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  1. i can do that also, not much to do here: changing a macro...
  2. thanks andy! gonna try it. @feer&dm: this is only a preview version, later versions will also include yet unconfiged models as well as some ofpr compability stuff (to make mission conversion easier).
  3. hello sniper andy, thanks for the bug report, but i can't recreate the bug, for me the server does not crash...
  4. thanks hardrock and thanks for the miror mr burns
  5. sorry. but everybody is free to host it...
  6. The Germany 1985 Mod Team is proud to present you the first Editor Update Addon for Armed Assault. It contains all hidden buildings and units, all in all more than 400 objects. The translation is not yet done, later versions may also contain protected classes for OFPR compatibility as well as not yet configed models. Get it here (with registration) or here (no registration, thanks to armed-assault.de). Have fun!