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  1. Nice mission! Could you make helo taxi cost 0 cp? It's really boring when you have to travel for 10 to 15 minuts to reach the AO. Do other people also get an extreme amount of fog in the mission? I can hardly see further than 200 meters.
  2. I hope you guys can find some solutions, because besides the abysmal walrus pathfinding, the game itself is great and a blast to play :)
  3. kingnl

    Destroying Ports?

    Destroying ports will stop the island from contributing to the supply chain. So as long the port is destroyed, e.g. a mining island will not give resources. You can do this if you don't want to conquer an island. Destroying a radar installation will lower the telemetry range of the enemy's ai units. This means they will still attack you, but they cannot chase you very far off. Patrols also won't be ably to travel as far as before.
  4. kingnl

    Suppy Barque Location

    The supply barque leaves from the stockpile island. The stockpile status also gives the island a production factory. So if you set a defense island as the stockpile, it will also count to production! Don't forget to read the manual. You can find it in the root folder of the game.
  5. Beta installer was around 1.3 GB
  6. The BIS Store still says you can pre-order, while the game should be already released! Do they have problems again, like with the beta3 release? Do we have to wait until next week?
  7. kingnl


    You cant use it in the beta. You'll have to wait until the full game has been released.
  8. kingnl

    Beta 3 bug reports

    That's because you have to register for the bug tracker. Just make a new account and start reporting bugs! The bug tracker is the only place the devs will look for bug reports. The two bugs I have reported during beta1 and 2, are both fixed in this beta3.
  9. kingnl

    Beta 3 bug reports

    I'm glad they added the tooltips and freelook. It's now also possible to produce items when you don't have the full amount of credits yet. For the pathfinding, let's hope they will figure something out for that. The idea of using tracks instead of wheels sounds like an intriguing idea. Timewarp. Timewarp is better for performance. I haven't an option yet to activate timewarp when you want to wait for something to build, but with the continuous production even when you don't have enough resources, production goes way quicker now. So I don't know if I still want a timewarp for skipping time.
  10. kingnl

    Beta 3 Now?

    I hope the game itself will be released in time. If they cannot even make an installer for a beta in 2 weeks time, I fear for the worst.
  11. Monday it is then. It's good to get more information. Now we aren't in the dark about the delay and can look forward to Monday. I'm still glad we'll get a beta3, even when the game will be released at the end of this month!
  12. The store is working again.
  13. Nice! I look forward to the new beta. Can't wait to try it out!
  14. If an editor version would be released in the future, what would that editor version entail?
  15. Thank you for the info, finally word from the dev team. When the new beta is released, I will sure report bugs again. At least if I can find any at all :) It might be wise to make a new sticky in this forum with the message a new beta is coming. When the new beta is out, I would also make a sticky announcement in this forum that the new beta is out.