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  1. Landwarrior87

    Hardware and settings for ArmA

    by what u have listed it sounds to me like were in the same boat.. u proabbally have PCI if its a dell. you could always change to pci express... if u want to change the motherboards.. which is like changing your entire computer. cuz trhen u gotta buy new everything.
  2. Landwarrior87

    Hardware and settings for ArmA

    I only have PCI... so im very limited to my graphics card... im thinking of upgrading my Geforce 6200 FX 256mb to ATI Radeon X1550 256mb / PCI do you guys think its worth it?? Im to cheap to change my motherboard. I still have a decent enuff PC.. P4 3ghz 512 ram (mite add some more) rite now i can play AA on low settings but still not getting the fps i want.
  3. Landwarrior87

    Pixel Shader 2.0 Support Required

    what graphix card do u guys recommend?? im running a Dell P4 3ghz 80 GB HD 512 mb Ram i guess i should up the ram too.. how hard is it to double my ram and add a graphics card.. im not about to buy a new pc. Again much help appreciated i could run up to circuit city today and buy one of those ATI's or geforce as soon as i gtet some opinions from my fellow gamers for over 5 years. Whos is better and why.. or just tell me your guys preference??
  4. this is prpblem with the us demo what does this mean?? i have the latest drivers but i dont have a big fancy graphics card.. i have a 96mb Intel Extreme Graphics Card 2 any help much appreciated.. if the demo doesnt run im not going to buy the real game..
  5. Landwarrior87

    Hyk modern u.s. infantry pack released

    good update.. Keep up the good work!!
  6. Landwarrior87

    Hyk modern u.s. infantry pack released

    great work on these.. love the marines idea.
  7. Landwarrior87

    Tonal Special Forces

    how do you change the faces of the llamua's heads.. Tonal Special Forces are no fun with everyone being white on the urban TSF's. Those r my new fav units.
  8. Landwarrior87

    - NICG Pack 1 Released

    actually this is a great idea!!! best idea in a long time.. I already have a couple missions planned for this on mapfact nogova. Great job!
  9. Landwarrior87

    Facestex2.pbo update

    wait wait wait... we cant just SetFace "blablablabla0-14" in the init line on Laser PJ's who already use the head model??
  10. Landwarrior87

    Cessna Citation

    good plane... would be great if we oculd have a wreckage though to put those pj's in action to recover the downed civilians in enemy territories.
  11. No one knows where we can get some converted faces or some other faces and a command to change them?? there must be a way to use ore than these 2 faces that ive spotted.
  12. Landwarrior87

    GameSpot's E3 2006 impression.

  13. good job on the PJ's these r the first units ive used with the new head model... For a second there i thought i was playing VBS. Looking forward to the SEALs and Rangers have new head models also!!!
  14. thanks. I know i know... lol but no one reads 3 pages for that... I may be rude but hey. I knew someone would just jump at the opprutunity.
  15. where can i download TactEvents.pbo just the single pbo.. i dont wanna download the marines just for one pbo.