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  1. You need to change the Editor layout from Streamlined to Traditional via one of the icons along the top of the editor screen, then you'll have your drop down box top right to select Mission, Intro, outro etc
  2. Yeah, I'm trying to tie up some loose ends to some missions I've been working on and off for 2 years now, more off than on really :) This group of missions uses Hens\Chickens as a very basic form of currency. You can basically hunt round to collect hens until you have collected enough to hire a local Thug to help you in your mission. Everytime you pick up a Hen it displays a hint telling you how many you now have, so if you find a cluster of them the hint can be pinging quite a few times quickly if your catching them quickly but when you get to 25 Hens collected I wanted to stop the collection of further Hens to stop hinting while I had another hint displaying telling you what to do next regarding hiring a Thug, otherwise the hint message about hiring a Thug can be pinged off straight away if you get yet another Hen... if you follow me :) Currently I have a very basic mesh up of a work around, dropping acctime to 0.1 for a sleep of 0.9 seconds with userimput disabled so the important info is displayed long enough not to be missed.
  3. I have a script that counts objects you collect and posts a hint every time you collect an object to remind you how many you have, but how can I stop this when I need it to ? Is it even possible ? Thanks
  4. What cuel said man1 assignasdriver car1; [man1] orderGetIn true
  5. Post the code you are using to respawn the players first then we can add in what you are missing.
  6. Thanks, that did the trick just nicely :) That's the old way of doing tasks, but thanks anyway :)
  7. That assigns the Task but dosent set it as the current task though ? When you go into Map\Tasks and click on a task you can then click on the right top of the screen "set as current task" and that then shows on the game screen as like a waypoint showing the marker That in it's self does not show the "Return to base" text on the players screen as the location of the Task until you go into MAP\TASKS then click on the right top of the screen "set as current task" ... only then does the location of the task show on the screen, it's that bit I want to show without the player having to manually select it if it's possible. Thanks
  8. When you create a task, it appears in the tasks list that you access through the map screen and to assign the task as current you click "Tasks then click it "set as current task" then it will show the text on the screen as a waypoint telling you where the task is located. Well, how can you assign it as the current task without having to go through the task screen to assign it ? Thanks
  9. To have a trigger activate once other triggers have already activated use in the condition field of the main trigger.. So the trigger will only activate once the other 2 triggers have activated..
  10. Sounds interesting, I will try this next week after my holidays :)
  11. Koni

    Camera questions

    It prepares the camera target to a position or to a target http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/camPrepareTarget
  12. What he said about what he said
  13. I'll try that , thanks Twirly. It is strange how certain things in Arma that have worked for so long suddenly stop working for no reason.
  14. Yeah, seems odd like... Might use the Celerys holster script instead :)
  15. I don't know whats wrong with this, but it isn't working anymore for some reason. Adding a weapon to the player using this has always worked in the past but now it gives the player the weapon, the magazines are there if you look in the gear section, but can't be selected to use in the pistol... just gives the pistol with no ammo showing on playing screen. Works fine from the init box of the unit but not from a script or trigger. Any ideas ?