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    Interface discussion

    I don't know whether it has been mentioned, but one of the more immediate things that needs to be done is in regards to the actual giving of commands. At the moment, commands are serially given and the entire preceding command must be 'spoken' before the next one can be given. It would be nice if the AI actually reacted to the commands instantaneously and the actual voice/subtitle commands were just for show. It sucks when the squad is under fire and I have to wait 10-15s for a series of commands to go through before the AI begin reacting. It is especially annoying when trying to manage the inventories of the AI. Waiting for 6 "drop grenade" commands per AI is a total pain in the ass.
  2. Kuja-

    Do You want PunkBuster in Armed Assault?

    please stop using PunkBuster CS version first ... it's like compare game from 2000 with game from 2006 ... PB in CS was program w/o any tie or access to game engine code thus limited like hell ... yet it was still more effective than VAC. Also PB for CS was not much different than Cheating Death in that times ... do You complain same about CD ? By this style You will need to complain about "any" anticheat software ... In Americas Army is problem completely different as PB can't stop problems which are coming from mistakes directly in game engine code ... so if You wanna whine and cry about ... send comments to AA dev team not EBI dev team ... i suggest You reconsider what are You saying after new AA version release and PB updates to match that version ... And seriously w/o PB ... AA or Q3 "public" multiplayer will be already turned into unplayable mess (You sure noticed Q3 sourcecode is freely available by ID and as cheat programmer You can find there even more than is known about Unreal Engine 2.5) and WTH is Your problem anyway ... PUNKBUSTER IS OPTIONABLE ... that mean ADMIN and PLAYER can DISABLE IT! Including it is "bonus" NOT curse ! ... Seems like people will whine about anything anytime ... Well, uh *scratches head* thanks for that incoherent fanboy rant. I still fail to see the point of including PB at all if it is ineffective in practice, irrespective of the [incorrect] reasons to which you ascribe the failure. P.S. CD was just as impotent as Punkbuster. That they both failed to stop cheating does not justify the failure, nor does it help much at the current time.
  3. Kuja-

    Do You want PunkBuster in Armed Assault?

    PB is wholly useless. In CS it was ineffective; the only cheats it detected were week old noobs who thought downloading year old hacks would fool everyone into thinking they had pro skillz. In AA it was illustrative; not only did it completely fail to stop any cheating, but it became the major route for exploits, allowing servers to be crashed, players to be kicked, text flooding and so on. In something like 6 months, a single update was released that only managed to stop the exploits allowing people to mass-kick. In Q3A it was the same. It was a hassle for legitimate players and did nothing to stop cheats. I can't think of any others, but why would BIS possibly want attach that fucking useless bit of software to AA.
  4. Kuja-

    Spammer gets nine years

    meh. Given that I've never had a single spam in my ISP inbox, I don't think that spam is a problem, or at least it is one that can be trivially avoided. If he was making $500,000 from the sheer credulity and stupidity of people who not only read spam but are enticed into buying the product, then more power to him. Fools and their money ...
  5. Kuja-

    Depleted Uranium (DU)

    He was right about the coal vs nuclear power plants thing
  6. Kuja-

    Eye's Adjusting to Light

    I think it's a great idea, but everyone's missed the obvious one: firefights at night.
  7. Kuja-

    The youth of today

    I'm pretty sure said generation of youth will have trouble tying their shoelaces, much less be able to speak/read coherent English in order to read what it says on their voting slips. hi2u2 omgwtflolbbq1!!111 ^^
  8. Kuja-

    The youth of today

    Socrates would kill himself out of disgust with the species if he saw the current generation of IM/SMS/ricer/pop culture/wigger kiddies.
  9. Kuja-

    Us presidential election 2004

    I personally don't see how Bush could win unless I've significantly underestimated the proportion of Americans that are conservative, religious fundamentalists. In fact, the one thing that struck me, out of all the wasted internet debating and media coverage I have seen, is the sheer pettiness and triviality of most of the issues considered by the American media and people. Less questions of the form "who would likely provide superior economic management" than of "who was in a boat in Vietnam in 1974 and thus was or was not a fucking yellowbellied coward that I will venomously attack on the internet".
  10. Kuja-

