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  1. LauryThorn

    SP - Operation Blackout

    "To support our next operation, we are going to cut off electricity at Corazol. Your objective is to keep off the enemy while the spec op team do the actual sabotage." A small mission I made. To add replay value, I tried to add as much randomness as possible. This shouldn't require any addons. Download from here. Feel free to comment in any way! If it seemed to easy or too hard, please try again, as there is the randomness factor.
  2. LauryThorn

    Resistance "Counterstike" - Jipped out of kills

    Hm, if I remember right, this is because your fire doesn't actually destroy the chopper, only kills the pilots or damages the bird so that it goes down.
  3. LauryThorn

    St George's Day

    Bah, it's a ripoff of a Danish flag It looks like Danish flag to me, too. But I'm from Finland, not Scandinavia.
  4. LauryThorn

    Where should i run "after montignac"

    First time I played it, I just ran, shooting few patrols on the way. Somehow I managed to get through. Second time I mostly crawled and was able to stay undetected.
  5. LauryThorn

    Nogova based campaign

    Isn't it: "Thou shalt not kill? Anyway, go for it! New campaign sounds nice.
  6. LauryThorn

    Mission for the weekend

    Thanks for the feedback totala! So, you too think it's too easy? Maybe I should make it harder. Or, add some randomness to it, so if you just can't stop the attack, you can get a fresh restart and perhaps a little lighter attack. Are you playing in veteran or cadet mode? Maybe I could add randomness to the cadet version and more troops + randomness to veteran. At the moment, the biggest random factor is the friendly BMP and whether the Americans can blow it up.
  7. LauryThorn

    Soldiers of Short Stature?

    Smaller soldier = smaller target. Pilots and tank crews need to be relatively short. As far as I am concerned, special forces soldiers are almost always short. If you are tough and strong, shortness does not matter, that's what I think.
  8. LauryThorn

    Mission for the weekend

    Thanks for your feedback, tak! I'll see what I can do.
  9. LauryThorn

    Pope Given Last Rites

    Condolences to catholic brothers and sisters out there..
  10. LauryThorn

    Linux QuestionsDVD

    Yes, but as said before, writing to NTFS on Linux is hazardous. Not recommended. One choice is to make one FAT partition, which can be accessed(read&write) from both Windows and Linux.
  11. LauryThorn

    Mission for the weekend

    Americans are landing on Malden! With your platoon, hold the enemy forces until our tanks get to the beach. I found an old mission made by me, and reworked it a little. It's a WWII -style 'shoot enemy from prepared positions' -type mission. (It's so 1942 that I actually plan to make version that uses the Invasion '44 mod ) Features: - intro & outro (nothing special but still there ) - artillery script with sounds - lots of dead bodies - NO unofficial addons, only official, like BMP2, Steyr, XMS and so forth, needed - works on a low-spec computer (developed on PIII 700MHz) Download it here. As this is some sort of beta, I would like to hear comments. Is it too easy, too hard? Does it suck? Was it fun or just stupid? Typos? (Especially point out typos, since my english is not so good..) Anything? Over and out, have a nice weekend, try to get some fresh air also!
  12. LauryThorn

    Action at Lipany

    Ok, I updated the files once more. I think that this version is final. Feedback is still welcome, of course, and I can make updates if there are bugs or other stupid things.
  13. LauryThorn

    Campaing without intros

    Just pick some nice views with it, put the fade in's and out's, voilá.
  14. LauryThorn

    Any good music programs?

    You can create pretty nice stuff with trackers, for example, Modplug. Modplug is free software. I use tracker to create the backing track (bass+drums) and then record the guitar parts with a multi-track recording software, Audacity. Audacity is free (open-source) and works on Linux (WIN32 version also), so it's kind of natural choice for me. When I had Windows, I used the Adobe Audition (although it was called 'Cool Edit Pro 2' then :)) Trackers may seem like ancient techonology, like 486 processors and such, but one can make pretty impressive stuff with them. For example my friend does really good sounding little songs with them. Of course it's lot of work to program every drumhit and bass slap. Here are two little riff-collections recorded by me: Clip #1, Clip #2 (can you name the influence here :D )
  15. Ok, I was just wondering, since those grenade launchers are kind of cool weapons. Are there people here who have actually used those weapons? The finnish RK-62 is the only assault rifle I have used. Although you can use rifle grenades (which in OFP are called 'mortar') with the newer version of the rifle, I did not get chance to use them. And they seem kind of difficult to use - attach the grenade, reload the special 'detonator' bullet, fire the weapon, then reload normal bullet again. Anyway, how realistic are the grenade launchers (M203 and then the russian one, was it GP-25) in OFP, when it comes to aiming them? Can you actually hit something with them, and how much practise do you need? Do you just guess the trajectory of the grenade, or do you use the sights? Can you use them for 'direct fire' or do you always make the shot 'indirect'? If shot directly towards the target, how much does the grenade drop in, for example, 100 meters? Then to the rifle grenades. Are there significant differences between the rifle grenades and the ones shot from the under-barrel launcher? I've only heard that the rifle grenades are more powerful. What about aiming them? Similar to the under-barrel launcher? Ok, lots of not-so-well presented questions. You can try to answer them, or post any links or your experiences with the grenade launchers.