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  1. Longjocks

    Leaning Confusion

    If you use TrackIR to lean then everything seems normal. ;)
  2. Longjocks

    Do you play with or without mods - Arma 3

    I try to play without mods for the single player campaign because I like to experience such things as intended by the devs. But unfortunately I find the vanilla game mostly frustrating and a constant fight so I have to resort to mods. I generally stick to ones that improve controls, interface, weapon stability and AI (gameplay mods basically). I'm not really concerned with mods such as weapons and vehicles just for the sake of having more, but I'll happily try something that adds a more playable weapon/vehicle or system to the game. All this probably puts me in the 'other' camp.
  3. Longjocks

    Feedback tracker filled with feature requests?

    That's pretty much why I gave up on it. My take on feature requests are as suggested additions/changes to existing content to enhance that content's usability, not just any addition someone can think of. Let me be clear; this is just the way I approach it. Others may not feel the same and since there doesn't seem to be clear instruction or definitions then any interpretation can be right. It's just that a focus on the technical and usability problems would have been nice from my perspective. I mean, I loaded it up last night for the first time in a long while - coincidentally to test something in response to an automated email from the tracker - and I found that I'm still fighting the controls that I figured would have been a #1 issue to be fixed long ago (although the tracker item I was playing in response to did appear to be fixed).
  4. Longjocks

    A Small Request To The Community

    You might be happy to know ARMA 3 runs well on a humble system. I recently upgraded the core of my gaming PC, but previously I was running it fine on some micro ATX MoBo with a dual core CPU, onboard sound, 4GB of average RAM and a GeForce 560 (which I'm still using).
  5. Historically that may be the case. I never played ARMA beyond the SP campaign and only touched ARMA 2 more recently after getting into ARMA 3. For ARMA 3 the CPU usage would appear to be low, both from my experience and from some in the community, as evidenced by issues such as the following: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=716 It depends on a few factors. I believe the type of shadows used is one.
  6. Longjocks

    Google+ Official page

    I very much agree. It's one of the reasons I simply quit Facebook one day. I caught myself using it when bored or during any moment of silence, even when with friends at a pub. It's funnier now being on the outside as I sit at a table with friends and there are moments when all of them are checking their phones and no one is talking. Then I look around and seeing so many others doing the same thing. It's a good resource when you keep it under control. I once used to use Netspace and Facebook purely to keep up-to-date with bands and such. Keeping up-to-date with things happening in the ARMA community can be just as valuable. But in this context it's a case of going where the customers are. The thing with social media is that people want to be in the mix of all their friends and interests. These people aren't on Google+ for the most part. Getting people to change is a huge battle when you have something like Facebook out there, also made worse if your product isn't up to scratch. It's like Origin and Uplay going up against Steam with products that are greatly inferior. The only way they managed to get people there was to monopolise delivery of their games.
  7. Sometimes being quoted is bad because I end up realising I could have written a better sentence. But otherwise I'm happy to have been corrected. I've reinstalled Fraps and tested it for this functionality and it is indeed there. Same with Bandicam and Dxtory. I probably didn't notice because I moved on to AverMedia and Elgato hardware for most of my recording, plus I prefer separate audio tracks for editing purposes. But I don't see the PTT and ACRE scenario working with two separate keys. It should be possible to work around using macros, with some software or if you have a keyboard/mouse with programmable buttons. e.g. Let's say in-game you have PTT set to 'SPACE' and ACRE to 'CAPS LOCK'. You can then set your recording software PTT to 'SPACE'. Finally, you have a programmable button or macro for ACRE which, when pressed, activates both 'SPACE' and 'CAPS LOCK'. This way your voice is recorded whether you just use PTT or use ACRE. (Note that I have yet to use ACRE so I don't know exactly how it functions alongside normal PTT, so my solution may be over-complicating things for all I know) My advice on starting out with recording on a humble system is to use Bandicam. I don't recall many limitations to the trial, just a small watermark. Fraps' trial limits to something like 30 second recordings and Dxtory has a huge watermark (plus it's a bit more complicated to use and get optimal settings). Bandicam also has the smallest footprint on your system resources - although the trade-off is that its video quality isn't quite as good as the others (good enough though). The funny thing about all this is that thanks to ARMA's seemingly problematic low CPU usage it's actually a game which captures well because the CPU is free to handle recording.
  8. Longjocks

    Google+ Official page

    Oh, but how Google wish upon a wishy wish that they could change this. So much so that they're allowing + to leak into everything they own. I dropped Facebook like it was a sperm-laden tissue and Google+ is even less appealing than that. YouTube just might be next.
  9. Longjocks

    What is "True" Arma ?