    Logitech mx 700 mouse problems

    It must be a question of perspective then, because there is no denying the very real limits of the refresh rate and extra latency imposed by cordless/usb combo.
  11. Kuja-

    Logitech mx 700 mouse problems

    I gave up on my MX700 entirely. Not only are they ridiculously oversized and heavy, but the cordless conn means low report rates and lag. Further, despite the fact that acceleration was definitely disabled, the response of the mouse still didn't seem linear in games. Definitely not for gaming and not great for windows either. I can confirm what Greg said: the OFP/MX700 combination only seemed to exacerbate the general problems.
  12. Kuja-


    Low bodyfat is the key. If you want truly visible abs, you'll need a bodyfat of around 10%. The exercises that are typically advanced as helpful for building mass are pretty much useless. Doing 500 situps a day won't get you anywhere fast. If you want to actually increase mass, you need to eat the right diet and do isolation resistance excercises such as weighted crunches. Similarly, a lot of compound place secondary emphasis on a strong core, so doing them will also help. If the strict lifestyle is really for you, then starting lifting at a young age would be good coz I imagine it would be a lot easier to fall into a routine and lifestyle. forum.bodybuilding.com
  13. Kuja-


    OFP2 definitely needs radar to modeled reasonably accurately, including only giving radars to vehicles or aircraft that actually possess them, or at the least, in veteran mode. The current radio targeting and radar system that also underpins the AI targeting really needs to be replaced with something more realistic, which would be great for both SP and MP as you would not longer take a sabot/ATGM/AGM as soon as you get in a vehicle. Steal Falcon4's radar code
  14. Kuja-

    Us presidential election 2004

    Democracy is an exercise in naive idealism, giving people the fuzzy feeling that they have the ability to determine the future direction of the country in exchange for gross inefficiency and decision making which is essentially a lottery based on specious moral arguments and ignorance. This thread is no different. It strikes me that it is abhorrent to have people voting on little more than what they personally feel (with no education in the relevant areas) is correct policy, largely guided by media reports, which, to quote Oscar Wilde: Of course, this stance will be attacked. However, it amusing how frequently I am vindicated when I refer to my litmus-test-for-unfounded-political-beliefs* free trade. The number of politically-active individuals who unhesitatingly respond 'free trade is evil', thus bringing all their other similarly baseless opinions into doubt....quite funny *which is actually a misnomer - nothing is intrinsically political - politics is based on real world issues. You, nor the media, do not automatically assume the knowledge of experts, or at least knowledge sufficient to make a competent decision, as soon as an issue becomes 'political'. It is amusing to see how a subject that people would ordinarily never profess to be informed upon instantly are capable of lengthy (albeit pointless) debate when it enters the political arena. War materiel, international relations, quantum physics, stem cell research, the economy - oh yeah, I know all about those!
  15. Kuja-

    Gunmen take 200+ student hostages

    I don't understand why it was done in the first place. Presumably they do not view or label themselves as terrorists. Freedom fighters, rebels, resistance perhaps, but not terrorists. However, to take hundreds of children hostage cannot be justified in any sense as an act of resistance: it cannot be construed as anything other than an act of terrorism. It did nothing to further their cause, did not promote the righteousness of the Chechen resistance and served only to turn the international community against them and reinforce notions of brutal, inhumane, muslim religiously-brainwashed terrorists. So therefore, why would they do such a thing? Revenge, maybe? It would still seem bizarre - they may be currently caught in a struggle against Russia, however at some point in the future they will be free or the conflict will have otherwise ended. In which case, one would expect they revert to ordinary, peacetime human beings. It strikes me that ordinary human beings, albeit ones engaged in fighting a guerilla war, do not purposefully kill children whether for ideology or revenge. Inexplicable...