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  1. Kuba

    Lasers Rangers in ACU

    Great work Sgt_Eversmann, nice update BTW, happy birthday
  2. Kuba

    BD 2nd Rifle Core

    Download BD_2ndrifle_CORE (336 KB) Download BD_RHS_2ndrifle (2.38 MB) Mirror from OFPC PL
  3. Kuba

    Napoleonic Wars Mod 1.0 released

    Nice to see more polish troops Any chance for Cavallery?
  4. Kuba

    NOD&GDI Vehicles

    http://www.ofp.bmj.pl/pojazdy/NOD_GDIHarvesters.rar (save page as) Mirror from OFPC PL
  5. Kuba

    C Site Island

    Nice job Iguana http://www.ofp.imro.pl/zalicz.....id=http Mirror from www.ofp.bmj.pl
  6. Kuba

    OFPL Lechistan Island

    You shuld tell this to Ofman - he is the one who is mainly making island You are right, but, thas was a surprise Yes we will
  7. Kuba

    OFPL Lechistan Island

    High res: http://www.flashpoint.pl/om/public_download/lechistan/lechistan1.jpg http://www.flashpoint.pl/om/public_download/lechistan/lechistan2.jpg http://www.flashpoint.pl/om/public_download/lechistan/lechistan3.jpg http://www.flashpoint.pl/om/public_download/lechistan/lechistan4.jpg http://www.flashpoint.pl/om/public_download/lechistan/lechistan5.jpg http://www.flashpoint.pl/om/public_download/lechistan/lechistan6.jpg http://www.flashpoint.pl/om/public_download/lechistan/lechistan7.jpg http://www.flashpoint.pl/om/public_download/lechistan/lechistan8.jpg
  8. OFPL team would like to present you some info about the upcoming island made for Operation Carrot by OFman - ofpman@op.pl Features: - Railroads - 4 military bases - Grass - Various lay of the land - 3 ports - Big airport - Varied country towns and farms Pictures from various places of the island:
  9. Kuba

    WP Soldiers mini mod v0,4

    Good job Mirage, but intro is a little bit to long.
  10. Kuba

    OFPL Extension pack v0.8

    Readme: But now you can give them this names manually in description You can use polish politicans names :> For example: - Aleksander Kwasniewski - Leszek Miller - Lech Kaczynski - Roman Giertych - Zygmunt Wrzodak - Andrzej Lepper
  11. Kuba

    Mi-8/17 Pack - Beta 2

    So what? There are many people who have kids, and who act themsevles like a kid, you aren't only one.
  12. Kuba

    Mi-8/17 Pack - Beta 2

    So if someone is stealling that means that he had grown up? N/c
  13. Kuba

    OFPL Extension pack v0.8

    There is such a possibility, but this isn't our first priority. Now we want to focus on cars, trucks APC's, tanks, etc - our brave soldiers need more land vehicles @Raptor Thanx again!
  14. Kuba

    Mi-8/17 Pack - Beta 2

    Change your attitude. Ask creators for permission before using their work. Remember about credits part in readme. Find person from your country who knows english well and ask him to translate text if you don't understand it.
  15. Kuba

    Mi-8/17 Pack - Beta 2

    Yea, and that's why Offtime earlier said: dont know man. this time we will make exception, use our stuff and skip open source license. after all you took only some not very important things. but next time think twice ;-) its just a game ;-) and whole fun is in making not in copying ;-) so basicly now you have no issues with OFPL team. but you still have issues with Airwolf and CSLA. So what? Previous cases like this with this were misunderstandings too? Anyway, not to knowing the law dosn't mean, that you dont have to obey it. As I said before - this is not first case like this. If he dont understent, why he didn't ask someone to translate it for him? Read whole topic before accusation like this, ok ? Because now you are acting like an f**** asshole. Yeah espiecially, when he don't add original creator to credits list. Indead very respectfull. Previously he "forgot about it" too? You must be very naive or dumb...