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  1. killaalf

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    Except that the nvidia drivers prohibit this, though there is a hack - see above post.
  2. killaalf

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    PhysX? Way to go, BI - you just lost me as a customer.
  3. Updated weapon simulation (chambered rounds etc.)
  4. Huh? No apology was needed, I did not think your reply was brusque at all. Glad you got it working. Have you tried it with single keys yet, say "U" for flaps up and "D" for flaps down? Maybe this would work with the "pulse" type event, you'd just have to find 2 keys that are not already taken.
  5. Hmm, have you tried changing the type event to something else than "pulse" yet? Might need a "hold" argument for it to work, or "Press and Release"
  6. Have you tried setting up the Warthog from within A2 without using T.A.R.G.E.T. at all? Also, ist this Code correct? I must admit that I haven't really tried T.A.R.G.E.T. out yet - I'm using a TM Cougar and have grown quite fond of its programming utility "Foxy" over the years, so I installed T.A.R.G.E.T. only out of curiousity and not because I needed it. Anyway, with Foxy you would use brackets for "R_CTRL + k", so the syntax would look like this = "{R_CTRL + k}"
  7. killaalf

    Am i the only one sick of the royal wedding?

    Stop watching TV, it'll solve more than just this problem, trust me.
  8. killaalf

    Why isn't it running good?

    It's actually the other way around, shadows =/>high = GPU, shadows <high = CPU Ok, its still too old to expect great framerates at that resolution. Set both interface and 3D resolution to 1680x1050 - this will get rid of the blurryness and should run acceptable.
  9. killaalf

    Why isn't it running good?

    9800GTX (=8800GT) + 1920x1080 don't mix, it does not matter that you have 1GB of VRAM, the GPU is just too old/slow to drive this resolution at good framerates.
  10. killaalf

    ArmA and Consoles

    Even if you could port Arma to consoles without any compromises and/or limitations, I honestly doubt it would receive a warm welcome there. It's no coincidence that there are no serious simulations available for consoles - the market is just not there, the console demography as a whole is a lot less serious about their gaming than folks on the PC. Sure, there would be some who would appreciate it, but I'd imagine that would be the minority and probably not worth the trouble.
  11. killaalf

    Has OFP/ARMA put you off the Army ?

    That wouldn't have been possible - I served my time in '90/91.
  12. Make sure that both "Texture Preference" and "MipMap Detail Level" are set to "High Detail" in ATT.
  13. If it were me I'd definitely overclock that Sandybridge as far as it went, why else would you get the "K" model?
  14. [x] No, please not Steam because... I like Steam, I really like it a lot - but what I like even better is choices. As *Zipper5* and PuFu said there are some issues with the Steam versions, issues that just are not there for all other versions, so at the moment I do not feel that the Steam version is preferable.
  15. killaalf

    DCS: A-10C Warthog

    Only if you want to enjoy it. Sheesh.