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  1. Kabuto

    P V P

    I also think weapons in OFP are much more fun. And the way they worked in OFP, would improve player vs. player games in ArmA2.
  2. Kabuto

    crCTI rc1.0

    Hey, nice stuff!
  3. Kabuto

    ET: Quake Wars demo

    Just got the full version, and i can tell you this game is fun. Maybe not for years like OFP was, but if you search for something entertaining till ArmA2, ET:QWs should be yours.
  4. Kabuto

    Operation Flashpoint 2 officially announced

    I think a lot gamers will wait for the demo, befor they buy ArmA2 or OFP2.
  5. Kabuto

    Damage Model

    Oh lol, 4 mags of an M249 can take out a M1A1?! You couldn't do this in OFP. Well i changed my HDD time ago, and don't have ArmA on my HDD, and won't install ArmA till a new patch comes. So i can't test it. But destroying a M1A1 with an 5,56x45 LMG is bullshit. I hope ArmA 2 based on OFP, and not on ArmA.
  6. To bad you have no clue of the good old OFP games.
  7. It would like to see that. It's annoying since OFP, everyone trys to connect with his own "syk", "weather", "sound" and "only model replacement". And as Server admin you have to kick people evertime, just because they won't remove their "@ECP", "@WGL", "@FDF", "@DR" or @Whatever. I understand that ArmA sound sucks, i understand that a nicer sky box or sounds making OFP better. But it crash the server or is simply suspicious for cheating. We need either a option that, force the clientside to load only the .pbo, which the server got also. Or there will be no mods online, with punkbuster. And we need anti cheat protecting, unless you like to play on nonpublic server only.
  8. Kabuto

    Damage Model

    My two cents. A easy (half) solution for the today damage model, would be more armor for all vehicles. And adjust anti vehicles weapons. E.g.: If we say, every vehicle get 3-5 time more armor. Small arms damage values could stay untouched, only inf. AT/AA wepons would need more hit damage. And of course vehicles weapons (tank guns, rockets and so on) need to adjust then. So small arms fire has much less effect on e.g. helicopters.
  9. Kabuto

    ArmA 2

    It would be cool, if Bohemia Interactive takes a look on OFP and can overtake the stuff that is better in OFP (as in ArmA) into ArmA 2. - faster animations ... ... i stoped playing ArmA, because you feel like a 90 years old man with this robot animations today, - correct recoil animations ... .... in ArmA the recoil of a weapon, has only a effect on the shoulders, that looks unnaturally. Recoil should have influence on the whole body. And OFP has already a proper animation. - the helicopter controles ... ... in OFP i was able to give my gunner a target by mouse click. If i was pilot of e.g.AH1 and saw a guy running, i could click him and my gunner does his bloody job. Today if i fly a AH1, i feel "challenged", because i can't "communicate" with my gunner.
  10. I wont buy ArmA2 without AntiCheat Protection. - get Punkbuster (maybe in combination with HackShield), - create a login system for the multiplayer, - rework the scriptsystem, - make sure signatures work, - the client should send all loaded .pbos, and the server should have a "addon white list". A .pbo which is not on the white list, should be diabled for the client, as long the client is connected to the server. The addons of this "white list" should be checked for modified stuff too. - protect the ID's, if ID changer wouldnt work, the server admin s would had a weapon vs. cheaters,
  11. Kabuto

    crCTI 1.0 @DVD

    I fink, we just need better infantry weapons and faster animations, the reason why AI infantry sucks so bad is they move/switch weapons slower as my granny. OFP is 100 times better as ArmA in this case.
  12. Kabuto

    crCTI 1.0 @DVD

    Ok, good.
  13. Kabuto

    crCTI 1.0 @DVD

    This is the best mission with the best units for ArmA, don't stop. It gives me back a big piece of OFP, what i missed badly in ArmA. Only one thing, SLA needs MI-24 and a T-90. Ok, there is no T90 .. but RHS Mi24 . @froggyluv You can order AI to wait for transport. If you buy AI for AI groups, the soldier wait the given time to wait, and search a transport truck, jeep or transport helicopter with a running motor nearby and get in it.
  14. Kabuto

    CSLA Studio

    Nice a BMP1, is it possible to release this one standalone for SLA, too?