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  1. Luciano

    Did anyone notice

    I talk more about how much the game is a disappointed than I play it. I wrote about 4 reviews on it so far. Until BIS fixes the disappointment single player crappaign, I won't be silenced. Thank you
  2. Luciano

    Did anyone notice

    For anyone that bought the game mostly for the single player experience, it was a rip off. The campaign was so crap, it looked as if they put it together in the last week before it went on sale. And for a game boasting about the single player experience "story driven campaign", it was a rip off.
  3. Luciano

    Did anyone notice

    Did anyone notice that all of you got ripped off with the single player portion of this game?
  4. Luciano

    OFP:RealPaintball for ArmA

    Play it in OFP, you'll get a much better experience Unless you try to make Real Paintball COOP. As far as I know, ARMA is a failure in everything except the following: -Playing coop against the AI -Taking pictures -Videos
  5. Luciano

    Turkish Star Wars

    So random, so crappy, so insane. This is such a great piece of art, I laughed so hard, its not even funny. Even if you try to make something as random and crappy you wont succeed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v....search=
  6. Luciano

    5 Years in Siberia

    ShinRaiden, why go off topic like that? I heard it was Microsoft that pushed for this case to be solved. 5 years is pretty ridiculous considering a marine who basically committed war crimes in Iraq got less because of some plea bargain. Lesson: Pirate stuff for yourself.
  7. Luciano

    Is video-game addiction a mental disorder?

    Some games are addictive, depending on the person. Like WOW. I try to stay away not because I'll get addicted, but because it will waste so much time playing when I could do other shit. Thats why I now play only FPS, they are fast and you can have a good game in 30 minutes, not 3 hours. I started gaming back in the day with the terminator console (Popular in Eastern Europe http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terminator_%28video_game_system%29) Then I played games on early computers that you had to load with a tape recorder. The game being on a tape. Then I move on to other sorts of gaming, the longest I played was probably for 6 hours straight each day for two days. It never affected my grades or anything and I never really got addicted. I could stop anytime I wanted, I just chose to play. I doubt its the game, it has to be the person. Labeling it the same as smoking and drug addiction is stupid. Its not like if you stop playing your body will ask for it, like with smoking and drugs Its like saying your addicted to go to the movies, just because you go to the movies every week or so.
  8. Luciano

    Less and less CTF players.

    I rather install OFP and play real CTF in OFP with some friends. The reason CTF and basically everything other than coop, is lacking is because of the game, not the maps. ARMA animations and movements are too rough for such games. It feels you are controlling a robot with a joystick. To me it doesn't feel like playing at all and its not enjoyable at all. Thats why I gave up CTF and basically ARMA as shooting AI all day ain't my thing.
  9. Luciano

    The Iraq thread 4

    http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=74f_1182648016 I guess this is some sort of fanatical Al Qaeda fighter, the demons themselves that the US administration is shoving down our throats to fear Anyway thought this was interesting because the occupation part couldn't be more close to the truth. I'm sick and tired of the Al Qaeda crap Bush is trying to exaggerate for his interests. You know the usually, every enemy fighting the US in Iraq is Al Qaeda foreign jihadist who are hated by the people there and somehow managed to be everywhere in Iraq and do so much damage with weapons from Iran...
  10. Luciano

    Less and less CTF players.

    The CTF, DM, and pretty much everything other than coop community is long gone. Many moved to RO, or other games. There are few left.
  11. Luciano

    Expansion: Arma: Queen's Gambit

    BI made 1.01(patch), 1.02(patch), 1.04, 1.05(patch), 1.06, 1.07(2 beta patches) and 1.08(patch). You can say alot but BI really tried and changed alot to the game and compared to 1.00 there are (almost) no really big bugs left, ofcourse there are minor things but no game is perfect or works perfect on every PC. LoL, nice, we already had 7 patches for ARMA, and OFP 1.22 (only 2 patches) still has more quality and plays better than ARMA with all of its patches. Like I said before, patches doesn't mean jack if they don't fix anything worth fixing. So far, ARMA still has primitive problems and unless those are fixed, patches mean nothing. Pretty sad. I rather go buy resistance and play it again than buy ARMA expansions. Resistance is pretty impossible to find nowdays, but I still bet it will be more wide spread than the expansion. I rather donate my money to any quality mod developers. Unless a demo of the capaign is released and it shows at least 1/4th the quality of RES campaign BIS isn't fooling anyone again.
  12. Luciano

    Campaign Ending *Spoilers*

    I'm sure the OFP campaign had somthing to do with Codies. Its just no way that the people who made OFP campaign could make such a thing as the ARMA campaign. Just no way....
  13. Luciano

    Atari & the truth..

    The best thing about Steam is that you never have to download anything. Patches are automatic. There are hackers on steam, but hacking games is very dangerous to the user. If you are caught cheating, your account will be disabled, with all your games. A risk not worth taking....
  14. Luciano

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    For me its when they fix the robotic, retarted and unnatural movement. When I feel that its not frustrating to play..
  15. Luciano

    Atari & the truth..

