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  1. Edit - Update - I just switched to the Dev Build and quickly tried local multiplayer and enemy AI spawned. I just completed testing, both on a dedicated (headless) server and also just running a local multiplayer session on my gaming PC. Both times AI did not spawn. Please see attached https://dl.dropbox.com/u/41043939/server_errorreport.zip error report from the dedicated server so you can help track down the error. It may be as you said that it is an error introduced in the recent Alpha patch. Errors of note: Error in expression <isDedicated)}; }; if (local server || !(hasInterface || isDedicated)) then { > Error position: <hasInterface || isDedicated)) then { > Error Undefined variable in expression: hasinterface File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Stratis\init.sqf, line 164 And Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. a3_air_f_mh9 Hopefully it is something that is soon fixed, looks like a great mission. :)
  2. I have a dedicated server set up available for testing if needed. I'll check it out now and see if it works and report back.
  3. Lt_Damage

    Play a video for the intro?

    Maybe when Java is working it would be possible but even if it was possible now this would add huge size to the mission file. Would this be a single player mission? The mission file gets downloaded to all players so if it is a multiplayer mission you are making it would not be a good idea to embed a lot of large files like audio and video.
  4. Animation is fairly tricky and with Arma3 the unit models are more complex. We've been given some sample models from Arma 1 and a sample skeleton, have an idea of the bone structure of the units so that we can create animations for Arma 2 but we don't have the same for Arma3 yet. I am sure with all the new stance animations and other changes that the skeleton is completely revamped so we'll need to wait before we can create an animation. In the meantime there is nothing stopping you downloading the current tools and learning on those and trying them out in Arma2. With that knowledge you'll be able to pick up what is needed for Arma3 a lot quicker.
  5. Lt_Damage


    Here is DisableAI in action - this setGroupID [""Charlie""]; BIS_BLU_group1 = group this; {_x setCaptive true; _x setCombatMode ""BLUE""; _x setUnitPos ""DOWN""; _x disableAI ""MOVE""} forEach units BIS_BLU_group1; 0 = this spawn {waitUntil {time > 0}; _this disableAI ""ANIM""; _this switchMove ""awopppnemstpsoptwbindnon_rfl""}"; This is from one of BIS' Showcase missions, they used it to ensure two AI remained on the ground looking down their scopes and binocs like a sniper and a spotter. It does the following - 1. Gives the group an ID called "Charlie" 2. Names the group (Leader and anyone linked via blue group line) "BIS_BLU_Group1" 3. Uses setCaptive true so they are neutral and are not detected by either side. 4. Set's their combat mode to "BLUE" which is Never fire. 5. I *think* this makes the following wait until the mission starts before executing. 6. The "ANIM" argument is used so this prevents the unit from changing animations after the SwitchMove is executed. 7. The soldiers will remain in the prone position looking through binoculars. You could try using DisableAI "AUTOTARGET" which will prevent them from selecting their own targets and running off or DisableAI "FSM" which turns off their behaviour scripts but not having tested it I'm not sure what else gets doing off and if the unit will be able to do what you want it to.
  6. You could just add an action to the vehicle init: this addAction ["Repair", "repair.sqs"] Then in repair.sqs _truck = _this select 0 _truck setdammage 0 exit For weapons it is only slightly more complex but I haven't tried it on Arma3 yet - In the init of a vehicle put : this execVM "rearm.sqf"; Then create a file called rearm.sqf - _v=_this; _mags=magazines _v; while{true}do{ {if(not(_x in magazines _v))then{_v addmagazine _x;};}foreach _mags; _v setfuel 1; sleep(10); }; This script would do the fuel as well.
  7. If you are interested in designing missions for Armed Assault, or are already designing missions for Armed Assault, I'm interested in supporting a community who can collaborate on mission design together. The Idea The idea is that mission design is quite time consuming, peoples talents vary, and some have fantastic ideas but don't know how to bring them to life. I'd like to offer a place where you can collaborate on missions with other designers (from experienced in inexperienced), work together on projects, or just work solo but contribute through advice to others. Missions made by multiple people can have more attention to detail, more polish and generally a more quality experience. Missions made solo but with contributions from others can be completed quicker. How to participate? It's pretty simple, you can do as little or as much as you like, whatever your time permits. You can just provide an idea, a script, of put hours into a mission. You can be new to mission editing or a talented veteran. I already have a squad / community / BI forums This is about bringing people together from all communities. MDT is like sweden So that other servers will not avoid using our missions. So that way your work can be appreciated by all. And also so that globally players can contribute without being affiliated with a server besides their home server. This gives us the broadest reach of talent from across the world. How many are you? We are a team of 9 right now, but we'd love to become a real community of editors, many hands make light work and all... We look forward to working with you to bring some awesome gaming experiences to ArmA. How can we work together? To support collaboration, provide a place to store resources like scripts etc, and somewhere to host missions, I have created MDT's ifrastructure as follows: Dedicated teamspeak server Main portal with forums, downloads, bug tracking site etc. And when the Linux dedicated server is released for ArmA we'll have access to a dedicated development server. If you are interested, join us at Our website and Forums Cheers, Lt Damage
  8. Thanks Norrin, I'm not naturally a scripter are you able to paste the code and highlight in red the sleeps that you think might help if lengthened?
  9. Lt_Damage

