), should have that effect. There are some addons, trying to do this, but apparently it's hard to get it 100% working as it should. Anyway, I hope it's already in Arma 2. pls... show us some updates, even some random screenshots will do !
  3. LastNinja9

    ArmA 2 Press Coverage

    That "inside the Hind cockpit picture" looks frightening real. Anyway, I wish they did an extra effort on the buildings.
  4. LastNinja9

    MI 24 : Who wants it ?

    1985 posts... how fitting ;p
  5. LastNinja9

    MI 24 : Who wants it ?

    Nice to see RKSL in on this one ! I'm sure this will turn out better than awesome ! Does anyone know if someone is working on the Mi-28 ? That's a question not a request.
  6. LastNinja9

    AAN - ArmA Navy

    The only thing I don't like about the Ka-52, is the side by side seating. The Russians do have the coolest looking military equipment IMO.
  7. LastNinja9

    Sound and Audio

    Separate sounds INSIDE and OUTSIDE vehicles... ...or just a 'filter effect' put on while inside.
  8. LastNinja9

    Graphics engine improvement

    Smoke that does not "change" while zooming... (Did not read the entire thread)
  9. LastNinja9

    Realistic water

    In Oblivion (I think ?), one could choose between different qualities of the reflection, where the lowest was/is really pixelated, but kinda nice anyway. Adds A LOT to the atmosphere IMHO, though it needs to be optional of course. It would make for awesome promotional screenshots ! Another thing... stormy sea should be, well, more stormy (if possible at all...).
  10. LastNinja9

    AAN - ArmA Navy

    F***** Awesome! Gnat and EddyD FTW ! Pointless post, I know. Just had to say it, or I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight.
  11. LastNinja9

    CoC Command Engine X

    Great addon. Stupid question. When I press 'M' I will exit the command interface, and I'm back in "FPS" mode. How do I get back into 'command panel' ? Backspace won't work at least.
  12. LastNinja9

    Realistic water

    Well, it's not THAT bad, but a simple optional reflection wouldn't harm.
  13. LastNinja9

    Realistic water

    Make water/ocean more realistic with reflections and such. This has probably been posted before (at least I hope so), I just did a quick search. Anyway, I needed to get it out...
  14. LastNinja9

    SLX MOD public release

    Awesome addon ! but what's with the slow movement of the weapon up/down ? left/right is ok. It's like I'm moving my view, and the weapon slowly follows...