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  1. Lt_Phoenix

    Hitman | Contract Killer

    I liked a lot of the updated features of the new mission, but to be honest I preferred aspects of the previous mission too. I must admit I preferred being able to scrounge weapons off dead soldiers in the middle of the battlefield while bullets were whizzing round me. I also preferred to get on with my hits without being hunted down unless I had aroused alarm when whacking someone. Would it maybe be possible to have different difficulty settings allow different features? Is it possible to link it to the game difficulty settings "Recruit", "Regular", Veteran" and "Elite"? Could maybe allow scrounging of weapons whilst playing the lowest difficulty settings and it gets increasingly harder to find and get hold of weapons and ammo the higher difficulty you play. Maybe also make it increasingly higher cost of score-points to repair vehicles or steal clothes and make the targets increasingly difficult to Id when playing a higher difficulty setting. Maybe even use score-points to change paint-job and plates on your vehicle to lower your wanted status too. Would be good to introduce the mercenaries at higher difficulty settings also. Just some thoughts...
  2. Lt_Phoenix

    Hitman | Contract Killer

    Excellent news :-) Other than that, an excellent made scenario that will probably keep me preoccupied for quite a while yet ;-) I've also discovered that if you revert back just before killing a target and the Id picture doesn't come up, the next targets Id photo appears once you whack him but the mapmarker for your next target doesn't show on the map...
  3. Lt_Phoenix

    Hitman | Contract Killer

    Bug report. After you reload or resume your game after being killed or quit the game, both the player info and photo Id of your hit disappears. The player info doesn't bug me, but it's kinda essential to know who to whack so you don't kill innocent bystanders...
  4. This is one of my favourite OPFOR factions, but unfortunately they are a bit underpowered at the moment. Any plans of giving these guys some more hardware? At least some trucks and even some sort of light transport helo etc.? At the moment I'm using CSAT vehicles, but would be great to see them have some more of their own vehicles. :-)
  5. Lt_Phoenix

    Altis Defence Forces v01.BETA

    Looking good. Can't wait to give them a try :)
  6. Lt_Phoenix

    Russian Naval Infantry

    Hehe... Glad I'm not the only one thinking this. So glad you released these and I enjoy using them as OPFOR instead of those CSAT Aliens... Thank you and I'm looking forward to seeing these with some AK's of some sort :D
  7. Lt_Phoenix

    Project RACS

    Congratulations on your baby boy and thank you for your outstanding contribution to both ArmA and ArmA 2! :)
  8. Lt_Phoenix

    User mission requests!

    I'm looking for some EAST base template missions for Zargabad, Takistan, Chernarus and Utes?
  9. Taken it out for a spin and thoroughly enjoyed this update :) Any plans of adding plug-ins to this like in the Typhoon pack in the future? Would love to see these in different colour schemes and an REDFOR variant would be especially cool ;) I'm guessing the next on the list is the AH-7/AH-9 update :)
  10. Great update on one of my favourite helo's :)
  11. Lt_Phoenix

    Project RACS

    Those updated units look absolutely fantastic! Great work as always wld427 :D
  12. Lt_Phoenix

    RKSL - Eurofighter Typhoon V2.6

    Been looking forward to this update. Can't wait to try it ingame and see the new features :) Outstanding work as always gents :D
  13. Lt_Phoenix

    RKSL - Foxhound LPPV 0.5 BETA

    Been looking forward to this. Can't wait to try it ingame :) Excellent work as always gents :D