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  1. Kerry

    Project: UK Forces

    Everythings looking great! keep up the good work! Suggestion: Check out Gnats addon/script in which the passengers can shoot their weapons! You should do this to an SUV or LandRover. Even though theyre not UK Forces, I believe theres many different PSD Companys from the Uk in Iraq and Afghan. It would be nice to have a proper Contractor vehicle out there. Anyways. You guys are doing great! Please keep it up! hopefully you can get it over to ArmA2 when it comes out.
  2. Hello again, So i am trying to make it so that when a player hits Radio Alpha (doesnt have to be Alpha), a sound clip is played, as if we screamed it (locally?). I know how to make it so that once a player enters a zone, then "a1 say ["Allahakbar2",5]; on the activation. But I want to make it so that any East player can just go to their radio to yell it. Thanks in advance.
  3. Kerry

    Battle Of Fallujah Map

    Just to try and help (These may not even be the correct Mosque. Some of the pics look like the same, but only have 1 minaret, maybe its just different camera angles, or a totally diferent mosque. It seems to be Al-Kulafas mosque) http://staff.washington.edu/atfyfe/war/58-FallujahMosque.jpg http://static.panoramio.com/photos/original/6903038.jpg http://media.photobucket.com/image....jpg?o=2 Crappy pics: http://static.panoramio.com/photos/original/3879479.jpg
  4. Hi, me again. I was wondering if anybody could help me with a script. I would like there to be an action on only specific civilians, in which you can ask if they have seen a unit (say T1), and if they have, then a marker would appear on the map revealing the current position of T1, but would not update after that. Also, the action can only be used 1 time per unit. Sometimes the civis can say "No, havent seen him", or "Yes,blah blah blah"( in local chat). Or even better, have the position be reaveled to the Blufor, only if a Civ has seen the unit T1 in person. Thanks for your time! any help will be apreciated.
  5. Kerry

    UKF Release: Jackal MWMIK

    beautifull machine! have fun with these in the Desrt Wasteland, with Taliban. Thanks man
  6. Do you think if you cant get this mod out in the next month or two, can you release the Mamba(I think) as a standalone? Ive been waiting for it for sometime.
  7. Addons are looking amazing guys! Keep it up! Question: Are there any plans for an Island from you guys? Maybe a small area of Gaza? Anything? If not, I would suggest it. U guys are doin great.
  8. Kerry


    Why would there be women taliban? Isnt Taliban ideology a little bit.. against, women? I think a Muslim women with her correct outfit would be cool. her face covered and stuff.
  9. Kerry


    Im loving these taliban units. Suggestion: I Noticed the quest for new or different sounds earlier in this thread. They are not Pashtuns yelling them, but it is Arabic. In a video on youtube called "Cowardly Fight in Iraq", in which it appears to be some kids fireing RPGs, and machineguns against a US foretified bunker. They got some good "Allahu Akbars, takbeers, and that sort of stuff. keep up the good work.
  10. So in the allowdObjects line, I put in "ACE_Bandage", which works, and i also made another line and put "ACE_Morphine", and they work. But when you pick them up together, you die. Is there a way around that? *EDIT* Does SQF or SQS recognize ACE class names? Or is it only default ArmA class names?
  11. Kerry

    Rearm/refeul spot

    I have no idea what it is, but I searched for it. theres no description on it. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=1397 Hope it helps.
  12. I actually cant find what im looking for in that thread. Ive searched through it for a while now. Thanks tho Hoz
  13. Thanks Hoz, ill check it out. btw, nice bomb script
  14. Its me, again. 1. I was just wondering if there was any simple way to limit the number of bombs that you are able to drop with Mando's Bombs script, per mission, or per few minutes. I'm using the mandos_bombs_map mission that comes with the set of  5 or so missions. The mission in which you need to call the radio, and single click on the map in order to drop a bomb. 2. Also, is there a way to group a trigger to only 1 unit, so that no other unit can se the "Radio Alpha" or "Radio Bravo", but the one unit can. So only one unit in the whole map can call in airstrikes. Thanks for your time.