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    Group Link 4 Special FX Edition

    Nub question deleted. :) Loving the addon so far though. just wanting to get more out of it. Edited to add, don't mind me, just found the Readme. Duh. :D Okay found the readme, still have questions: 1. I'm running CBA and ACE, does this change how I set up the modules in order to use the basic settings for GL4? Do I need to plant any modules down for things to be in effect? 2. If somebody surrenders and I tell him to follow me, is it usually a bit nuts? At the moment the guy runs all over the place. Is that just the AI being a tool? 3. I can't get the static weapons or building garrison things to work, nor the campfire thing, but I'm not sure where to start in setting them up. The readme implies it'd just happen. 4. Can I strip the addon down to just the AI changes? I run other sound and effects mods and I'm wary of a clash, what I'm really after is the stuff to alter the AI, which addons do I use for that?
  2. Is the ability to arrest people or search and disarm them in yet? I've found I'm able to heal enemy troops and disarm them while they are bleeding and screaming, but I'm not seeing any definite signs of anything working with regards to the arrest mode. It certainly didn't stop friendly AI from blasting the wounded men. :eek:
  3. Just a quick idea, not sure if this is the place to post suggestions, but I'll give it a punt. :D Would it be possible for you to add an invisible backpack? The reason I ask is that lots of infantry models already have a pack attached to them which they can't use in ACE. These packs often look weird when paired with an ACE pack, you get a sort of overlap effect. This is a bit of a game breaker for some unit models on ops where you need to carry a pack full of stuff. An invisible pack that would provide functionality to pack-equipped units (or even just regular units if the player didn't want his pack visible) would be very handy. That said if there is already some sort of a fix for hiding a backpack please let me know. :D
  4. Ludovico Technique

    Need new Tank-Game

    I'm surprised nobody has made a dedicated tank sim on the consoles. Console control systems are surprisingly similar to the controls for a tank, and I'm sure a console could run a pretty decent tank sim, definitely on a par with anything from the PC market, most examples of which are pretty old. Would also mean money to be made, which interests some developers. Tanks themselves also lend themselves to console players because they are basically sixty ton piles of violence on tracks. Sure there is tactics and skill at the high end, but for the casual player there's driving through a building and hosing plebs with the coax.
  5. Ludovico Technique

    weapon fans of the UK

    The thing is that while criminals can still get guns, they get crap guns. Most weapons in criminal hands are really poor quality and expensive. Also criminals mostly use guns on other criminals. Gun crime involving a criminal shooting an ordinary member of the public in the UK is rare enough that it usually makes the national news. Banning guns stops massacres, which is a sort of gun crime that is usually done by (up to that point) law abiding citizens. The loonies who pulled off the Hungerford and Dunblane massacres wouldn't have the contacts to get the firepower they used for those attacks, and even if they did they would not have been able to get hold of the sort of high quality and number of weapons they had. If memory serves both men were massively tooled up like it was cool, they would never have had access to anything like that now. That said while the UK does better as a gun-free society this does not mean it's the best all round. The USA has a very different social structure to the UK and in much of that country it makes sense to take responsibility for your own security up to the level of lethal force. It's just a more dangerous country.
  6. Ludovico Technique

    Female Soldier [Feature request to BIS]

    Well we can say for sure that you get women in guerilla forces, at all levels. Just recently they caught a woman in Iraq whose job it was to force women to become suicide bombers, an extremely unpleasant individual, so that covers women as Opfor. Then on the US side of things there's the fact that in any logistic role or engineering role there are women. Which means that on any significant US base there will be women, supply convoys again are likely to feature female drivers or guards (hell the US was even using civilian truck drivers in Iraq, which is even more bizarre than using women). Secondly you've got fact that women are combat pilots and also combat medics. Lastly there's just the big honking statistic which is that one in five personnel in the US military is female. 20%. That is a lot, whichever way you cut it. Must confess I don't know what role women have in the Russian military, but as far as I know only the IDF actually uses women in front line units. It's easy to see why some folks don't realise women are so prevalent in the forces because it's a reasonably recent thing, but a thing it is nonetheless. Manpower shortages have been met by changed requirements and increased use of civilians, contractors and women in roles they normally wouldn't be used for. Thing is though there are a lot of things developers can't or don't add to games that would make them realistic. There's no children for instance in Arma, there are no armed children shooting at you which isn't unusual for a modern warzone. There's no limb loss, which is not uncommon, there's no screaming in agony, peeing your pants or crying for mum when you catch a round through the stomach either. Maybe there's a point where they just want to draw the line and say, "This is a game and there's some nastier aspects of war we don't want in it", and maybe shooting women is one of those things. I mean as it is Arma 2 is very tough gameplay wise, but it's not particularly gritty or dark, maybe they wanted to keep it as a sort of cosy kids game of war.
  7. Oddly enough I'm running XP, so I can't apply this fix. Am going to try a redownload though.
  8. Hi guys, quick question. I've fully updated the version to 0.1.186, which is the latest version, however when I start the game it is in version 0.1.185. I've run the updater several times and it's telling me that the version is correct, but it always comes up with the older version. This is causing a problem when I try to play online. Any ideas what's up? Sorry if this has come up before, I couldn't find anything on a search and time is a factor. :D
  9. Hokay, so here's the thing. I like the ACE invisible targets as they make aircraft carry out gloriously aggressive attacks on bunkers, buildings and anything else I care to have them blow up, but as anybody who has used them knows, they don't die. So for instance I mark an enemy bunker as an Opfor armoured target and a Cobra will fire a Hellfire at it, which is great, but unfortunately said Cobra will then fire all the rest of its Hellfires at it too. What I really need is twofold, although both things are really similar, and any help is appreciated. Firstly I want to know how to make an invisible target disappear on a trigger- the context for this would be as follows; a line of bunkers would have enemy infantry targets inside them, so that a close air support chopper will hit them with gunfire whether they are occupied or not, but I want the targets to be removed once a trigger is activated, probably a radio command or similar. Secondly I want to know how to make an invisible target die when a specific object is destroyed. I suppose this probably uses the same command as the above example, but I figured I'd ask anyway (belt and braces approach). So what I'm thinking is to have a handful of laser targets dotted around an enemy base, each one close to an object such as a fuel truck similar, then when the plane has dropped a bomb on that laser target and destroyed the object I want the target to vanish.
  10. Ludovico Technique

