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    Latest screenshots available

    Since the progress thread is closed I'll post here. Did anyone else notice that the car handeling seems more realistic? The looks of that movie gave me the feeling everything went way better then in OFP, in OFP it felt with allmost every car that you were driving a solid rock, the vehicles just didn't want to steer right, but this movie looks like they fixed that problem. Keep up the good work BIS
  2. Kaitnieks

    ArmA Progress Updates

    I'm just curious if anyone heard about the adittion that allowes us to stand/walk on moving vehicles? We got allmost everything we want, but nothing about that yet? I don't want to be greedy or anything! I just want to know what I could expect .
  3. Kaitnieks

    ArmA Progress Updates

    When seeing all those E3 articles I felt sad, that ArmA wouldn't turned out how I expected. But now that i've seen the Mapfact view on the game, I'm happy with it again, ArmA is going to be what I wanted it to be, and I fully trust BIS with this. How ever, whats with the animation of the gunner in that AH-1W ? (http://www.mapfact.net/Material/News/Mai06/ArmA/ArmA_03.JPG) The pilot's head is sticking out, and so are his legs.
  4. Kaitnieks

    IDEA Games at E3

    The new trailer is very awesome indeed, I just pray that BIS fixes the minor bugs mentioned by other forum users, like the animation problems. Btw: Am I just the only one who is seeing this, or are there really three soldiers sitting in that yellow truck? I know nothing special about three people in the truck, but if you look at the faces/outfit they don't look like the American soldiers at all! Maybe the enemy/locals? Here is the picture: Picture
  5. Kaitnieks

    Latest screenshots available

    I think it's a render, but I hope it's ingame . Also am I the only one that noticed the fact that there are only 22 vehicles instead of what OFP had? (26) Picture Just curious how this is possible, I've seen allot of the old OFP vehicles, and I see quite some new ones, but yet they say we only will get 22? Weird.
  6. Kaitnieks

    William Porter's Blog

    Maybe the island isn't what BIS said, because the play terrain now allowes you to go from Nogova to Malden and all the other islands? I'm just thinking of what else it could be, because that map looks no were to the promised size :O.
  7. Kaitnieks

    Latest screenshots available

    Read again. BIS = options over eyecandy, they even told it in the ofp.info interview. Â Well don't get me wrong, but I must've missreaded the interview on OFP.info, because I didn't saw any thing about new engine additions other then eye candy, they even answered allot of questions about engine additions with "NO". Like swimming, and what about the use of dual weapons on vehicles and such? Why can't BIS implent those things? Can't they code it, or are they afraid if they implent it none wants to buy 'Game 2' because of the lack of updates then?
  8. Kaitnieks

    Latest screenshots available

    Well after seeing all these reviews from various magazines and the review on OFP.info now I gave all my hope up on ARMA, I had allot of hopes. But I'm just letting it slip, all ARMA is now is a simple stupid graphich engine update, and some improved models and such, well wake up BIS I don't want no fancy graphics, I want options over eyecandy, I want a proper working engine with every bug from OFP1 straightend out. Sorry BIS.
  9. Kaitnieks

    Armed Assault trailer

    Very nice! I'm in love with it, but to be honest I can't be happy with details only, if this version still has the bugs from OFP1 then I won't buy it, because for me eye candy doesn't wins from playability. And about the bridge/dynamic buildings, maybe it's there. Any one saw the scanned picture from that magazine on OFP.info? You can see the same bridge destroyed . Link to picture Just take a look at that.
  10. Kaitnieks

    What do you *HOPE* will be in ArmA?

    As for seeing the update at OFP.info today about ArmA, I was quite happy to see one picture, but that one picture also got some questions rising. See for your self what I mean: Picture [100kb+] If you look good you see a Russian tank, but if you look even better you can see the command's gun firing! So does that means that ArmA will have multipile gun supports on vehicles or is this just like in OFP:1 where you need to switch to the gun?
  11. Kaitnieks

    Faun Franziska SLT56 v3.0

    Very nice stuff ! This is super and amazing. As for the scripts, will they be open source (meaning every one is free to use) because I had the same thing going on for a other mod (the drive-by) but it failed since it was for a chopper class and I couldn't perfect it. @The bridge problem: Well maybe you could just make it so that another check, checks for the height of the trailer. Because I know that if you Setpos a vehicle with +13 on the bridge in Nogova the vehicle will be perfectly on the bridge. So maybe you could make the trailer check for an if height is greater then 10 it executes the setPos +13. I'm not sure how this will work ingame but it sounds workable. But, it will only work for Nogova then. Well please let me hear .
  12. Kaitnieks

    New Iraqi Forces

    That looks very nice! Except for the height, did you based the model on the picture behind it? Because if you look good at it then you see that it's a bit shorter then the picture behind it. But it looks very good already, and the Iraqi forces look also very good.
  13. Kaitnieks

    Artillery? Yes or No

    Because OFP/ArAs is not BF42 Also yes I hope artillary get's included in this release, but fear not we as community stand strong and could easly import the addons from OFP1 that we got right now into ArAs. So basicly you'll get your artillary... Maybe from BIS or maybe not but you will get it.
  14. Kaitnieks

    Common Anticheat Enhancements For All BI Games

    Very nice ideas and I hope BIS implents them. How ever, MD5 checksum can create massive delay in the game loading/playing time because it needs go trough various processes wich could give problems. But yes further more nice ideas.
  15. Kaitnieks

    OFP2 Shots on ofp.info!

    Look at these screens... I didn't noticed them Some screens that look awesome! Screen 1 (over 100kb) Nice glare effect on the windows and the shadows work good aswell! And is that what I think it is? :P Screen 2 (Over 100kb) Same glare except now you can see an Huey from the USMC in the screen... Nice!!! Screen 3 (Over 100kb) Wow! What do I see here? That soldier looks so realstic... Is it me or can I see an more human emotion on the face? And it looks very real! Also can I see a script command thing there or a chat box? Cool!