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  1. What you do is search for all the weapons and ammo classnames and add them line by line to an ammo box using the addweapon and addmagazine commands in a script then you send the script to me :D:D
  2. I found that creating a trigger was quite difficult, and 'cheated' by having the trigger already setup, but out of the way with a name. Eg place it at the far corner of the sea. give your herc a name, eg herc have a trigger/script checking !alive herc when it activates, you want to wait a few seconds (allowing it to crash) then position the trigger over it. To do this, triggername setpos getpos herc and thats it. It's cheating, simple and therefore perfect
  3. LtCmdrBoon

    making civilians enemys?

    try something like this: save your mission and add an init.sqs into the mission folder (dont do sqf me!) then on the top line, add West setFriend [Civilian, 0] Civilian setFriend [West, 0] in my experience of arma1, just make sure that the now opposing forces are not in visual range during the start of the mission.
  4. LtCmdrBoon

    totally black screen - just the scenery

    bump solved - on advice of a clan member I renamed the arma2.exe to crysis64.exe I now have scenery, just black textured bushes, so a great step forward.
  5. LtCmdrBoon

    totally black screen - just the scenery

    for some reason the screen capture shows a pure black screen but i assure you, i see a pure black screen, with the aimer in the middle, and text in the corner showing how much ammo i have left i see nothing else i can walk about, and shoot, and based on sounds, there isn't any problem game wise i can set a firefight up in the editor and have a good sound, but i see jack do other players turn SLI off? I see other posts with flickering etc, but this isnt the case
  6. My clan mate recently gave me his german copy of the game as he bought the english version as well. I am going to buy the english version myself, but until then thought I would have a 'preview' of arma2 using his germany version he kindly gave.... but... when I load up, it installs fine, verifys the activation serial fine, way over minimum specs etc but come in game the scenergy is just all black. There is some very dark grey images of the aircraft carrier. The menu itself appears colourful, as does any text. the sounds also play fine, and the editor works as it ever did in arma1. here's a rundown arma2 installed clean, patched 1.02 (problem same with 1.00) vista x64 all patches latest Dx updates Q9450 @ 3.7 8GB RAM 9800GX2 @ stock speeds on ver: 186.18 1TB & 500GB hdd's system otherwise works totally fine, i "know what im doing" (obviously not). I sometimes can see very very slight lines for the sea if I place my player unit on the coast in the editor. I know its the sea because i can hear it, and see the faint lines coming in and out. I thought at first it might be the copy protection as I have a coupla virtual drives, but reading posts the fade system appears to knock people off aim, and not give a black screen from the off
  7. the problem is if there is some netlag then at some point warping must be done to bring the units into the correct position, unless they kinda drift into their correct position in an unnatural way i see the only way to combat it it only takes a player with torrents, an overworked server, 7pm uk time etc and u got a problem
  8. LtCmdrBoon

    Camera shaking

    a little shake for major event (calling a flyby a major event maybe the wrong phrase) but yeah i like the idea, just something similar to the run effect seen in videos
  9. LtCmdrBoon

    SLI mode unplayable

    thanks for the help guys regards 181.20 I can confirm on my setup that AFR1 DOES now work. As long as I don't max out PP, I am looking at 40-60fps while I walked through corozal. Every other setting was high (not highest). SFR also worked, but my frames were than 20-30fps max and so I will stick to AFR1:ARMA thx again
  10. LtCmdrBoon

    SLI mode unplayable

    Hi, Every other frame is white (or so it seems, it might be 2 normal 2 white). In none SLI mode i only getting 20-30fps in dense areas of town and trees, so SLI is a must, i dont just want playable over the desert! In SLI mode, Fraps is showing 60+ almost contant, so i know its working, just fupduck. Something is really messed up when i can knock out 60 fps on GTA4 in max settings, but 20 in ArmA. specs go like this 9800gx2 @3.8 Q9450 8GB RAM Vista 64 the rest dont matter. Everything is patched up, SP1 + updates Nvidia is 181.00 (the patch which made GTA4 perfect). Arma is 1.15 (was hoping the beta wud fix this issue) what i've tried: disabling SLI : works but crappy frames as stated single/dual screens : no difference (other than lost a monitor) force Vsync On/Off/Nvidia Defalt : no diff gone thru res settings in Arma : no diff SLI Mode changing split/alternate frames : no diff I've not played this game for months since the SLI driver i need for other games makes arma not work - i had hoped 1.15 wud fix this. the rest of my system is trouble free with 10 or so games i have all working way better than average.
  11. LtCmdrBoon

    ArmA2 and Bohemia Interactive

    interesting view point one thing that many gamers won't accept though, is BI reluctance to have spent some time learning DirectX 10 which is 2 years old now, a little over counting time that developers have had access to information and beta. look at the effects and damage models etc of some recent games, still able to hold 50-60fps while doing so. then come the "oh but remember time/money/limited staff" etc etc, and while most of us here may accept this, most gamers not reading these forums weekly simply wont. The classic example was the video someone made while someone was showing arma2 to the guy who was interviewing. it was obvious the guy had no idea about the whole 'arma' and his facial expressions with the laughing at the game said it all. He couldnt' see the 220km^2 island, he just saw the ok type graphics of what was infront of him.
  12. what will be cool arma and ofp2 will come out more or less the same time one will be better than the other, but many will no doubt buy both and play both for a bit. the game that is better will be talked about in the game thats not so good, and potentially a lot of arma2 players cud be brand new onto the scene, out of ofp2s marketing who got ofp2 and in multi was told arma2 is way better. then there is always the flip side, but for an end gamer, i dont rele care who made the game, as long as its good, but this is BI big chance. the freedom of mission making kept me into arma for so long, the clan spirit where u cud laugh a ping pong ball style physics, but still play on the mission.
  13. LtCmdrBoon

    ARMA 2 In-game HD Video released

    for those with 2mpbs or above internet wanting the original high resolution video without having to download it: http://www.baby-alien.com/arma2/preview.php
  14. LtCmdrBoon

    Nvidia Driver 178.24 w/Arma 1.14

    i can't get either to work (.42 or .43) arma however, other games i play, and SLI in dual screen is massive MASSIVE improvement. ran a benchmark in one game i play, it meant the difference between 11,000 and 18,odd frames
  15. LtCmdrBoon

    Hardware advice needed

    the best gpu for fsx is the 9800gx2 it beats the 280 even here is a video i made of fsx running ~100fps arma can be tricked into running in SLI mode also which helps.... but atm arma won't work with the nvidia 180.43 beta drivers