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  1. Kos'aaK

    Any other (ex) Battlefield 2 players?

    Hey Alaskan_Viking and welcome to the BIS forums (normally I'm welcoming people over @ ZiiP lol). Well I don't think it will be EA, there are no indications. As I'm following up on BIS stuff, I also see that they guys are very different than for instance DICE. DICE had a project (BF1942) and were happy that they found someone who published it worldwide. The influence grew and grew, resulting in total EA control over DICE. I think DICE is not happy with what their "baby" has developed into. I think BIS cares for it's "baby" and I think they are not here for a quick buck. I'm pretty confident that it's not going to be EA Apart from that, with 2142 released, it would only cut they're profits
  2. Kos'aaK

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Sir..... thank you for the videos am playing them over and over and... and over And thanks Ayrton for posting over @ ZiiP
  3. Kos'aaK

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    Have you been following updates ranging from E3 to GC? I think they sum it up pretty good.
  4. Kos'aaK

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    It looks so, doesn't it? On the other hand though, would you like a global publisher to take over BIS? No, thanks! This "when will you release the game" pressure needs to stop people. There's so many things in the world you can do in the meantime (well at least I hope you do )
  5. Kos'aaK

    ArmAs Cover Art

    ouch my eyes hurt
  6. Kos'aaK

    Armed Assault FAQ

    Anyone can confirm weather it will be possible to change the game's localization yet? (text, dialogue and everything else..)
  7. Kos'aaK

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    i need that confirmed first. i'd like an english localization so i suppose i'll have to get it shipped from the uk/us
  8. Kos'aaK

    Czech and Slovak release

    Well I do but I'd rather have an English version Am from Slovakia, hope I will be able to buy ArmA with English localization.
  9. Kos'aaK

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Well you need to be a GOLD member in order to be able to download the video. The link actually links to a german preview from Cynamite at http://www.cynamite.de/pc....lt.html They add that the magazine PC Powerplay 07/2006 will feature some ArmA footage as well. I'm starting to be the community translator, eh
  10. Kos'aaK

    ArmA Progress Updates

    I'm working on it, should be ready on friday evening or saturday
  11. Kos'aaK

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Mozem ti s tym pomoct - MSN kosaak@hotmail.com - alebo posli PM. I can help you with that - MSN kosaak@hotmail.com - or send me a PM.
  12. Kos'aaK

    ArmA Progress Updates

    take a look at what happened to a rushed out product like BF2 for instance patience is a virtue my friend let them finish in peace, the more we wait, the more features are being added (destructive buildings)
  13. Kos'aaK

    ArmA Progress Updates

    I was away for the last 2 weeks, just finished catching-up on GC events. I must say - in regards to all the latest updates - take your time BIS, I'm glad to have found a company that is not interested in a quick-buck. That said, I'd gladly wait for the release as I see results of your hard work and am pretty confident now that you will release it when you can be absolutely proud of it.
  14. Kos'aaK

    Any other (ex) Battlefield 2 players?

    muchos chipper you have an ice-cold beer waiting for you here that vote-admin and server displaying files features seem to be very good ideas any external admin-programs so an admin would have the possibility to manage the server remotely? off to read them zipp-ed infos, much appreciated
  15. Kos'aaK

    Any other (ex) Battlefield 2 players?

    lo carrot matey and welcome to the BIS forum, this is a pleasant surprise for me check out the forum rules - specifically the sig dimesions - so placebo mustn't send us pms all the time and enjoy the rest - most of this forum is dedicated to OFP, you can get a good idea of how <BiG> ArmA is going to be speaking of OFP, go get the GOTY ASAP! it's only ten quid matey if you want to spread the word about us http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=52814 ***** On another note, recently there was info published about BF2142 being hacked already (LMFAO) because of the shared (old) engine from BF2. How was OFP adminable? Can you link me to some admin tools? What were the common problems with cheaters? What were the common problems for admins?