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  1. Go into the Steam library, and go to tools. There you'll find the dedicated server for AO and A2.
  2. Leech

    Camp Fortress

    Brilliant! thanks, I couldn't figure out how to fix this...
  3. Leech

    Artillery problem

    When in the artillerie computer, look at the top right hand corner. You will see 2 numbers: min and max. That the minimum range and maximum range you can fire with the selected ordnance. When you target is outside those paramaters, you get that "warning" and you are unable to fire. Therefore, adjust your target coordinates to ones that are in range for the selected ordnance.
  4. Leech

    Camp Fortress

    The same thing happend to a me when I started it with AO. I could only get it to work using the Arma2 CO startup.
  5. Leech

    Camp Fortress

    Very nice!! But please make it Arrowhead/BAF standalone compatible... I have the combined Ops version, and for me it works when I start it with the Combined Ops "exe". But when I use the Arrowhead .exe the base no longer works. Same for a friend, he only has AO. If he joins my C.O. game, he can't join (depended on downloadable content cabuildings2_misc_cargo). I would love to use your base in a mission we are making, but we can't currently.
  6. Must be an mod, because I would really like the AI to do this....but I can't convince them to do so. Last night, my MG gunners ran out of ammo, and even when I gave them the order to rearm at basic US supply ammobox they just stood there and never resupplied. So I was runnig a squad with 2 men armed with handguns only...
  7. I had to manually adjust the position of the ammunition truck for rearming to work.
  8. That's a weird problem. I also have a problem starting that mission. I completed the previous mission with most objectives met. I didn't have to use the cheatcode. Upon entering the new mission, all my team remain stationary. I can take command, and give it away, but my guys never move. When I use "fast move" my team is also transported, but they still don't move. Not much fun, going solo... Good luck with your problem, hope you get is solved.