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    Helicopter physics impressions - simplified

    Yes, it's really difficult to fly with such sluggish pitch and roll rates but don't make the mistake that M/AH-9 would be significantly more responsive than a helicopter that weighs 10,000 more pounds. These rates don't vary that much from one helicopter to another unless a Stability Augmentation System is in the way. Aside from old or rare rotor systems that you might find on something like a Hiller H-12, you could get just about any helicopter on it's side faster than the pilot can pucker his seat in. I'm sure this is kind of a tiring debate for BIS and they have indeed listened by investing time and money into the much improved flight model in Take on Helicopters. I think a big part of getting ToH approved for development was using it's technology in Arma 3 but only time will tell if BIS still sees it as worthwhile. Whatever happens though, I think we will always have this default model as an option, so it just needs some adjustments in responsiveness so that joystick players aren't getting shafted for mouse+kb like EA would do.
  2. LeftSkidLow

    Helicopter physics impressions - simplified

    The pitch and roll rates are way to slow. Roll is the biggest problem, I had to assign full left and right roll to joystick hat keys because I can't turn the sensitivity up all the way either. I haven't played since April and now I'm using the dev beta but it seems much worse than I remember. This was not a problem in Arma2.
  3. LeftSkidLow

    Battlefield 4

    I'm wildly unimpressed. This looks like BF3 with higher resolution textures and a new campaign. I'm done with battlefield, and I'm sad to say it, BF1942 was probably one of the best games I've ever experienced.
  4. Fred, most likely someone from BIS has been through this thread at some point. I think they are pretty busy right now with Arma3, DayZ, etc but they still will answer addon developer's questions if possible. My advice would be to ask specific questions in the "editing and scripting" sub forum and you'll probably get a response. I think they would really like to foster some modding for TOH but I wouldn't expect them to make changes to the game engine if that's what you're thinking.
  5. I'll have to try this out this weekend, thanks!
  6. Moach, you're on to something with this. We're lucky that you picked this game to play around with. Once I figured out how to use the mission system I was able to play for a couple hours last night. I hope that someone does make that JetRanger addon eventually but it's really hard to dive into modding this game without Arma/Arma2 experience. I started on a Bell 407 a long time ago but I don't really finish anything I start and the game seemed to be kind of floundering, maybe this will help.
  7. Hi Moach, I'm trying this for the first time, is there a way to remove doors? I don't see it in the customize list.
  8. LeftSkidLow

    PlanetSide 2

    I'm not playing again until they get voice chat fixed, maybe the next patch will sort it out.
  9. LeftSkidLow

    Drifting on take off

    That drifting is known as translating tendency. In a helicopter with a counter-clockwise rotating main rotor, the tail rotor thrust will cause the helicopter to drift to the right if the helicopter were to remain level in a hover. So the pilot has a slight amount of left cyclic in a hover. That's why you'll see american made helicopters hovering with the left skid lower than the right. So obviously the opposite is true for a AS-350 with a clockwise rotating main rotor and you would see no translating tendency in something like a chinook.
  10. I have a new X-52 and have had huge problems with centering spring mechanism. It feels like metal on metal whenever I move it. I've tried all the tricks with using silicone lubricant, zip tieing springs together, and I eventually even cut a few rings of the spring with a dremel. I had to take the throttle apart to remove the detents at 10% and 90% but that was pretty easy. My stick is pretty loose now but that's a little more accurate to the helicopter cyclics I've used.
  11. LeftSkidLow


    Yup, cameras that appear to me mounted on the airframe would be nice too.
  12. I got it to work but I'm kind of hesitant to put it up until I adjust the values for all 3 helicopters. I've only been able to play with the light helicopter values so far. If you are having trouble making it a PBO, it think I had to add one more }; at the end.
  13. Cool, looks good. I'd consider doing the high skid gear model, you don't see a low skid very often but it's usually what they use in the POH diagrams (which you are using for reference).