    Well, naturally. They'd die for metal.
  10. Longjocks

    What is "True" Arma ?

    I loathe the prefixing of something with 'true'. Musically I love metal. Have done since the 80s. There's a bunch of metalheads who have used the term "True Metal" for many years now. It's just shorthand for them dismissing anything that doesn't fit into their narrow view of what metal 'should' be. I imagine people using the term True ARMA in this way another group I can similarly despise or (hopefully) simply dismiss.
  11. I don't think you'll find a solution with the requirement re push-to-talk being the only mic audio which is recorded. There are numerous hardware and software solutions, just none that I can think of which would work for this. If there are recording software suites which have a bindable mute, or if your soundcard software allows for bindinng of a mute key you might be able to set this to the game's talk key. But otherwise you may have to do it the old fashioned way and mute/cut what you don't want when editing.
  12. Longjocks

    Enemy soldiers take too much damage

    This is pretty much how a conversation with a friend of mine concluded and I'd like to give you a plus 1. If you approach it from a realism standpoint, from what I've heard accounts of people who take heavy rounds to body armour are at least temporarily incapacitated, maybe with broken ribs, etc., possibly creating battle ineffectiveness (not that I care to go that far in a game). You can approach it from a gaming standpoint where you seem to have so little impact, especially as the nature of this game is less forgiving than your average shooter and this feedback becomes more important. I know OFPDR is probably a poisonous word around here, but it has this in common with ARMA which frustrated me in the same way. I have this one clear memory where I entered a small building at the same time an enemy soldier entered from the opposite side. I go the drop on him and put about a five round burst into his chest, but in that time he was able to bring his weapon onto me and kill me with one shot. It didn't make me feel any better that my last round of the burst killed him as well.
  13. Longjocks

    Separate controls needed for vehicle weapons

    I do believe it's in the feedback tracker. And yes, it is most desirable, particularly if you like to use a controller for various things. In way of explanation, one example is 'fire'. Generally as infantry it's normal to have fire as the right trigger in FPS games. This is also the case for the default controller config in ARMA 3. But in a chopper the right trigger may best be used for collective up or right 'rudder'. The latter is also part of the default controller setup, oddly enough. This means your chopper slews right when you fire a weapon. Sure, custom controls are the sensible work-around, but you have to find one button to use across all control schemes. Taking some of the controls out of 'common' and allowing individual assignments for infantry, vehicles and aircraft would be quite helpful, even for those who only use keyboard but like to use it in a different way for each platform.
  14. There seems to be a bit of an assumption about people down-voting so-called "realistic" features on the tracker. I've down-voted plenty of these. But it's my personal preference in that I'd prefer a game that requires you to think and perform in a thoughtful and tactical manner. Hyper realism can ruin the experience by making it over-complicated to perform simple actions, or they're ultimately a waste of time to implement because a largely insignificant feature adds nothing to the gameplay. The feedback tracker is full of these (over 15,000 tickets and most of it junk (or dupes), according to my personal taste), made worse by virture of people treating it like a forum instead of its intended purpose. So, do we have statistical evidence that newer players are typically calling for less realism (whatever that really means), or is this purely anecdotal? Not everyone who votes provides a comment, which is justified since - as I mentioned before - it's treated like a forum where a dissenting opinion can often lead to personal attacks. Are you able to tell how many older players up/down-vote compared to newer? Is this even important compared to the virtue of the idea and the justifications made for or against it? I just don't see anything solid here.
  15. Longjocks

    Weapon Sway Tweaking

    My main issue isn't so much with the amount of sway. I do think it's a tad too much and erratic, but I'm perfectly fine with having to put some effort in and use mouse input to keep it on target. This is where the problem lies - you're constantly in a fight with the direction of the sway. E.g. The sway is on an arc to the right and you mouse left to compensate - it's like you're continually fighting an invisible force and jerky aim movement is a result. While applying mouse input the strength of the sway needs to be reduced to a smaller amount and can start to return to normal once no input is detected. Maybe it can be determined by the amount of mouse acceleration as well. I don't know, but some sort of change would be desirable.