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    Military and Squad based Tactic Simulations like OFP.<br>Also Aircraft Simulations like Falcon 4.0 Allied Force.<br>Tom Clancy Series.
  1. Kev

    Operation: Southern Storm

    I wanted to say thank you for the nice feedback again. I am working on some new ideas, so stay tuned. Greetz, Kev
  2. its not my model it is the model of denny piranha. we work together for the authentic warfare mod team project. we are still searching for coders, sound artists and several 3d designers. if possible we will have an conversation with mapfact. greetz, kev
  3. click this link and scroll down to see some models of projects in progress: http://www.denny-piranha.com/Arma.html or for the AH64 project: http://www.denny-piranha.com/Arma-AH64.html greetz, kev
  4. Hi all, sorry for asking but it needs to be once again. What is up with Oxygen3Light & Visitor 3? Any new infos from BIS or Publisher. Any new possible release date for the tools? We need the tools. There are allready mod teams given up. Please BIS talk to us ...
  5. Kev

    Operation: Southern Storm

    will do on next update.
  6. Authentic Warfare Studios is pointed on releasing totaly authentic addons with vehicles so realistic as we can make it. im sorry that we choosed to make the m1a2 a bit weaker for balancing. But i had requests like hell to bring a bit more balancing into the gameplay with an weak tank. but now i changed it back to the defaults and raised the armor from 900 to 1000 for realistic behaviour of the M1A2. i hope u forgive me my mistake. at the moment there is a work on an M1A2 Pretorian Prototyp what is in the works by the US Army in reallife, check piranha's site for more details. we have no coder for implementing those new models into the game so its hard to make our job without the tools BIS wanted to give us. Also there is an AH64 Apache Longbow that wants to be released. All we can do is waiting at the moment. http://www.denny-piranha.com/Arma-ah64.html greetz, kev
  7. thermalvision is not possible because not implemented in the game. our mod team is new only 2 people at the moment. me and piranha. we started building this team up today. here is an example from dennys urban stryker: to see upcoming addon models like AH64 Apache, Naval forces etc and AH1-Z reskinz check http://www.denny-piranha.com/Arma.html
  8. Authentic Warfare Studios has modified Stryker with this skins but we will not release it. For Now:
  9. UPDATE: Armor back to default settings. New sounds added. Check first post for download. greetz, kev
  10. why, lol the T72 only has 700 armor. so he still needs two hits sometimes. there is no t-80 or t-90 out yet and everybody cries "the US Forces are inbalanced". so tell me what u want guys? i still can change it in 5 minutes.
  11. <span style='color:BLUE'>UPDATE:</span> Hi folks, To get some new conditions into ArmA, i changed the M1A1 to an M1A2 and his feature. I hope we can add sometime an new model to this release, so it also looks authentic like an real M1A2. But that wont happen until release of Oxygen3 Light and other tools. I hope you all enjoy this little modification and have fun with it. Greetz, Kev / VenoM FEATURES: ======== - M1A1 modified to an M1A2 - Fuel capability added and setup to the duration of sahrani - Engine shut down while in combat added - New M1A2 Engine Sounds added - New M1A2 Track Sounds added - New Turret Sounds added - Individual Hit-Zones (Front, Left, Right, Back) added - M1A1 street topspeed of 72KM/h changed to M1A2 reallike topspeed of 79KM/h - Sahrani zones like camo textures by denny piranha =dL= added DOWNLOAD: ========= <span style='color:ORANGE'>AWS_Abrams</span>
  12. Kev


    If there was allready somebody downloading this mission, i please you to redownload the mission pack, i had a problem with an script so it showed up both missions under the same name. Please excuse me for this.
  13. Mission: [ OPERATION: <span style='color:RED'>SOUTHERN</span> STAR ] <span style='color:BLUE'>FINAL RELEASE</span> <span style='color:RED'>v1.00</span> (Sounds best on FDF_Soundpack) <span style='color:GREEN'>Based on Operation: Southern Storm</span> THANKS TO: - Kronzky for releasing such nice script like his Urban Patrol Script - KilJoy [sFG] for his help on the Weather system - Dr_Eyeball for his great help on TeamStatus and Respawn Dialog I hope you guys can give me some feedpack on this mission. COPYRIGHT STATEMENT ================== This mission is ©[ 2oo7 ] [ Mark "VenoM" P. ] [ mark_venom@gmx.de ] All rights reserved. TERMS OF USE =========== This mission (Operation: Southern Storm) contains files to be used in the PC CD-ROM simulator "Armed Assault". To use the Software you must agree to the following conditions of use: 1. [ Mark "VenoM P. ] (The Author) grant to you a personal, non-exclusive license to use the Software. 2. The commercial exploitation of the Software without written permission from The Author(s) is expressly prohibited. INSTALLATION =========== To begin using the Software: 1. Move the folder [ SouthernStar.sara.pbo ] into the following directory: \Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\MPMissions\ REQUIRED ADDONS ================ To play this mission the following addons are required: ( Operation:SouthernStorm 1.00 Light does not require addons) [ RHS Hind v1.0 ] - [ http://dl1.armed-assault.de/addons/rhs_hind_v1.0.rar ] [ MAPFACT MAP_AIR 1.05 ] - [ http://www.mapfact.net/include....5d33ded ] [ MAPFACT MAP_MISC ] - [ http://www.mapfact.net/include....5d33ded ] DOWNLOAD MISSION FOR ARMA VERSION: 1.07 ====================================== OPERATION: <span style='color:RED'>SOUTHERN</span> STAR <span style='color:BLUE'>v1.00 & 1.00LE PACK</span> NOTES ===== I hope you all will enjoy this mission! For the next few days or weeks there will be no support for this mission, because i am working on new projects at the moment. ALSO CHECK OUT THE Coop 40 Player version you can find in this Forum. For more information about me or my Armed Assault Team visit: www.ClanFighters.de | Home of the 5th Special Forces Group & Command Over and Out! =cF=VenoM 18A-5th SFG
  14. Kev

    Operation: Southern Storm

    UPDATE ----- Its Done... [ OPERATION: <span style='color:RED'>SOUTHERN</span> STORM ] <span style='color:BLUE'>FINAL RELEASE</span> <span style='color:RED'>v1.12</span> [ TOTALY REBUILD ] (Sounds best on FDF_Soundpack) Version: [ 1.12 & 1.12 Light ][ For Armed Assault version 1.06 - 1.07b - Final Release] CHECK OUT THE FIRST POST!!!
  15. Kev

    Sound scripting

    can somebody tell me how to get an *.wss file to an mp3 or ogg file so i can check the sound and work on it? thx