    Ignoring enemy fire

    I think the thing you're looking for is the 'DisableAI' command. You can completely switch off parts of the AI behaviour with it, including if memory serves, it's ability to detect an enemy. Unfortunately I can't remember the command syntax off the top of my head, but if you can find a guide or the wiki or something at least you've got an idea what to look for. :D
  11. Ludovico Technique

    How many Clans will be using ACE 2

    Making it a poll doesn't tell you who is actually using it, just a number of people, which is much less useful. As for it not being official, I think it's likely to become so ubiquitous that it's perfectly reasonable to mention it on the general forum. I would think the large majority of squads will go to ACE sooner or later.
  12. Ludovico Technique

    Winter Pomegratskaya

    I really like the design of the island and I love the snow underfoot and the scrunching it makes. Even with green trees and stuff the atmosphere is really coming together well, it's got a very serene vibe to it. Can't wait to drop bombs all over it. Is there any chance though of releasing a summer version of the island with grass underfoot as well? I'm thinking it'd be cool to have a setting that can change dramatically between summer and winter for campaigns and such like.
  13. Ludovico Technique

    Performance increase in ARMA 2 with Dirt2 hotfix drivers

    I concur. NEW GUY WILL LEAD US TO THE PROMISED LAND! Srsly, I wanted moar frames. Now I can has them. Happiness achieved.
  14. Ludovico Technique

    Arma 2 - Female Characters?

    By that rationale there's no reason that fuel and ammo trucks ought to appear in the game either, as these are not used in combat. You don't see the 101st Fuel and Repair Truck Brigade spearheading assaults. Anywhere close enough to the front line to see soft skinned utility vehicles like supply trucks in use is close enough to see female soldiers, at least for the US military, and female insurgents and pilots etc could pop up anywhere. Also any game that simulates modern warfare ought to at least attempt to provide the ability to simulate the kind of no-front-line style common to western wars since the first Gulf War. These days just being a non combatant is no guarantee that you won't be in danger during a tour of duty. I agree though that it shouldn't be a case of any given soldier you place on the map having a chance to be a woman. Seems like this sort of thing would have been much easier to mod into the game if BIS had made the female civilians able to fight, as then the animations would be there. The idea of a bodged together female character essentially just having a (hopefully at least scaled down) male body seems off. They did similar in Oblivion and it just looked a little odd. :P
  15. Ludovico Technique

    Arma 2 - Female Characters?

    To adequately express my dismay at many of the replies to this topic you would need a face the size of a small sun to hit a palm about as big as Jupiter. Whether female soldiers are any good or not is absolutely beside the point. Whether they should be fighting in wars is also besides the point. The reality is that pretty much every military in the world includes women. Do they serve in the front line? Usually not. But of course one could point out that trucks are rarely used at the front line either but they still feature in the game. Given that the game is often not simply a case of front line units versus front line units the inclusion of female soldiers makes perfect sense. Engineer and logistics units often include women and these are often very close to the front line, close enough that they often see combat as the hundreds of women wounded and dozens killed from the US military in Iraq demonstrates. There are even women who have won Bronze Star and Silver Star medals for combat in that war. Women may also be combat pilots in the USAF. And that's just talking about the USA which is relatively civilised, guerillas, even hardline Islamic ones, have no qualms at all about women dying for the cause, in fact often like the men can't exactly stop them. Chechen women featured heavily in the groups that attacked the Nord Ost theatre in Moscow and the Beslan school. The argument that women shouldn't be in a military simulator is asinine, women are well represented in almost every military field barring front line infantry and special forces units. A simulator ought to represent that.