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  1. Has anyone tried to use the UAV module with ACE2, I've tried it and it just hangs on the loading screen after you access the uav option from the action menu.
  2. Ah, so you can only rope if you have it in your inventory. Would it be possible to do it so that it uses ropes that the helo is carrying as opposed to people having to carry them?
  3. For any other control questions, be sure to consult the Features of ACE2 page, it tells you what keys you need to use for what parts of the mod.
  4. Looks nice so far, I'm just looking in the files to see if there's a way to add equipment to the spawned medic/corpsman (I use ACE and I like to give my Corpsmen a customised backpack filled with medical gear)
  5. Anyone know the name of the fastroping script in the mod? (I pretty much want ai helo's to fast rope squads at a waypoint)
  6. {deletevehicle _x} foreach crew (p1); deletevehicle (p1) this works for deleting vehicle and crew (p1 being the name of the vehicle) just put it in a trigger or in a script like this same as before and having the trigger say [p1] exec "Scriptname.sqs" As for infantry, I can't say.
  7. for the first, it's need to be something like this this addMagazineCargo ["30Rnd_556x45_Stanag", 40] See the quote marks? as for the 2nd, you'd need to create a script like this like that, of course choosing what magazines and weapons you want. to use it, paste it in notepad, edit it however you like and then save it as weaponcargo.sqs into your mission folder(make sure when you save it the drop down for Save As Type says All Documents (Not Text Documents) and then in the mission editor paste/type this into your vehicles initialisation thing [this] exec "weaponcargo.sqs"
  8. Try replacing the _X with the vehicle name, not sure though, otherwise you'd probably have to put it in a script and have a trigger make the vehicle execute the script.
  9. Use the commands: AddWeaponCargo and AddMagazineCargo
  10. By fused I assume you've clicked the waypoint ON the helo instead of very near it? in that case to select it hold your mouse over the waypoint, hold shift and click.
  11. Well if you'd like, send me the mission (PM me to get my email) and I'll see if it happens to me too. I do, so that you experience the hard work of the mod team as they intended you to. Instead of trying to get stuff removed or turned off, why not try and play the mod with its full features and learn to play the system it sets.
  12. Could it be that your right windows key might be sticking, though i haven't yet had it happen to me. Have you tried completely uninstalling the mods and reinstalling?
  13. Are you pressing the right windows key or holding the right windows key down?
  14. Manzilla are you pressing the right windows key once or holding it down? You can transport wounded (I've only tried stufifng them in a medevac vehicle so far) but I don't seem to be able to find a way to get them back out lol.