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  1. LoTekK

    Llauma face pack

    Not to be a wet blanket or anything, but is it really a good idea to use GR textures? It is IP, after all.
  2. LoTekK

    GAZ 3937 Vodnik

    All I have to say is: Hellz, yes. Great job optimising this, and it's looking really sharp. That alternative model you've posted looks hot. You should totally model one of those if you have the time.
  3. Sorry, real life's been a cow, so I haven't had any time to set aside for this. I still need to finish up the ARH Tiger for the ADF mod, which I'll hopefully be able to do by this weekend, after which I can start setting aside more free time to work on this project. It ain't dead, though, that's for sure.
  4. LoTekK

    ADF mod needs help

    Sorry, after that crazy initial burst of productivity, real life intervened, and I've had a crapload of stuff to tend to, so I've barely had any time to touch the Tiger (or anything else Flashpoint- or game-related, for that matter). I'm hoping to get a bit of time after the weekend's up, but it's Chinese New Year, which means plenty of familial obligations. Hope to have a healthy update next week.
  5. LoTekK

    GAZ 3937 Vodnik

    Oh, right, forgot about that completely. Uh, crap. I think it was the second one. I actually can't remember. Fairly sure it was the second one. o_O
  6. LoTekK

    ADF mod needs help

    Been pretty busy with RL stuff, so haven't really had any time to work on the textures, just little bits here and there that aren't really deserving of a whole new set of shots. However: Can't find a pic of the gunner's console anywhere.
  7. LoTekK

    GAZ 3937 Vodnik

    Coming along real nicely. I see some wasted polies here and there, but you've done some nice optimization so far. This oughtta be fun to see.
  8. LoTekK

    Rainbow Six: Letdown DEMO

    I was a bit mixed about RvS, but on the whole I found it pretty decent. But... Without the planning, without the lethality of the firearms, without the relatively realistic ammo management, how the hell is this even an R6 game?! I was looking forward to this, even installed the demo, but looks like it's getting the uninstall before it even gets run. Twats.
  9. LoTekK


    This is pretty nifty, though Disney did something like this a loooooong time ago, after the release of that horrible Rocketeer movie, whose only saving grace was a fine-lloking Jennifer Connely. Anyways, they had this audiotape that came with a 3D comic depicting the movie, and the audio, with stereo headphones, was a really good approximation of the full 360x360 degrees of sound. Not quite as precise as this one, but the tech was there nonetheless.
  10. LoTekK

    Llauma Head 2.0

    Not sure if anyone else is working on converting the old heads, so I figured I might give this a bump. I needed a break from the Tiger, so I spent a bit of time redoing Troska's face. It's not done yet, but this one's taking a bit longer than the others due to the even crappier quality of the .pac.
  11. LoTekK

    GAZ 3937 Vodnik

    Case in point: your last update had a lot of tiny, barely-noticeable bevels around the edges of the body. Now, bevels are cool and all, assuming you've got the budget, but the way you've used the bevels is rather wasteful, considering they'll add nothing to the silhouette from anything further than arm's reach, if even that far. tiny bevels like that will be much more efficiently represented with good texturing. A simple example to illustrate: Left or right; which edge is bevelled?
  12. LoTekK

    GAZ 3937 Vodnik

    @Blackjack: Typically the tri count is considered the "true" face count, since tris are the lowest primitive available to display, and a quad, for example, is going to get split into two tris once it hits your GPU.
  13. LoTekK

    GAZ 3937 Vodnik

    O2 gets a bit finicky about paths, from what I remember of my own teething problems. Try creating a directory for your GAZ within the O2 directory (O2Light\GAZ, for example), and drop all of your assets in there. Textures, 3ds mesh (though this one's not really necessary). Try assigning the texture again, and see if that helps.
  14. LoTekK

    GAZ 3937 Vodnik

    O2 imports the UV mappings without a hitch. If it didn't, I wouldn't even have bothered with modelling for Flashpoint. If you mapped your mesh before importing, all you need to do now is to select the appropriate faces per map (if you split up your UV map sensibly this shouldn't be an issue), and hit "E". This will bring up the face properties dialogue, where you can, among other things, assign the texture of your choice.
  15. LoTekK

    ADF mod needs help

    That pesky law of diminishing returns seems to have started to kick in, as far as time spent vs output. Anyways: Cheers, g'night.