    Excessive RAM usage on 1.05 on Client PC

    Regardless of what this or any game status as minimum specifications, you are absolutely dreaming if you want to run any game well with 512mb of ram.
  10. Any one noticing this script causing bad FPS on the server? Just trying to find out whether there is some rogue bit of code chewing up CPU cycles...
  11. Lt_Damage

    Cras that burn forever

    Umm, can someone just ban that guy, he is so wrong on so many levels it hurts... In any case, fire scripts have been around for ages, why don't you just use one of those? Otherwise the burning fire under the car trick is something used since OFP 1.0 so that's just as good. There are also scripts that setoff heat shells or satchells, look them up on OFPEC.
  12. Lt_Damage

    Mission Design Team

    Since we have had a few people interested in joining now I'd like to clarify questions that keep coming up. This will help bump the thread one more time, we'll recruit the next few members then get to work on missions. A lot of people say they don't have a lot of experience, they aren't super advanced scripters etc, this does not matter. Don't worry about the experience / scripting so much. The whole idea is basically that through collaboration, we can do anything. And you will learn and get better as you go. This means that you might not be the best at scripting, but someone else in our team will be, and where as they may not have the best ideas as far as missions, you have brilliant ideas that you just need help to bring to life. I am exactly like you, I have mission ideas, I adapt scripts to my use and sometimes I make something new. In the end, I want a quality mission that players will enjoy. Something I can pride myself on. So while I am not the answer to your scripting queries, I want to try to put together a community of people who are. Who do not have to put in maximum hours, just pop in when they can and contribute, or be helped by others. I will help by providing you with all the resources I can to make this happen. I have not chosen a domain name yet or finalised on our name, currently it is just Mission Design Team. The main website is up Our forums are upTeamspeak is up The mission bugtracking site is up. The scripts / missions / resources / tools download section is up. And when Linux Dedicated server is available I can start up our dedicated ArmA server, on a pretty good connection and server. You don't have to be a member of the team to particpate, you can do what so many people do on this forum and that's help others.
  13. I want to put together a team of mission editors to work on quality missions. It is very time consuming to make a well made mission, and while many addons are made by a team most missions are designed by one person. I want to work on a quality over quantity approach to ArmA mission editing and have projects worked on by multiple members of a team before release. I want to provide individual designers a way to work together on projects and take design to the next level. I will provide you with all the resources to do this. I am putting together all the infrastructure the team needs to collaborate effectively, e.g high speed file and web servers, ArmA mission portal and development / public forums as well as bug / feedback management. A Scripting / Editing knowledgebase, script database, sound / image resource database are also in the works. A teamspeak server is also provided. When the Linux Dedicated server is released you will also have access to the fastest ArmA dedicated server on the planet for development testing. (I'm fairly confident i can backup that statement, our server is $500k worth of top of the line blade architecture not nearly being fully utilised.) It is extremely early stages, to register your interest, PM me.
  14. Lt_Damage

    Moving lips/mouth?

    It works perfectly as long as you follow the directions. Key points: 16bit mono sound file in wav format Use wav2lip program on wav file to generate lip file. Convert wav file to .ogg Define in description.ext Place .ogg and .lip file of exact same name same dir as reference in desc.ext tested last night worked great.
  15. Lt_Damage

    What do you want in a co-op mission?

    I'm going to pretend that last post never happened..