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  1. LukinFanBoy

    Female character models

    Because, censoring thing makes them go away.
  2. LukinFanBoy

    Let's talk about tanks

    It's as if they don't want actually put in more work to make the game more immersive. That and the vehicle physics in both airborne and AFVs have left me to uninstall after 100 hours. Glad I didn't buy it for full price.
  3. LukinFanBoy

    Next DLC and Expansion Speculation

    I'd be happy with a better defined set of rotorcraft physics.
  4. LukinFanBoy

    Guerra do Ultramar

    Great stuff, really enjoy the map and units. My only complaint is that when I bring a Helicopter down, the particle effect of the rotorwash makes the FPS chug. This isn't the first time I've experienced this, but I'd actually like to fix this since this is really well made. Any advice? EDIT: Found the issue, my end. It was Blastcore causing the slowdown.
  5. LukinFanBoy

    ARMA3 patch 1.02 discussion

    http://i39.tinypic.com/np5006.png Slight texture error on the ALCA-I mean Buzzard. Ok, now that I'm not strapped for time. This occurs only when textures are either set to Very High or Ultra. My GPU is a GTX560 and my drivers are up to day.
  6. LukinFanBoy

    Arma 3-TOH similarities

    That's sufficiently underwhelming. I'm glad I got the game at a reduced price at least since that was a huge selling point for me. Future purchases from me are seeming in question, now.
  7. LukinFanBoy

    Takistani Armed Forces 2035 v0.6b

    They aren't, though. Not according to BIS at least.
  8. LukinFanBoy

    Takistani Armed Forces 2035 v0.6b

    Locally made knock offs, it is 2035, after all. TAKISCARS. :P
  9. LukinFanBoy

    Takistani Armed Forces 2035 v0.6b

    This is a pretty awesome Add On. If I may make a suggestion, as well. Pkzbad is on the right track, but I think you should go further. Why are they still using FALs and M-16s? I say go farther: Give them SCARs. http://i47.tinypic.com/2n8ufwh.png I think it's a pretty good fit. Also, the KA-52 would look awesome in that camo pattern, as well.
  10. While I prefer to play my games vanilla, as well, you have to admit some mods are just plain awesome, like CWR2. And like what this gentlemen says here: They're doing this for various reasons, whether they be artistic or functional, but they're doing it for free. I don't understand those that prefer I44 to Iron Front, but you can't say that I44 isn't deserving of some attention, it's still got a dedicated team of dudes putting their time and effort into it all for a simple "Good job! It's awesome!"
  11. LukinFanBoy

    Sukhoi Su-15TM "Flagon"

    Oh yeah, it looks killer in the desert livery.
  12. LukinFanBoy

    Sukhoi Su-15TM "Flagon"

    It'd definitely look good in a Taki livery. A Chernorussian might look good, as well. Model itself is nice. I like that a lot. The engine sound could stand improvement. Even just use the BIS default. And, Ailerons and Rudder behave incorrectly. http://flighttraining.aopa.org/images/ft_magazine/2011/april/1104technique_full.jpg for reference E: It's really a good lookin' airframe when viewed from top angles. Looking at it from side profiles as I did in the past on sites like Airliners.net do not do it justice.
  13. That seems like unnecessary work for the team; It's a tiny little pack of skins, music, and trials. Why jump through hoops to get a non-essential, albeit well made, little pack onto Steam? You could probably just release a little update notification under "Recent News" and instruct steam users on how to acquire it.
  14. LukinFanBoy

    Mi24-A, Krokodil

    I had such a shitty day at work, this totally counters that. While the feel of the helo kind of bugs me (It feels a lot lighter than the other Hinds) the model itself is fantastic. The panels that open automatically when you land bugged me at first, too, but when you load it up with troops and have it land, it just looks awesome. This addon is a pure must have in my opinion.
  15. I'd like to echo the previous request by another RL pilot to see a Schweizer 300C/300CBi. Hell, I'd like to see some Robbies and Hillers, too.