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  1. oh yes, MadDogX, The most delusional of the fan boys! Funny that, Skyrim looks absolutely lovely out of the box running at 1920x1080 on high settings! Always someone else's fault isn't it! Like I said, I've heard it all before, there's not an excuse you can come up with that I haven't heard many, many times before! The thread is pointless to you because you cant handle the truth, but lets hope its useful for Google Goodnight Sir Krutish
  2. Take On Helicopters (DEMO) Didn't Let Me Down. TOH didn't let me down because it never really took off! My expectations of TOH was one of buggy scripting/programming running on an outdated game engine, oh boy was I right! First thing I noticed was how out of focus the whole game looked, maybe that's because its the demo and is done like that to make the game run better then the actual retail version. You know like Bohemia Interactive did with arma 2 free, I believe a lot of people were well and truly P$£â€% off with that somewhat underhanded marketing tactic, anyway I don't know and I'll never know! Second problem I came across was my first mission. Trying to board the Helicopter to transport the S.W.A.T team there was no way I could board the helicopter, I tried walking around the left side, then the right side, I tried standing in front of the bird, behind it and just about everywhere possible but no menu or icon would pop up, not even after I discovered that holding ALT down would reveal the greyed icons around the helicopter. There was just no way to enter so the mission never got going! The way I eventually got around this was to restart the mission, this time the icons were there and simply looking through the window towards the seat would reveal the green icon to board! There were many other bugs such as auto starting the engine, the menu would just disappear for no apparent reason, or trying to manually start the bird would fail, by which I mean after a few steps you couldn't go any further! There were problems with sound, like the rotor blades were still making a noise as if they were slowly rotating after they came to an halt! The controls seemed to be very laggy and unresponsive, then suddenly over responsive! The list goes on and this is only after an hour or so of gameplay. Needless to say the Demo is now deep in the bowels of the Cyber World! BIS, I have a love hate relationship with you guys, I so want you to succeed, I really do, but once again you release your products in such a poor state its embarrassing you, it really is! Once again you fail in getting my custom, I brought OFP, I brought Arma, I didn't buy Arma 2 and I wont be buying TOH, and I probably wont be buying Arma 3 because I know what’s coming... Same old same old! Well that's about it really, that's how the demo I downloaded left me feeling and i really don't care if there's a patch or an up and coming patch, I've heard it all before, many times! If a demo i downloaded on the 31/1/2012 needs to be patched then more fool you for releasing an un-patched demo! You can't polish a turd lads, get rid of that God damn engine and get some Quality Assurance, because if you don't I can't see you been around for another 10 years... Although I want you to be! Krutish
  3. Krutish

    Path 1.03

    I share your concerns Marvin, I really do! In fact I've just about given up with Arma 2 all together and haven't bothered to download patch 1.03, and why should I? I've heard it all before how bugs will be patched and improvements made! well 8 years, 3 games and God now's how many patches BIS games still fail to deliver! Don't get me wrong, I have respect for BIS and what they have tried to achieve here, that's why I've stuck with their games for so long. But if the truth be known they lack the ability to deliver what us FPS sim fans crave for. I brought OFP, I brought Armed Assault, and I'm happy to say I didn't buy Arma 2 and never will! My nephew was one of those that rushed out on the hype to buy Arma 2 the day it was release here in the UK, after about a week of playing it he handed the game to me and said “Here, its crap!†No, its not crap, its just not what he wants in a FPS, but it is buggy as hell, seems 3 quarters finished (like Arma1) and runs like a 3 legged pig thats eaten to many fermented apples. And it still as the same old Ai problems inherited from OFP/Arma... I expected so much more, its just arma 1 with slightly better graphics and more toys to play with. Just because you can get killed by a single round doesn't make a game realistic! Plus, spending more time in the forums looking for solutions is not the ideal way to play a game! There were more active members in the trouble shooting part of the forums then there were players on servers within the first few weeks of release, that says it all! Oh, by the way, I loved the sound in Arma2, whether they are authentic sounds or not, bullets cracking left and right of you and ricocheting in all directions in glorious 5.1 surround sound was very impressive. If only they could sort that damn Ai out! It really is pathetic! Marvin, you wont get a lot of sympathy here, after-all, this is the Fanboys Forum, they live in denial! My hope lies elsewhere! (October 9th) Krutish
  4. Krutish

    Vehicle drop from C130

    Nice script Tajin, thanks. I've been playing around with it for a few hours now and have made a few tweaks here and there to suit my mission needs. One thing I did notice is that if the cargo and chute just happens to land squarely on a buildings roof, the chute stays erect, so you might want to add "deletevehicle _chute;" at the end of the script, I've set it to delete the chute after 60 sec's just in case. Krutish.
  5. Arma3, you're being optimistic aren't you :) The only improvements in Ai that I've noticed over the last 8 years is they can now step over objects. It's one small step for Ai one giant leap for BIS! Krutish.
  6. The whole Ai is floored mate, I was hoping for better Ai in A2 but its the same old story, unfortunately. However, there are a few things you could try. Combat Mode - "Hold fire, engage at will". Behaviour - "Careless". Now you would expect that the careless command would mean that the units are, well, careless and don't care, but it seems in A2 that if a unit is in careless mode and gets spotted he suddenly cares and will open fire. Well i say suddenly, suddenly isn't always the case. The time between the enemy spotting the "Careless" unit and the careless units becoming aware of the danger can take a second or two, this more often then not results in the careless unit dying first, but this method should get your units into place without them opening fire untill fired on. Once your units are in place you could use a radio command to set all untis to combat mode. i.e Killer setbehaviour "Combat"; Killer2 setbehaviour "Combat"; etc etc. Give that a try and see what happens. Krutish.
  7. Nevermind, I've found it! Krutish.
  8. Hi, Anyone know how to synchronize waypoints to triggers in the 3d editor? Krutish.
  9. BrainDead: I believe its a new bug with the retail version (1.02) I have the same problem in game and in the editor, it really needs a hotfix ASAP! Info HERE