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    Thx Kiljoy Updated to version 1.3
  2. Lolsav

    BattlEye problems

    I understand the reasons Yoma stated but im not happy with it. Many ppl like to make videos from what happens online, using FRAPS or other tool. If that is going to be a problem... that´s not good news. Wonder if it happens with TSdisplay also? The tool to show who is talking on TS
  3. Update: Current version 1.3 From briefing: So, we have 4 goals (and one is easyer With the tracker device that i am reusing from a previous mission), and Revive script from Norrin. I find it more enjoyable to try to complete with the minimum lives, but thats up to evryone to decide. At lobby admins can pick to watch or skip intro and also to pick the number of lives available for the players. Have fun: Save as Unzip and place in mpmissions folder. Armaholic Mirror
  4. Lolsav

    Evolution V3.0

    This information is not correct. Doing a monitor at start it has above 35 fps, evrytime ive checked. Once the first town spawns it gets down on server side only it does not affect players fps. There could be one single thread for this purpose, the server side fps. I can understand it can be worrying on a hosted non dedicated server, but for a dedicated one its not very problematic. Why? Because on hosted you dont play there, it doesnt even have graphics going on. Its just a box running the map and managing the players position, bandwith etc. Maybe someone with more knowledges about server managing could support what im saying, but experience from ofp tells me the server side fps doesnt matter that much to playability of a map. It can work as an indicator of the stress the server is supporting, but it wont affect the flow of playing of the users. Maybe it dumbs down a bit the AI, thats it.
  5. Lolsav

    Evolution V3.0

    If you are admin on the server when u get to desired number of players just lock the server by doing #lock If you want to reopen the server just #unlock Couldnt be easyer....
  6. Lolsav

    Arma Dialog Editor Preview

    You got me tottaly confused with your math.. but i love the conclusions "90% done" :P
  7. Lolsav

    Evolution V3.0

    @ PilusPrimus_aka_jONATHAN: Best suggestion i read so far. If its doable its another story. Im sure kiljoy tought of something very similar before but he faced a problem. The way arma engine it is now you cannot transfer identities to another role, i.e, you cant set regular footman into a pilot custom, or sniper or whatever, without losing his identity. So PilusPrimus_aka_jONATHAN would be known as john doe if he was transfered into pilot role. That little thing changes it all for many, doesnt it? It was supposed to be a playable feature in the game, but it wont work as expected to. Its a shame really.
  8. Lolsav

    Evolution V3.0

    blue25: Thats a game issue, not a kiljoy mission issue. Whoever gets first in a vehicle "becomes" the vehicle. So, even if it was the other guy shooting it still said it was you because you went in the vehicle first (as driver).
  9. Lolsav

    Evolution V3.0

    Hoaah... Hold on the horses there. Evrybody has intitle to a opinion, even if u dont agree with him. The past few months evryone contribute with usefull info/suggestions/reports of several versions from EVO. Stobbs was one of them. He might dislike this or that, but as admin of any server nowdays knows, the thing is you cant possibly please evrybody. The choices are made toward a global benefict for all, being that Server, players and playability. Who wants to play a mission where the AI doesnt move due to server overload? I guess nobody... Now along the way there were diffrents ways to approach the problem. The path Kiljoy took didnt pleased evryone, but that was hard to do anywyays. On the end of the day, its up to the mission maker to make the decisions. All these options do not (imho) degrade the contribution made by evryone, including Stobbs. So hold on the horses on throwing rocks on an active EVO tester. Finally, i dont agree with his opinion, but i do respect his concerns. Hopefully he will see the light :P
  10. Lolsav

    Deleting Triggers

    once you fullfilled the conditions on the others trigger delete the other you want by simply using the "deletevehicle" command. example: deletevehicle triggername;
  11. Lolsav

    Arma Dialog Editor Preview

    Guilty on "pushing" you down the road... hope it didnt hurt you too badly :P Reporting: Clearly at early stage, but yes, was some sort of a tool like this i was searching for. The abbility to drag stuff around is nice. Now... needs a alpha/beta 00.1 version so we can load/save some stuff and try it on editor Eagerly waiting for next release
  12. Lolsav

    Arma Dialog Editor Preview

    Oppps only saw it today. Dling !!!!
  13. Lolsav

    [Searching] Linoleum

    Thats bravo6 map. He is active in the forum, just search for his nick on forum and pm him. But that map, at least the original one, was made for OFP-R, not Arma...
  14. Do you really need it to be scripted? You can get the same effect with the command lookAT