    Because of such a high success of OFP, the majority of ARMA buyers just bought it because of OFP and they expected something good. Fans from the US ordered from Europe long before the demo was even released.
  16. Luciano

    Atari & the truth..

    ARMA has bigger false adertisment problems than that picture Lets see... -Story driven campaign... What story, they consider that campaign a story? More like some missions put together in a day. -System specs on the box. The requirement specs to enjoy the game well (according to BIS) are just not true -Large scale multiplayer: battles where tanks supported by infantry and helicopters take control of an enemy city can be played with 100+ living opponents in a role of both friendly and enemy forces. I have yet to see more than 50 human players on a server. Without lagging like there's no tomorrow. Is it even possible to have 100 players on normal powerful servers without lag?
  17. Luciano

    Atari & the truth..

    erm ... explain the point with Steam ? i don't get it The Steam point is kind of Ironic because there was a poll back in the day if people wanted Steam or BIS's version of such software. Everybody was complaining and bitching about having ARMA on Steam as if Steam was the antichrist himself. Its ironic that right now there is a 20 page plus complaint thread about Sprocket and people saying how better Steam is. It just brings a smile to my face thinking that a year ago there was so much opposition to Steam which did a very good job selling Red Orchestra. Also, why is it that Tripwire being novice was able to find a much better publisher. You can buy it in stores pretty much everywhere. I haven't seen ARMA anywhere around here. Also its impossible to fire like that in ARMA with any AT weapons because of the animations. In ARMA to fire such a weapon, you always need to be crouched which makes that picture impossible even if there were open windows.
  18. Luciano

    Atari & the truth..

    Well, this is nice for all of the Codie bashers out there. I remember back when you all were saying anything is better than Codies. So you get what were looking for. Steam 0 Sprocket 1 Codies 0 Atari 1 Codies 0 Tens of never before heard of publishers 1
  19. Luciano

    this game is impossible to find

    There's a good reason this game is hard to find. Once you play it, you'll know.
  20. Luciano

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    Why is it that the ARMA AI is inferior to the OFP AI? -In OFP, AI never had problems with the only bridge (Nogova bridge). In ARMA, they have problems with bridges.... -In OFP you will never see AI's shoot RPG's at soldiers (and in the process waste all ammo and maybe even kill your own team). That sort of stuff just didn't happen in OFP. If you want to see very well scripted AI, and what the OFP AI is capable of, take a look at some of the user made campaigns for OFP. ARMA is lacking that. Some of the old school OFP campaigns with awesome AI: -Hawk in shadows -Hawk in nest -Operation Peacekeeper Retaliation To name a few out of dozens.
  21. Luciano

    why don't infantry shoot at helicopters?

    There's no point argueing with you guys, its like talking to a brick wall. The reason choppers aren't shut down each day is because they fly high enough and they aren't an important target. They rather plant IED's on convoys. Your making too much assumptions, just admit it the AI can't shot air units with small arms because the AI coding is pretty primitive. You can say whatever, but thats the truth. They can't make the AI smart enough to decide when to shoot and what actions to take. The AI are very dumb even when shooting tanks, no wonder they don't shoot air units with small arms. They would just empty the whole clip onto air units than.
  22. Luciano

    why don't infantry shoot at helicopters?

    In the real world, littlebirds are small and highly maneuverable, very hard to hit. Rarely does one get shot down. Comparing the armor on the systems of a Blackhawk and comparing the armor on a Vietnam vintage Huey is like comparing a the armor on a T-34 with a T-72. The Blackhawk is loaded with all kinds of ballistic protection that was designed in from the get-go as a response to the shortcomings of the UH-1 vis a vi small arms fire. It is specifically designed to be highly immune to the effects of small arms fire. What the hell are you tallking about, a few weeks back one was shut down, and a few months back another one was shut down. Pilots and everybody on board died. Both with small arms fire. 2 lost in a few months isn't rare at all considering mostly contractors use them. Military uses blackhawks mostly...
  23. Luciano

    Red Orchestra OstFront 41-45 June '07 Update

    1. You could do that from the very beginning 2. No pop ups, only steam news when you first start it. 3. Are you using Steam as a messenger or to play a game?
  24. Luciano

    why don't infantry shoot at helicopters?

    There are enough choppers shut down in Iraq to prove that shooting down choppers with small arms is possible. The reason why is because the AI is very simple. Your expecting the simple AI to do complex things. There needs to be lots of changes to the AI before they shoot down choppers with small arms. You can easily shoot a littlebird down with a PKM, RPk, or even an AK. If your lucky, you can even shoot an Apache down that way. You guys are making excuses to something that obviously has no excuse. Like I said, the AI needs much improvement to do that, and it wasn't worked on in that area. The only plausable excuses is that there's no time to add that and there are more important things.
  25. Luciano

    Time for Weapon Saftey!

    This is useless and waste of time implementing. Especially since ARMA has so many severe problems that needs working on. What the hell would safety add other than something annoying and stupid that you rarely use? Its a game, get used to it. In RL, you also have to clean you weapon, don't you want that in the game? Perhaps in an option?