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    Binkowski's Weapon Pack

    There is no need to be a dick vilas. I dont mean to flame but heres hoping this guys addons, while they might be knockoffs of bis weapons to his personal tastes, will actually work without error messages popping up all the time or Counter-Strike Imports.
  2. Kapyong

    Binkowski's Weapon Pack

    Just keep on working at it mate. Took me a while to put the time in to create a weapon from scratch, and they are shoddy at best (FNC's). Keep at it young fella
  3. Kapyong

    Armed Combat Service

    Isnt there like two other topics about this clan on this forums somewhere? Welcome and good to see another clan but iam hoping that it wont turn into a 5000 Post forum clan
  4. Kapyong

    RLK Armoury

    Ahoy mengs. Have been a bit busy with work lately over the last few weeks But i found a way to model and addon make while at work, HURAH! @Stew, yes there will be a crate with all weapons included and will be updated each release @ Andre, i feel sorry for you having to cart an C-MAG around More WIPs soonish
  5. Kapyong

    RLK Armoury

    Debating about it at this stage I am fully aware of the faults of a C-MAG, but as i said, i am not the defence minister of Leskap. I am only the weapons builders, and i figured a C-MAG would be handy to have in game ......*whispers* even though me throwing rocks would achive more accuracy*
  6. Kapyong

    RLK Armoury

    Upcoming new W.I.P: Addition of a 100rnd C-MAG to the FNC with Bi-Pod. Will become the staple of the RLK Infantry Section. On the Flip of the spectrum, the Baiks Manufacturing Company has produced a copy of the AK-74, which has become popular with Leskap Sepratists. Here is an example of one captured by an RLK Special Forces Team.
  7. ahoy gents, 2 questions. I want to create a new round (exmaple, 8.5mm) how would i define such a thing? 2nd, how to make it into a custom mag (example, 100 round C-MAG?) Ideas for config? Cheers Guys
  8. Kapyong

    RLK Armoury

    Here is the release of the FNC K-1 Pack. Read the readme and all will be well in the world Also if anyone is intersted in some small time config work drop me a line. It is only small and simple stuff if you have experence with weapon creation. Enjoy. DOWNLOAD HERE This is version 1.0 of the FNC Teaser Pack
  9. Part of the RLK (Republic Of Leskap) Addon Series, a serious attempt of creating new weapons for Armed Assault has begun. Starting off with the FNC, by FN Of Belguim. Dubbed the K1 by the Leskap Dept of Defence and produced by the Kapp Weapons Company based outside the capital Tojeski. It is an exact replica of the Belgian FNC Rifle. Comes with both Ironsights and ACOG Attachment. Firing the 223. (5.56) and compatable with the western M203 Grenade Launcher Attachment. The Weapon is currantly undergoing trials by the Leskap Army. *ingame stats* Updated ACOG Scope. Working Ironsights. Working Bolt and Magazine animations (Thanks SLX example XM! ) Realistic accuracy and weight reprsentation. More weapons to come include. HK G36 dubbed K5 by the Leskap Army Colt M16A2, K4 by LKA Browning 9mm, HPB exact by LKA Various AK Weapons included 108, by RLK Reserve Forces.
  10. @ Shadow: My knowledge on Configs with vehicles is limited. I dont have any plans for any major vehicle work in the future. Perhaps if i came across some models, or a ready made skeliton and config i may persue it
  11. Ahoy there mengs! Update Time: Still got some work to do on the Camelback in regards to Textures. Still modeling some other varients of troops, but i have more or less done the Bushhat (Light) and Helmet (Heavy) Digs. Screens Speak for themselves really. Screen ScreenScreen Screen
  12. that would be my bad mate, still lining the plate up to correctly fit onto the body. Hopefully ( ) will have a W.I.P of the helmet for you by Tonight at some point.
  13. Update: MOLLE Plate on back fixed, now lines up with body. Hat modeled more to resemble giggle hat. Added more additions to MOLLE Plate. Still a LOT more to come, now starting work on ze helmets. Update #1 Update #2 Update #3
  14. Thinking i might just leave both arms blank for the time being and throw an ANF on a velcro patch on the front patch of the MOLLE Rig i rekon. Started work on some Helmet Troops, as well as some more headway on the 3 day pack (i do models on weekend, and textures at work, stupid forigen boss ) Thanks for input mate
  15. Cheers Stew, I forgot what side the patch was on (Never was issued with new cams) so i will adjust, and the op patch will be the new feature where u place ur own texture, if not, i might just throw in some parachute wings or perhaps just the Tri-Service colours from ADFA (Brother In Law Attended, damn Officers )