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  1. Lateflip

    French Special forces

    It was a tie!
  2. Lateflip

    Note to addon hosters

    ? Â Hahaha (Sorry if this post violates the rules since it really has no other value than allowing me to express my rolling on floor laughing-feel)
  3. Lateflip

    Danish Forces

    Looks good. although carl gustav laucher is a Swedish weapon. Didn't know you Danish people used it too
  4. Lateflip

    Special Forces

    I'd go with Norweigan or Finish. I can't recall Swedish special forces (Coastal rangers) ever using MP5.
  5. Lateflip

    (Idea) 911

    I think you should focus more on SUV's, they fit the climate on Sahrani better. I like the models below. Volvo V 70 XC AWD Same car in other scheme. Toyota Land Cruiser And for trucks, this is a great model. Chevrolet G 3500
  6. Lateflip

    505's ArmA Special Edition - What ya want?

    A loaded handgun wouldn't be too much to ask for would it?
  7. Lateflip

    China destroys satellite with ballistic missile

    I haven't read the last few pages, but I thought I had to comment on this. Without Russia the Western Front would have collapsed within a very short time period. The millions of men and tonnes of material Russia injected into the war meant that the Nazis had to use the vast majority of their forces to engage the staggering amount of soldiers Russia put forward. The Western Front was simply a thorn in Hitlers side. It is undeniable however, that the Americans made an invaluable contribution to the war effort on the western front. Check this out to see how many men Russia lost in WW2. Anyway, sorry about that...back to China.... I know how many men Russia lost, but what I meant was that the war was won by the stupidity of Hitler. He pushed his own men north and many died from cold. Russia would have been forced into the war.
  8. Lateflip

    (Idea) 911

    I think you should use green/white color scheme, and perhaps an older looking police car model. The one you have now fits into a New York scenario, but I dunno about Sahrani. Good work though.
  9. Lateflip

    China destroys satellite with ballistic missile

    Russia invaded Berlin, them and the British did more to stop the Nazis. Not saying the US was useless, but they are far from the only ones to thank. And I bet you're American  . And as for stopping mass murder? Yea right. Heard of Hiroshima? That is mass murder. The US still kills innocent civilians in wars. Don't call me anti-American, I'm not. I'm Swedish. And WWII would not have been won without America, that's for sure, although I'm pretty sure it could have been won without Russia who suffered mayor defeat in the first phases of the war. And if America withdrew from South Korea, their northern neighbor wouldn't hesitate to launch an assault on them, and after that the UN wouldn't do anything while the US returned their troops, and North Korea would launch a nuke on Europe/Japan and WWIII would be here. In the long run America is keeping the peace. I'm not saying Bush is perfect, he was wrong about Iraq, they didn't have any nukes, they were just not willing to let a foreign nation inspect every little part of them. Saddam had too much self respect, and he mass murdered people and needed to be replaced. But it needed to be done in a different way. And about Hiroshima, how many died there? 200 000? Just imagine if the Nazis/Japanese guys would have been allowed to continue fighting, how many more would have died? And frankly whatever they did wrong when dropping that A-bomb, they've made up for it.
  10. Lateflip

    SLA Urban Warfare Troops

    Those are indeed some very good units, been looking for some urban action, although they look a little too white for the Sahrani climate. Front paged on arma.net too, as is your excellent desert units.
  11. Lateflip

    Real life photography/photo editing

    Thx for your advices, I'll post some old pictures I took laters.
  12. Lateflip

    China destroys satellite with ballistic missile

    They kind of gave themselves that role somewhere after or before they were fighting the nazis, breaking down communism, stopping mass murder, liberating kuwait and aiding south korea. We have America to thank for living in a free world.
  13. Lateflip

    China destroys satellite with ballistic missile

    "Freedom of action in space" And at the same the US aren't saying that they're mad because it was China that did the dust but that they're mad because it's theoretically a wrong thing to do and bad for the enviroment. Well they didn't say that but it's what it sounds like. Why not just say "We're worried that China with this technology will shoot down our spy satellites, which hmm... aren't actually there because we have no spies, nor spy satellites..."
  14. Lateflip

    Real life photography/photo editing

    I'm getting myself a new camera, is 7 megapixels enough if I want some good pictures? I mean good as in good to a natural untrained eye.
  15. Lateflip

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    We're gonna have to nuke 'em soon.. Although that has nothing to do with US politics. Go Hillary!